A pet lover would get it immediately when we say that they make us really happy. They comfort us when we feel down and they never judge the way we look or how much we have in our pockets. Because they show us, unconditional love, pets really are one of the most precious things one could ever own. It would be very unlikely to see someone who owns a dog and let it run free with no surveillance or guidance. We mostly keep our dogs on a leash so that they do not get excited at the spur of the moment and scram. Some dogs are also easily frightened so they always need their owners’ company when they are in public. Eclipse the Labrador, on the other hand, loves to ride the bus every day, all alone. The reason for this is very shocking to read through to see what make this adorable dog go alone on bus rides every day…

The Dog Days

This dog that we are about to read about lives in the state of Seattle. The state is quite happy to have this dog in their territory as she has made a name for herself for doing something no other dog has ever been reported as doing before. Eclipse, the black Labrador likes to spend time every day to go and ride the local bus all alone without the help of her owners. This is a very strange sight to see because there has certainly never been a dog that is smart enough to travel alone on the bus, that too on purpose, ever, right? Eclipse has made headlines and sparked the curiosity of many people to know what makes her love the ride so much and why this has become a ritual for her. This beautiful black lab has definitely made people question how a canine could be so smart to actually travel like a human being. She is seriously one special dog that must have a reason for doing this every day…

A Driving Dog

Eclipse is certainly not like any other dog even when it comes to appearance as well. Her uniqueness can be seen as soon as you see how she looks. She is actually a crossbreed so she has characteristics of two dog breeds making her all the more lovable. We all know how popular Labradors and Retrievers are with families and Eclipse is no different. People often approach her just to pet her because they cannot resist how sweet she is. Eclipse is actually a cross between a black Labrador and a Mastiff. She is as we have mentioned one of the main topics of discussion in Seattle. This weird dog that takes the local bus ride every day is so special and unique that many media houses have taken interest in her. Well, with such a strange habit like this she was bound to become a viral sensation in no time right? So indeed she has been covered by many news channels and media outlets because people really do want to know about the story as to why she loves to take bus rides every day. Certainly, there must be something that drives her to do this regularly.

A Chill Canine

If you want to know the real story behind why this special dog loves to travel in the bus, well do not worry because we will let you in on just how this all started in the first place. You would not believe how Eclipse was first introduced to bus ride by her dear owner whose name is Jeff Young. The story of the dog that loves to travel alone on the bus began a few months ago when Eclipse had been taken to the bus stop by Jeff her owner. These two as you would have imagined are very close so when Jeff has free time he would always take Eclipse to go out or plan an activity with her. This time it was no different as the pair were headed to spend some quality time at the local park in Seattle. Jeff wanted to give Eclipse some space and time so that she could run around freely and play about as much as she wants because his house is not able to give all the liberty a park could give Eclipse.

Waiting Worries

As we all know most dogs are very impatient. they want to do what they want to do then and there and are not bound by man-made restrictions like time. Eclipse was ready for her playtime in the park and was already really pumped to be absolutely free and running in the grass. Nothing pleased Eclipse more than a little recreational time with her owner Jeff. As humans, we usually have a bad habit or a vice that sometimes stalls us from starting or finishing something. Even Jeff likes to smoke cigarettes and that time he needed to smoke a fag. This made Eclipse grow very impatient to a point where she did not want to wait any longer. She had had enough of waiting for Jeff to finish smoking his cigarette. As the impatience grew more and more something happened that was totally spontaneous.

Off We Go!

Like most dogs act on their instinct, Eclipse was no exception as she quickly acted on an impulse that made her decide to run quickly. The dog could not be the patient obedient dog she was as her impatience got the best of her. Jeff was taking too long to finish his smoke and she wanted to play as quickly as possible. Can you honestly blame the dog for being so excited? After Eclipse made a dash, she quickly got on the bus that was standing at the bus stop. She did not even wait for Jeff to follow or make a move. The dog was so fed up of waiting that she took matters into her own hands, leaving her master behind in the place where he was smoking a cigarette. Was the dog hungry for some dog food? Jeff Young just stood there puzzled by what had happened, trying to comprehend why his dog had decided to abandon him by getting on the bus.

Park Bound

Eclipse was already riding on the bus leaving behind her owner Jeff to wonder why she could have done such a thing. How would you feel if ever you pet decides to ditch you in a public place to go and do something that does not concern you? Would it definitely be devastating to see your pet leave you behind right? But then again, Jeff had been keeping Eclipse waiting for so long that it drove her to make a decision on her own so he cannot play the victim. Eclipse must have paid attention to their previous trips as she knew this bus goes to the park where she got off. She was later seen strolling and running about not having a care in the world. Back at the bus stop, Jeff was still left transfixed by what had just gone down. He was looking for reasons why his beloved dog would ever ditch him like that.

