The 20th greatest female star of Classic Hollywood Cinema according to the American Film Institute, Lauren Bacall was known worldwide for her unique voice and tremendous style quotient. She featured in some of the classic movies like To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and Key Largo along with her husband Humphrey Bogart. Yes, these are the facts that one can easily find about, that is why it is imperative to jump straight to the reason for you reading this jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring article. The auction which took place after the death of this mesmerizing lady who lived in the coveted Central Park Apartment became a reason for people to wonder about Lauren’s wealth and highly commendable sense of interior designing. What she left was not an apartment but a gold mine, honestly. Consequently, the auction turned into one of the longest ever event generating an unbelievable amount of cash!!

The $26 Million Central Park Apartment

Lauren Bacall’s $26 Million Central Park ApartmentLauren Bacall born on September 16, 1924, was a legendary American actress who mesmerized people through her terrific acting skills and unique voice for many years. Unfortunately, this stunning actress after glorifying Hollywood with her presence passed away on August 12, 2014, a month before her 90th birthday. She left an illustrious career behind her along with her astonishing Central Park apartment. It wouldn’t take you long to fathom the reason for me especially focusing on her apartment. The home which is located in the middle of the market is truly one of its kind and completely depicts the lavish lifestyle of Lauren. You can just get an idea of the high credentials of her $26 million house from the fact that it is considered a real estate marvel by experts.

The Most Coveted Real Estate

The Most Coveted Real Estate In New York CityAs already told, Lauren’s apartment is located in New York City’s Central Park area which houses some of the super-expensive properties of Manhattan. Lauren lived in her mansion for an incredible period of 53 years. After her death, the house went to auction and someone lucky and equally rich bought it for a staggering amount of $26 million. Yes, $26 million you heard it right. Now, the obvious question that would pop up in your mind after hearing this would be, ” what makes it so expensive?” Luckily, we have the answer for you and it will surely amaze you. As the so-called ‘apartment’ is adorned with fully complete nine rooms and entering it surely doesn’t make one feel as if he is in an apartment. Dakota Building on the Upper West side is the place where the house is located.

Nine Massive Rooms

Nine Massive RoomsIt is not a fact known to few that the Dakota Building where Lauren Bacall’s apartment is located is one among the most well-known establishments in the history of New York City. No doubt, Lauren’s apartment adorned the building with its sheer magnanimity which is evident from the floor plan of the rooms inside the house. One can get an idea of it after knowing the fact that the master bedroom which opens into a bathroom, a personal study and walk-in closet is incredibly 22 feet wide. Standing from the beautiful balcony of the house one can get a panoramic view of the Central Park. The kitchen in itself is totally awe-inspiring as it is an eat-in opening up to 24 foot by a 19-foot dining room and a room for the family. It just doesn’t get over yet as it also has a library, a gallery, and a guest bedroom.

Bacall Was A Collector

Bacall Was A CollectorThe expansive period of 53 years at her apartment saw Laura aging from the age of 36 till the age of 89 at her time of death. Obviously, she went through probably all the highs and lows of her life while staying in the house which she dearly loved. It would not take much time for a person visiting the house to realize the fact that Bacall was an ardent fan of paintings and art. The reason being her magnificent collection of antiques and art in her home. It would not be wrong to say that her house literally looks like an art museum with the walls of the house covered with rarest and the most expensive paintings from all around the world apart from photographs and prints. The thing that totally stands out in the whole apartment is the working fireplace which is not a common sight to be witnessed in a New York City Apartment.

Bacall’s Dining Room

Bacall’s Dining Room, With French-Inspired DesignThe fact of Lauren’s kitchen being totally world-class has already been mentioned. Now, let’s tell you more about it by stating the intricate details of it. An admirer of French-inspired design, Laura made sure that she incorporates it into her Kitchen while getting it constructed. We can tell that the builders didn’t disappoint her at all seeing the exquisite furniture placed in the kitchen designed in the style of Louis XIII. The whole dining room oozes a sense of Frenchism in the air evident from the perfect amalgamation of all the French elements in the room. Mostly, colors like rusty red and deep blue are used in the rug, wall hanging and chair upholstery. But, when it comes to choosing one object in the kitchen which totally steals the show then it would be the wall hanging. The French poster named The Bell Époque made by Jules Cheret got sold for an unbelievable amount of $7,000.