Free Range

When Jeff later found out that Eclipse only ditched him because she wanted to go to the park, he understood how important it was for her. He was, like everyone else, really surprised to find out that Eclipse was able to find her way to the local park. He concluded that he really did own a very special dog who is excellent with directions. Since he realized that Eclipse preferred to go alone in the park, he was kind enough to let her have her adventures alone. From that very incident, Jeff would always let Eclipse go ride the bus to the local park alone. He knew how much playing in the park meant to his dog so he did not want to act all possessive. Jeff was sure he and his dog could always catch up later so he did not have to worry much.

Local Celebrity

As we all know, a dog riding the bus alone without a leash, sitting on the seats would make anyone feel suspicious and confused. Ask yourself, if you ever encounter a dog that is riding on your local bus without any human supervision, would you not get crazy curious? Obviously, it would be very strange to see a four-legged pet take a ride that most humans do. When news broke about how Eclipse had mastered traveling to the local park alone in the bus, people were all so shocked by it. On the 4 stop route to the local park, Eclipse is known by everyone who takes the bus and is always treated kindly as another regular passenger. This very different method of a dog making use of the daily commute certainly gives the locals and other tourists something to talk about when they travel together. Jeff should really get some health care for his dog so that he lives longer. How would you feel if you had to share seats with a black Labrador in your local rides?

Roaming Around

As there are many people who absolutely love the idea of a dog traveling on the daily bus alone, there are so many others that feel like it may not be the smartest way of letting a dog travel. Many concerns have been expressed as to how unsafe it is when Eclipse makes her everyday travel to the park. These solo adventures that this inspirational dog goes on is indeed a little unconventional and leaves a lot of space for accidents to occur. Some pet owners believe that the owner should always accompany their pets everywhere they go especially out in the open. There are some who believe that Jeff should not let his dog travel alone because it might harm someone or vice versa and that he needs to pay more attention and take care of his pet These safety concerns have been expressed by many after hearing about this wonderful dog’s adventures to the park went viral.


This issue that some people have voiced out has been taken into consideration where Jeff ultimately felt like Eclipse should have the liberty to have her own free time to travel to the park. Moreover, the county laws have allowed dogs to travel in public transportation as long as the driver of the vehicle deems it okay. And also since Eclipse is such a popular figure in the D line bus, obviously the passengers are also very pleased to have the opportunity to ride with the famous dog. Since even the other passengers are not complaining, rather loving the dog on the bus, the drivers love having Eclipse on board. Since there are no big threats as such in the bus ride, Eclipse riding in the bus turns out to be such a joyous adventure for everyone that rides on the same bus as her.

Chill Out

As some people may have grown concerned as to how Eclipse behaves inside the bus, there is nothing to worry about. Eclipse causes disruption in the bus rides and remains as calm as can be. She does no harm to the passengers and always makes sure she minds her own business. She just sits there like any other passenger in her seat without paying much attention to all the other people that are in the same vehicle as her. Eclipse can always be seen comfortably spreading herself on the seats, waiting for her main stop that takes four stops. Eclipse is by nature a very calm dog so she does not really make anyone around her feel uncomfortable or unsafe. The people on the bus, in fact, love to sit next to her and occasionally pet her because she is sometimes just too irresistible.

A Good Girl

Most of the passengers that see Eclipse love to see her sitting in her seat, just chilling and patiently waiting to reach her station. Since she is already quite a famous figure in Seattle, she often gets the celebrity treatment too. There have been many passengers that have clicked photos and videos of her and share it on their social media. As Eclipse rides the bus every day, she has encountered many people that truly love to see her and ride with her. Do you think you would ever click a photo with her if ever you came across Eclipse in the future?All this attention from locals and tourists have catapulted Eclipse into becoming a very popular figure or you could even say a local celebrity. The pictures and videos of Eclipse have circulated all around Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. 

Pay Her Way

Do you wonder how Eclipse gets to cut her bus tickets? Are you one of those skeptical people who feel like this is all a publicity stunt that is trying to make this adorable dog popular by doing something humane? Well, there is a perfectly good explanation as to how she gets to ride on the bus every day without the help of any human being. Eclipse actually rides the bus along with a bus pass that is attached to her collar. This dog does not get the special treatment and actually pays the fare just like anyone else. She is not some diva dog that requires free rides on the bus to the park as you may have thought. Eclipse is a good girl who happens to like taking rides to the park and pays the exact amount of fare a regular passenger is expected to pay.

Facebook Famous

Like we have said, Eclipse encounters many passengers that are locals or tourists. They have taken hundreds of pictures with the dog and have posted them online for all to see. Eclipse’s popularity has surpassed the local boundaries and because of social media sites like Facebook, she can actually proclaim herself to be an international star! In Facebook alone, Eclipse has garnered over 15,000 followers that love to follow her on her daily adventures to the park. She has indeed become such a spectacle on an international scale. If you ever get the chance to meet this precious dog, make sure to flaunt her in your Instagram stories or snap chat stories. There have also been some illustrations of this beloved dog. Eclipse is still very much a hot topic in Seattle and has continued to travel the daily bus ride to the park she loves so much.

Birth And Beginnings

If you are curious to know just how this strange dog came into being, let us tell you about the story of Eclipse. Eclipse was actually welcomed to this world in Western Washington. At just 6 months, she had to move to Seattle. Never did her owner think that she would ever become such a big name for Seattle. Jeff knew that she was indeed a special dog but never actually knew that she would grow up to be such an interesting pup. Fast forward to 5 years later, Eclipse is now a Seattle mascot! Does the story of this pet make you feel as though your dog could be something big later? Would you ever let your dog travel alone on a bus or train? The story of Eclipse is one surprising story that has managed to shock everyone including her owner.

Lonely Labrador

When some people meet Eclipse for the first time, funny things tend to happen. Since these people get really confused upon Eclipse on the bus, they sometimes try to help her find her owners. But you cannot blame them because seeing a dog travel on its own is actually a strange thing to witness. No one would think a canine is capable of going to places that they need to get to without the assistance of some human’s help. After all, to these strangers, a dog is a dog and does not actually belong in the public transport because they are made for the sake of humans to travel easily. Little do they know that Eclipse is well versed with the 4 stop bus ride and has been traveling every day to get to her destination.

Driver To The Defense

In case there was a concerned or rude passenger who either tries to help Eclipse or shoo her away, the drivers always come to her rescue. These overly concerned passengers are then educated about what the dog does so that they remain calm and mind their own business. If ever there is an issue about Eclipse being on board the drivers always tell them not to worry and that “she’s fine” and “knows what she’s doing.” These drivers have become very close to the cute dog and often treat them as their own when the time comes for them to do so. Some people just fish for things to complain about so it is during these times that the drives tell them to not bother the dog or anyone else on their bus.

A Solo Rider

In most cases, the people who get on board the bus are very nice about traveling on a bus with a strange dog that is sitting on the seats. Majority of the commuters instantly smile when they see Eclipse on their bus. This might be one of the main reasons why the bus operators do not mind keeping her on board. For someone who loves dogs, it would certainly be a treat to see a dog riding on their bus. And also, even if some passengers are not really fond of dogs, since Eclipse is such a well-behaved dog and does not necessarily disturb anyone around her, they would not mind having her ride with them at all. Just look at this picture and see how friendly Eclipse is, she always remains so calm and collected.

A Clever Canine

Eclipse has actually learned by heart the time to take to wait on the bus before getting down at her station. She knows by instinct the timing she needs to leave the bus to go and play at the local dog park with all her other furry friends. She is one smart dog who not only knows how to travel on the bus ride alone but also knows the exact timing of when to get off. Eclipse is one of the most clever dogs because she has never had any professional training of any sort that would make her behave this way but still manages to show how smart she is. It is safe to say that there would not be too many dogs that can learn these ‘tricks’ that Eclipse has managed to perform as they are not your basic fetch or roll over that most dogs can do.

Sitting Adorable

There is one more thing that Eclipse can do that is amusing and shocking at the same time. This incredible dog has learned how to ride the bus exactly like a human! She has seen enough human beings to be able to copy their sitting style which she so flawlessly does. You could even say that she behaves way better than most passengers do on the bus ride. She does not bark, she does not nibble nor slobber and she certainly does not bite. You would never even see this dog growling or making noises of any sort. It is almost as if this dog was put on this earth to take bus rides because her bus rides are so satisfying to watch. The only time she ever responds to other passengers is when they pet her or take pictures of her. This dog is definitely one of a kind who goes and spreads joy everywhere she goes. Can you name a dog that is more well-behaved than Eclipse?