The Formal Dining Room

French Posters And Fine China In The Formal Dining RoomApart from the Bell Époque French poster which got sold for a staggering amount the actress made sure that her walls are full of beautiful and rare French posters. See, Lauren was not just like any other art fan as she constantly made efforts to think like a true artist in each and every endeavor of hers. One can easily notice it in her performances in the movie she did and equally in the placement and selection of things while decorating the house. One can get an idea of her incredible level of creativity after witnessing her idea of hanging the extremely rare and expensive collectibles from China next to the framed posters placed on the walls of her kitchen. Undoubtedly, she was a collector who had the knowledge of the highest level when it came to exquisite objects and paintings.

Unique George III Style Dresser

Unique George III Style Dresser Sold For $6,875Yes, French design was the closest to her heart, but, this doesn’t mean that she ignored pieces of art originating from other nations and time periods. The rare George III oak Welsh dresser made in the late 18th century truly solidifies the previous fact. It would just be an assumption to think that Lauren deliberately gave a space to this object which despite the fact of being from the United Kingdom was an exposition of the world-class French style that Bacall loved.The dresser made of oak got sold for $6,875 in the auction and truly deserves the price. The characteristic feature of Geroge III style is its use of Mahogany apart from a few instances of using satinwood and giltwood.

The Pretty Pink Master Bedroom

The Pretty Pink Master BedroomI assume that glorifying the beauty of the master bedroom in the house would be needless once you see the above picture. Like the rest of her apartment, Bacall’s bedroom is dripping with prized pieces of artwork. The best thing though about the room is not the beautifully adorned walls but, the highly regarded and wonderful view of the Central Park.  Believe me, there are a  number of people who dream day in and day out of the view that Lauren’s bedroom provided. One interesting fact is that Bacall specifically chose the colors blue, brown and white in her rooms except for the bedroom which is lavender and pink in color. This goes on to show that she wanted to give a perfect feminine touch to her master bedroom where she spent most of her time.

The Master Suite

master suite.jpgThe bedroom is not just distinctive from the other room in terms of color rather the objects placed in it too. The reason for me saying that is the presence of metal plates and figures in the lounge right next to the working fireplace. The lounge is highly modern and is responsible for binding all the areas of the room giving a perfectly ordered look rather than an abrupt one. This aspect is Bacall’s trademark who loved to keep everything in place and easily accessible. She also catered to the needs of her guests who loved to read books while having a comfortable time in front of the exotic fireplace. She managed to do that by getting a bookshelf placed in her lounge which was full of classic books from some of the most well-known authors.

More Gallery Walls In The Master Suite

More Gallery Walls In The Master SuiteAs told before the fireplace is perfectly surrounded by some of the best and antique metal plates and candlesticks. But, if you think this is the end of the beautiful sight that the room has to offer then you are in a bit misconception. As space next to the fireplace is equally drool-worthy with the gallery wall displaying paintings of ships and floral patterns. The use of vibrant color can be seen everywhere in a beautiful object placed adjacent to two clown figurines. The blue figure stands out amidst the wash of browns and is a perfect example of the innovative way in which contrasting feature can be put to use. It would not come as a surprise if the question,” How can a wall accommodate so many paintings?” is popping up in your mind. Well, the reason for this is the unbelievable thirteen feet size of the walls in the room.

Yellow Walls In The Guest Bedroom

Yellow Walls In The Guest BedroomOne visiting the house for the very first time is instantly taken aback on entering the guest bedroom. Lauren Bacall’s choice of getting the walls of the room painted in the vibrant and cheerful yellow color is the reason for it. Not only that, the patterns are drawn on the eye-popping color of the wall also adds a touch of fun and amazement. Obviously, the space above the bed is embellished by a very expensive painting depicting Spain in the 1920s. The famous painting made by Andrew Segovia displaying a woman holding a basket made its way to Lauren’s apartment after it was sold at an auction for a price of $18,750. After seeing an innovative shelving piece in the right corner of the room one can’t help himself from admiring the class with which Lauren adorned her house.

A Palette Of Natural Blue And Robin’s Egg Blue

A Palette Of Natural Blue And Robin’s Egg BluePeople who knew Bacall closely knew that she had a sense of style in her. Well, she truly made it evident to the people when she decided to get her living room painted with extraordinary robin’s egg blue. The color literally amplifies the look of the room similar to the guest room. one advantage that the living room holds against the guest room is the presence of natural light which beautifully combines with the egg blue color. If one was asked to sum up the description of the room in one single color then he would surely say blue. The reason is not that difficult to decipher witnessing everything ranging from the fireplace to the couches bounded with the color blue. The room also has 2 Indian-inspired elephant statues adjacent to that of a camel and a crane.

A Baby Grand

A Baby Grand With Framed Figure DrawingsYou probably would have guessed this one coming. As any luxury, New York City Apartment is incomplete without a baby grand piano in it. Now don’t expect me answering how did the constructors manage to place it in the room? It would be good if you just focus on a touch of beauty and elegance that it adds to the apartment. The piano is by Mason & Hamlin which is a famous piano manufacturing company from England established in the year 1854. This would have made it obvious to you that this one of a kind piano was auctioned for a price of $6,875. All this should not tempt you to believe that Lauren was very good at playing it as she was not and the piano was just for a decorative purpose, to be honest.

Not Your Average Grandmother’s Couches

Carved Fireplaces, Crown Moldings, and Not Your Average Grandmother’s CouchesYes, these are couches but not like the ones in your house in any aspect. Obviously, because they beautify the house of one and only Lauren Bacall. One can easily notice after seeing the image that they are deliberately chosen to be of a color which matches the color of the walls. The contrasting image of the amazingly-carved fireplace and the white colored sofa comes out perfectly. There were an unbelievable five working fireplaces inside Lauren’s apartment. Each fireplace is totally unique and world class with intricate ornate carvings. The particular fireplace you see in the image displays a deer head on top of the mantle which gives completely transforms the look of the fireplace.

Ornate French Style Mirrors

Ornate French Style Mirrors And Antique Dressers In The Master SuiteOne prime factor which helped Lauren to accommodate everything she desired for in her rooms was their enormous space, yeah I am talking of all the nine rooms in the apartment! The image you see is of a room styled with obviously, a French-styled mirror which rests on a Regence Provincial Walnut Commode. This unique piece of furniture sold for an amount of $3,750 in the auction which is quite high, believe me. The room also has a French-styled historic secretary desk. The Louis XV provincial bureau made of walnut was purchased by a lucky person after paying $5,000. The best thing is that these two pieces of furniture completely complement the wooden floor underneath them.

Bacall’s Pelican Painting

Bacall’s Pelican Painting Sold For $173,000One can get an idea of the class and quality of Bacall’s art collection from the fact that they were worth even more than the combined furniture in the house. One of the main contributors to this fact was the American White Pelican’s original print made by James Audubon which got sold for a whopping amount of $173,000. The creator of the print James was a painter, naturalist and an ornithologist by profession. This was the reason behind his expertise in painting birds while in their natural habitat and the American White Pelican was one of the best examples of it. But, his most recognized work was that of a color-plate book named The Birds of America (1827-1839) primarily because of the fact of being the first ever ornithological to be completed.

Antique Louis XIII Walnut Fauteuils

Bacall’s Antique Louis XIII Walnut Fauteuils Sold For $1,875One is instantly forced to believe that a chair has something unique if it has a price tag displaying an astonishing amount attached to it. Similar was the case with the antique Louis XIII-styled chair that Lauren Bacall owned. The chairs which were in tip-top condition had beautiful bits of blue stitching on the upholstery which truly complemented the Robin egg colored wall. No doubt it got sold for an amount of $1,875 in the auction. The Louis XIII furniture possessed veneer transformed into wood and moldings. Most of the furniture in the apartment was made of walnut along with oak, pear wood, ebony, and pine. This again showed that Lauren was highly specific and choosy when it came to decorating her house.

Ultra-Chic Louis Vuitton Luggage

Ultra-Chic Louis Vuitton LuggageLauren Bacall was a famous celebrity and this is enough for anyone to guess that she had a Louis Vuitton luggage at her disposal. The company is known for producing world class luxury items since 1854 the year when it got established. She had a monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage which was undoubtedly classy and timeless. Presently, celebrities like Kim Kardashian can be seen sporting such bags in prominent events. The price of $37,500 is capable enough to make people realize that this duffle bag, unlike the common ones which cost nothing when compared to it. The duffle is rare and a symbol of aristocracy. It truly suited to the personality of Lauren Bacall.