Paying Up

Despite the fact that Eclipse is a local celebrity, she still does not get her bus rides for free! She keeps her bus pass on the collar so that she can travel at ease with no one else disturbing her. Her red collar does a great favor for her as it is perfect for her to keep her bus pass. You would think by now that Eclipse is a full-fledged dive but in reality, she is still an obedient bus rider who follows the rules.

Furry Friends

All because of Eclipse’s friendly nature, she has made a ton of friends and fans in the hundreds of rides she has taken.  These new friends often post pictures and videos they take of Eclipse online like on Instagram or Facebook. This has helped Eclipse gain many new fans that have not necessarily met her in person but are just as impressed as the people have met her have been. She really does make everyone smile, does she?

Some Famous Friends

With some degree of notoriety, she is bound to become friends or get acquainted with some famous faces right? On an encounter with a Seattle radio DJ who had spotted her make her solo journey made Eclipse more famous than ever. She was so intrigued by the dog that the DJ tried to investigate what the whole deal of this particular dog was about. She was one of those people that could not hide their curiosity.

Who? What? Where?

The owner of Eclipse Jeff has actually released a statement that addresses the real problems the dog faces on her solo adventures. He says, ‘Probably once a week I get a phone call. ‘Hi. I have your dog Eclipse here on 3rd and Bell. ‘I have to tell them, ‘no. She’s fine.’ She knows what she’s doing.’ These unnecessary concerns of people who claim they have found a lost dog are getting a little annoying for Jeff as he is confident that Eclipse can handle herself on her own.

This Doggy Travels

Eclipse has also found appreciation in the hearts of the transport office proving how problem free she really is. There has also been a Metro Transit spokesman who said that the agency loves that a dog appreciates public transit. It would be hard to try and hate this dog because she clearly does no harm to anyone but rather bring joy and laughter everywhere she goes.

 Prison Break: Paws

This is another story about one dog who has done such an incredible thing by escaping the animal shelter. She diced that it was time to break out of the animal shelter she was in and for a good reason. Her only motive was to go back and locate the family she was with before she got sucked into the shelter. This dedicated dog was only concerned about reuniting with his previous family that once took care of her so she made a decision to run away from the shelter that has kept him lonely.

Prison Release

The dog has carefully calculated as to how she was going to attempt escaping the shelter. Since she was only happy staying with her old family, her only option left was to get out and find her way back to them. She had to execute a prison-break style break out! Do you think it would be possible for the poor pup to do this because we all know that dogs cannot hide under a costume or even talk their way out using a conversation? What do you think she could have done?


This pitiful dog was obviously feeling extremely homesick and she desperately needed to see her old family. She was not going to let any security measure keep her from doing so. Her only priority was to get to her home and live a happy life like the one she knew before she was inducted into this animal shelter. It is such a shame that the dog has to go through so much emotional suffering inside this shelter that ultimately drove her to take such a drastic step.

Bye Bye Ginger

The story of Ginger was started when she was left at the Apple Valley Animal Shelter (AVAS) in California’s San Bernardino County. This dog was kept there because of the fact that her owners could not afford to take care of her anymore. She was abandoned in the shelter in the hopes that she may find someone who can provide a better life for her that the family could not offer. It was certainly a very sad day for all but it had to be done.

No Options

The owner’s story is also such a sad story that would break your heart as well. It is not like Ginger was left at the shelter because of a selfish motive. The truth was that Ginger’s owner had actually become homeless and was living in his car. There was obviously no way of properly taking care of a dog as he could barely afford anything for himself. The owner felt like it was his obligation to try and give her a second chance in life, that a new family might adopt her to give her a better life.

A New Start

He was a very logical owner who kept the safety of his dog as a priority. Hence he decided to keep Ginger at the animal shelter hoping that a new owner would be able to give a better housing condition for his dog. The owner did not feel like he was capable of giving Ginger a life she deserved so he wanted to make sure she was well fed and well groomed. Surely there would be a family that is more financially stable who wanted to adopt her.

Difficult Choice

Even the director of Animal Services at AVAS spoke about the previous owner saying, “Her previous owner didn’t want her to live out of a vehicle – it was a very difficult thing for him.” So we can see from here that the dog was actually a very important part of the ex-owner’s life. If he had the choice he certainly would not have abandoned his pup at the shelter like he just did.

No Kill Policy

Ginger’s ex-owner made sure that the shelter he left her would hold a “no-kill policy”. This meant that the shelter would not get rid of the animals unless and until they’re adopted, placed in a foster home or reclaimed by an owner. He could not even imagine Ginger getting killed by other shelters so he picked this particular shelter to make sure that she was safe and sound and in no danger of dying anytime soon.