Lauren Bacall’s Director’s Chair

Lauren Bacall’s Director’s ChairLauren was an extremely popular Hollywood star and an avid collector. So, the fact of her possessing some of the objects reflecting the illustrious history of Hollywood should not come as a surprise to you. The object you see in the image is Lauren’s personal director’s chair which makes it incomparable. It got sold for an amount of $4,750 in the auction. What many don’t know is the fact that Betty Joan Perske was the original name of Lauren Bacall. She changed her name after starting her career as an actress in Hollywood. Apparently, this proved to be a decision which changed her life completely as after that she went on to become one of the legends in the movie industry. She was a highly passionate woman who worked till her last breath before dying from a stroke.

Bronze Sculptures

Lauren-Apt-01.JPGThe standout feature of Lauren’s art collection was the three bronze sculptures that got auctioned for an astonishing amount of $30,000 in the auction held after her death. You can easily spot them in the image. Robert Graham, the man credited with designing the entrance gates for the Olympics held in the year 1984 made these sculptures too. Actress Anjelica Houston who was a good friend of Bacall interestingly happened to be the wife of Robert Graham which led to Bacall knowing and admiring Robert’s work. Consequently, Bacall purchased the sculptures representing three naked women in natural poses from Robert. The piece of art adorned Lauren’s house for years.

Raw Sketches Beautifully Framed

dresser.JPGThe interview that Lauren Bacall gave to Vanity Fair which proved to be her last one was truly memorable. She extensively discussed the intricate details of her long acting career and fondness towards her New York City Apartment describing it as a “map of memories.” When asked to describe her art collection extensively, Lauren went on to name famous artists Max Ernst, David Hockney, Jim Dine, Henry Moore, and John James Audubon whose famous works glorified Lauren’s personal art collection. The interview is a must watch if one is interested in knowing the details of Lauren’s house.

Divine Wood Furnishings

Wood-Furnshings.JPGThe wood furnishing in the rooms of the apartment is unique and in a class of their own. One can easily notice that the furnishing is done in a themed style. The simple and styled interior of the apartment was totally in contrast to the flashy and glamorous ones of most movie stars. The dressers, bureaus, and hand-carved wooden benches created a divinely and homely atmosphere inside the apartment. It was evident that Lauren had no intention of designing her house in a way that is admired and liked by everyone rather she just wanted it to be a place where she can relax and be on her own enjoying each and every moment she spends inside it.

Sweeping Views Of Central Park

03fc70aed852d50c1f147a1a98dbad21--city-apartments-lauren-bacall.jpgNow let’s bring our focus back to the remarkable view of the Central Park from the house. It’s a given fact that currently, the reason for soaring prices of real estate in New York City is the view that it provides to the owners of the outside environment. Obviously, when it comes to views then there are few better than the amazing Central Park. Lauren’s apartment was blessed with 100 feet of space peeking towards the Central Park. 1978 issue of French Vogue’s 1978 issue saw Lauren Bacall said,“Outside that window lies Central Park; my relief from the city, an important reason to live there.”

Extravagant Exterior

506924547JL017_LAUREN_BACALLauren’s apartment was located in the corner of West 72nd Street and Central Park West.The bustling traffic passing through the grand building witnesses the tall building perfectly preserving its history. It won’t be wrong to say that the building looking over the Central Park is among the most exotic and astonishing place in New York City. The reason mainly being the rich history, class and the remarkable personalities which have graced the floor of the structure. luckily, the building still goes on to prosper in every aspect.

Roses Adorned Her Gate

Was8857173August 12, 2014, proved to be a doomed day as it marked the death of one of the most iconic personalities in Hollywood. The fact that she died in her Dakota apartment aged 50 just goes on to show that she had a divine connection with her house. Her son stated in the media that the reason for her mother’s death was a massive stroke. After the news spread fans arrived in numbers at the iron gate outside the apartment adorning it with flowers as a gesture of their respect towards the great soul. Many famous personalities visited the house in the days following her death.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Was8857149The respect and honor that Lauren garnered from the ones working in the Hollywood are evident from the fact that she has a star bearing her name on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The honor was given on February 8, 1960, and can be seen at 1724 Vine Street. After she passed away the star was decorated with stuffed animals, flowers, and even unlit cigarettes. A massive number of fans grieved on her death and turned up to the star honoring Lauren in the most beautiful way possible.

Interview With Vanity Fair

Lauren Bacall’s Interview With Vanity FairIt was in the year 2011 that an interview taken by Matt Trynauer from Vanity Fair of Lauren Bacall proved to be her last. The interview had taken place in the Dakota apartment. The image you see is of Bacall sitting with her papillon named Sophie. The interview was a really intriguing one in which Lauren spilled the beans of her interesting life as an iconic movie star. The actress who was the last one from The Golden Age spoke honestly about the complete transformation in her life after Humphrey Bogart became a part of it.

Almost Engaged To Frank Sinatra

Lauren Was Almost Engaged To Frank SinatraIn the interview, she revealed the intricate details of her personal life. Among them the most notable was her mentioning her engagement with Frank Sinatra which almost took place. She had got into a relationship with the legendary singer after the death of Humphrey Bogart. Bacall was left heartbroken when Sinatra called off the engagement after getting stressed by the fact of the news spreading in the media. Bacall while describing the situation said,“It began just weeks after the death of my husband, Humphrey Bogart, in 1957. At such an awful time for me, there was no way I could be thinking straight. Even then it might have worked if Frank has been surer of himself…but he wasn’t.”

Denied A Marriage License

Lauren Bacall And Jason Robards Were Denied A Marriage LicenseIt was not long after calling it quits with Frank Sinatra that Lauren started dating Jason Robards who was a famous film and television actor of that time. Their effort of marrying each other turned out to be amusing as they were denied marriage license in both Austria and Las Vegas. Finally, they married each other in Ensenada, Mexico in the year 1961.Eventually, the two divorced each other in the year 1969. They had one child together. This shows that Lauren’s love life was full of twists and turns.

She Loved Boxers

She Loved BoxersSomeone had gifted Bacall and Bogart a dog of Boxer breed to which the couple instantly fell in love with. Bacall said, “We named him Harvey, after the invisible rabbit. He was really smart. He knew he wasn’t allowed to get on the furniture so he would only put two paws on at a time, and he would sit between us if we had a fight.” It would surprise you that the couple had received the boxer as their wedding gift, but for the couple, it was a heart-warming moment who gave the dog a place in their hearts and yeah, their home eventually.

And Then There Were Three…

And Then There Were Three…Lauren became so fond of the boxer she had received as a gift that she decided to bring two more in her house. One can see Bogart reading a magazine with his son Stephen. Lauren is sitting on the chair with the three dogs named Harvey, George, and Baby laying in front of her. Lauren used to remain sad after Harvey’s death. She had told, “I went to see him at the vet’s and said goodbye. Five minutes after I got home, I was told that after I left, Harvey had eaten his dinner and died.”

Her Dogs Were Never Far Away

Lauren-Dog.JPGOne of the most astonishing facts was the huge age gap between Lauren and Humphrey when they married. I say this because at the time of their marriage Lauren was 19 and Humphrey was 45. This obviously led people to speculate about the fact that had led the two to get so close. Well, apparently the reason was their common love towards dogs. They both had an experience of keeping a dog as a pet from a very small age. It was because of this that the couple were delighted to be gifted a Boxer after their wedding.

Auction Priemere

Was8913762The auction that I have been talking about from the beginning took place in March 2015. The days before the auction saw a large number of videographers and photographers visiting the house and clicking pictures of the amazing apartment. The best part was to see the cheerful faces of the people who purchased the objects belonging to the historic house along with the ones who got a chance to visit the house and see them. One thing that everyone who entered the house sensed was the saintly and divine aura that the apartment housed.

Bogart Statue

Bogart StatueBacall didn’t shy away from the fact that one of the major reason behind her huge success as an actress was her work with husband Humphrey Bogart. So, it was not surprising to see a statue of “Bogie” in Lauren’s art collection which you see in the image. Though nobody knows who created the statue but the fact of it depicting Bogart’s character of Rick Blaine from the movie Casablanca released in the year 1942 is widely known. The sculpture-like most of Luren’s collectibles were sold in the auction for an undisclosed amount.