First Night Alone

It was certainly a very strange night at the shelter when Ginger first entered. Ginger’s first night at the animal shelter was truly an eye opener for the staff as the alarm went off for some reason. What could have happened to make the alarm go off like that? The volunteer and guards were all so shocked to experience such a strange incident. Did she possess some sort of power?

Was It A Burglar?

As soon as the officers went to investigate what had happened, many thoughts entered their heads. They were trying to figure out if it could be a burglar trying to enter the shelter. But what business could he have in breaking into an animal shelter? Steal money? Steal the pets? He must be a die-hard lover of animals if he was attempting to steal the animals from the shelter.

Who Set It Off?

After a search of the premises and carefully trying to locate anyone who had perhaps entered the building, they came to a conclusion that it was indeed just a false alarm. The security at the shelter did not find any intruders who may have set off the alarm. But why was the alarm set off and what could be the reason why it went off in the first place? Surely there must be some sort of explanation, right?

Running Ragged

Whoever the intruder was, he was a very fast one because there was no way a human being could have been so quick to set off several of the alarms that were there in the shelter.  The alarms were following each other at such an unusual speed as the intruder seemed to be running through the corridors. Who could it be and what motive did it have to be so careless?

Setting The Trap

The people working in the animal shelter were trying their hardest to try and find the person behind all the alarms getting set off. The staff initially thought that it could have been a cat so they decided to keep cat traps all over the building in the hopes that this may help catch the intruder who at this point was thought of to be a cat. But why would some random cat ever enter the animal shelter in the first place?

Where Was Ginger?

There was another strange revelation waiting to happen in the shelter that would give all the staff members the shock of their lives. The next day, in the morning, Ginger was actually missing from her cage! Could she have been the one behind all of the alarms set off? Where was she and how come she could escape from her cage in the first place? So many questions arose and it was certainly confusing for the staff to try and figure everything out.

Caught On Camera

The team soon looked through all of the CCTV footage that had been recorded the night before to see what was going on in the shelter.  They were set on trying to find out what had happened the night before and why Ginger was nowhere to be seen inside the shelter. All of these issues were becoming a little too much to handle but then they finally found something that would give them their answer. It was something very shocking.

 Just Like A Human

It was believed by everyone working at the shelter that only a human would be able to open the exit and the kennel. But boy! they were wrong. They soon realized that this was certainly not the case for a specific dog. They were indeed very surprised to see the footage.

Ginger Had Snapped!

The staff was convinced that the intruder from the previous night must have taken Ginger away. But to their dismay, there was not a human in the equation but instead, it was Ginger herself who had let herself out. The staff could not believe their eyes as they saw the dog.

A Clever Canine 

Later the animal shelter even updated on their Facebook to say, “I captured proof that dogs are not only brilliant but resourceful.” This dog is so clever and has certainly proven the intelligence that canines possess is sometimes underestimated.

Way Up High

It was very shocking to see that the dog not only had a high intelligence level. She was also unbelievably limber as the footage shows what she does next. Ginger was able to get on top of the six-foot roof in the kennel to make her great escape.

Biggest Task Of All

The only thing that hindered her escape was the fact that Ginger lacks opposable thumbs. Since there were no handles on the doors of the animal shelter, the dog was stuck with a confusing dilemma… What would be her next move to get past the doors then?

 On A Mission

The lovely German Shepard was quick to think as would not take no for an answer as she was more determined than ever.  She was able to bust the doors open and did not stop to look back or have second thoughts.Her only aim was to return to her owner.

 What Will Happen?

Ginger was such an intelligent dog that she did not need to be taught about how these doors opened. She knew that the first two doors could be opened if she could push the doors strong enough. it was a piece of cake for her to enter the doors.

Now Or Never

As Ginger reached the third door, it was unlike the other doors and so Ginger had a bit of a complication. But her focus was not lost and soon she thought of a way to get past the door so that she did not have to stay behind any longer. Ginger was thirsty for freedom.

A Tricky Door

Then as she got to the third and most tricky door, Ginger cleverly made use of her mouth to bite and open the door. She was commendable in the way she handled each and every door. After getting through the final door, she was a free dog at last.

Heartbreaking End

But in the end, it was not a happy ending that we had hoped for. Ginger’s previous owner wanted her to find a better home so things did not quite turn out the way everyone expected. After going through all of that, her owner still believes that she would be better off without him.