Aaron Shilker Sketch Of Lauren Bacall

Aaron Shilker Sketch Of Lauren BacallOne of the most distinctive pieces of art in the apartment was the portrait made by famous artists Aaron Shilker of which Lauren was the inspiration. Aaron is known for making portraits of John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacquline Kennedy which adorn the wall of the White House. This portrait that Shilker made of Lauren was sold in the auction for an amount of $5,000. He had also made portraits of Lauren’s children which were kept by them as a part of their personal collection.

Her Turkish Carpet Sold For $2,250

Her Turkish Carpet Sold For $2,250One can get an idea of the exquisiteness of Lauren’s home-wares from the fact that they were sold for a staggering amount in the auction despite them being in used condition. Among these homewares the one which was highly regarded as the Turkish carpet which got sold for an amount of $2,250. Turkish carpets are unique and historical because no one knows about the culture where they came from and are considered multi-ethnic and multi-religious. They can be found in the regions of Siberia and Egypt.

32 Lots Of Bacall’s Jewelry

32 Lots Of Bacall’s Jewelry Was Sold For More Than $500,000 At AuctionThe jewelry collection that got sold in the auction took the event to a record-breaking level. As the auction lasted for astonishing 20 hours gathering an amount of $503,625. Susan Abeles, Bonham director of US Jewelry said, “The estimates were regular market values. It’s impossible to calculate the value of provenance. Single owner high profile sales with glamour always produce unpredictable results—this was no exception.” 32 lots of jewelry had come up for bidding in the auction.

A Pair Of Earrings Sold For $52,500

A Pair Of Earrings Sold For $52,500Among the collection of jewelry, the one which was most valuable was a gem set and 18-karat gold ear clips which were designed by Montures Schlumberger in France. The film named The Mirror Has Two Faces proved to be a milestone in Lauren’s career as she received Oscar for Best Supporting Actress due to her role in the film and it was in the event that she wore them.The pair which got sold for an amount of $52,500 was originally estimated to be worth around $12,000. The reason for this was the crafty gold latticework plaque adorned with emeralds and sapphires.

Personalized Tiffany Necklace

Lauren Bacall’s Personalized Tiffany NecklaceThere was also a gold Tiffany necklace up for sale in the auction among the 32 lots of jewelry. It was getting difficult to decipher the individual letters on each heart that you see in the image. But, the Bonham jewelry department cracked it after it was handed over to them. The necklace reads, “To my own beautiful star from her proud director Ron.” The lines have led people to believe the necklace being a gift from director Ron Field to Bacall for the film “Applause” released in 1970. It got sold for $52,500.

Most Valuable Piece Of Jewelry

Lauren Bacall’s Most Valuable Piece Of JewelrySusan Abeles, head of Bonhams jewelry department stated, “Ms. Bacall’s style was unmistakably her own—and it continues to influence design and fashion to this day. Her jewelry collection represents a woman who knew her own style—one who wore the jewelry rather than the jewelry wearing her.” The bracelet you see in the image was designed by Jean Schlumberger a French designer. Well, if you think that it was only Bacall who glorified the Dakota Apartments then you are wrong. Read on to find out who were the other famous personalities who had lived in the renowned apartment.

Rosemary Clooney

Rosemary ClooneyMost of you would have guessed from the name of this lady that she is the aunt of actor George Clooney. An actress and singer by profession, she became a household name after her song “Come On-a My House” which released in the year 1950 when she was riding high on success as a jazz singer.

José Ferrer

José FerrerJosé Ferrer who hails from Puerto-Rico is the only actor from the nation to win an Oscar apart from being the first Hispanic to do so. He won it in the year 1950. Later on, he went on to win a Tony Award. One can get an idea of the high credentials of this man from the fact that he is the recipient of National Medal Of Arts from President Ronald Reagan and a US Postal Service stamp has also been dedicated to him.

Roberta Flack

Roberta FlackKnown for being the singer of the classic songs “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”, “Killing Me Softly With His Song”, “Feel Like Making Love”, and “Where Is the Love” Roberta Flack is the only solo artist to win a Grammy Award for Record of the year twice consecutively. She lived in the apartment for 40 years.

Alphonse “Buddy” Fletcher

Alphonse “Buddy” FletcherBuddy Fletcher is the founder of Fletcher Foundation. He is majorly known for suing Kidder Peabody for racial discrimination. He is currently fighting a legal war with the authorities of Dakota Apartments where he lived in the year 1992. He was denied the permission to buy another apartment in the Dakota Estate in the year 2010.

Charles Henri Ford

Charles Henri Ford A poet, novelist, diarist, photographer, and collage artist Charles Ford was an editor of the magazine named View which is regarded to be extremely serene. He had contacts with reputed artists like Gertrude Stein, Salvador Dali, Orson Wells, and E.E Cummings. He used to live with his sister in the apartment.

Judy Garland

Judy GarlandKnown for making movies like The Wizard Of Oz with MGM, Judy Garland was also an actress and famous singer. She was so good that her name was placed on the list of the 10 greatest female stars in American cinema. She won numerous awards throughout the year 1999.

John Lennon

John LennonOne of the most famous personalities to ever live in the apartment was John Lennon. Co-founder of the band Beatles, John is known to be the greatest musician of all time. It was when he was living in the apartment that he got shot and killed.

John Madden

John MaddenJohn Madden is the winner of Superbowl being the coach of the Oakland Raiders. He was also a broadcaster and became a commentator for NFL telecasts. He started living in the Dakota Apartment in the year 1988 after buying it from Gilda Radner.

Albert Maysles

Albert MayslesAlbert Maysles is the maker of famous documentaries like Salesman, Gimme Shelter, and Grey Gardens. He lived in the apartment with his wife Gillian for 35 years before deciding to sell it for $3.5 million to a person who made renovations in properties.

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O’DonnellRosie O’Donnell is a versatile personality. The reason for me saying this is that she is an actress, an author, a television personality, editor, blogger, and LGBT activist. She even gave her voice to the character of Terk in Tarzan made by Disney.

Yoko Ono

Yoko OnoYoko Ono started living in the Dakota Apartment with her husband John Lennon in the year 1973. Like her husband, she was also multitalented. As she worked as a multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist as well.

Maurice Richard “Maury” Povich

Maurice Richard “Maury” PovichIf one has watched the tabloid talk show Maury then he would be surely acquainted with the name of Maury Povich. He and his wife Connie Chung who is a television news anchor live in the Dakota Apartment currently. They are among the few people who managed to stick to the property after years of buying it.

Gilda Radner

Gilda RadnerGilda Radner is famously known for being the cast member of popular NBC sketch comedy Saturday Night Live. She started living in the Dakota Apartment in the year 1979 after paying an amount of $150,00 for it. She died in the year 1989 due to ovarian cancer.

Jane Rosenthal

Jane RosenthalA film producer Jane Rosenthal is the co-founder of the Tribeca Productions films studio which she founded in the year 1989. She put her apartment for sale after splitting up with her husband Craig Hatkoff putting up a price tag of $39 million for it.

Recently Denying Celebrities

Recently Denying CelebritiesSurprisingly, celebrities like Billy Joel, Gene Simmons, Madonna, Alex Rodriguez, Carly Simon, Antonio Banderas, and Cher have been denied the permission to buy the Dakota Apartments. The reason being the extremely picky nature of the authorities while accepting the applications.

Origin Of The Name

Origin Of The NameThe reason for the apartments getting its name is that “it’s far out in the Dakota’s”. Edward Clark’s idea of naming the surrounding street on the states was denied and was led to naming it based on his original idea.

Introduction Of Elevators

Introduction Of ElevatorsDakota Apartment whose construction started in the year 1884 was among the very few to have elevators at that time. It was women wearing black dresses that were responsible for working the elevators initially. It was made sure that the Apartment was equipped with technology of the highest order.

From Sewing Machines To Development

From Sewing Machines To DevelopmentEdward Clark is the man behind the idea of making the structure of what we now call the Dakota Apartments. He was a lawyer initially but after meeting and helping famous inventor Issac Merritt Singer in his legal issues he gained fame.

Not Everyone Was Thrilled With The Idea

Not Everyone Was Thrilled With The IdeaNot everyone one was in agreement with the plan that Clark proposed initially regarding the making of the Dakota Apartments. The people were not sure at that time whether the idea would work because the apartments sounded a lot like hotels.

The Unknown Portraits

The Unknown PortraitsThe two circular portraits located over the entrance at 72nd Street and above the arch on the Central Park West Side have been a cause of mystery associated with the building. As no one knows about the identity of the people whose faces are carved in it.