Alumni Of This University Sends 1,400 Freshmen Inspiring Postcards During Exams

We can all agree that the worst part of school and education are the exams, especially the first of our freshman year. Staying up all night, living off microwaved meals and leftover pizza, trying to cram as much as possible into our brains before it’s too late. We feel overwhelmed and lost in our own world, and are in desperate need for air and breathing space.

There are an estimate of students ready to take their exam seats 96,972 times over 11 days at Western University in Ontario, Canada, the Alumni Association decided to enlist the help of former students to send those reminders via postcard. When they put out the call on Twitter, they only expected to receive about 200 postcards — instead, they got 1,359! The postcards will be delivered to the students in the alumni’s former residences on the Monday exams start! Isn’t this the best way to start an exam!?

Western Alumni Association started this campaign called “The Kind Mail” project this year.

Words of encouragement have been received! Even the project coordinators made sure to send their own postcards.

The ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey reports that an staggering 96% of students experience anxiety when it comes to exams. With that kind of intense pressure, sometimes all a student needs is to know they’re not alone.

What better than the senior who have gone through it all? It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since they had their own exams. This alumnus remembers exams in 1969, giving great perspective to the recipient.

An alumnus also gives tips to stressed students on finding the sources of free relaxation. Like this one to the closest dog park. Puppy kisses make all the stress go away!

It is actually an international matter. Distance doesn’t quash the good vibes of these alumni from as far away as Italy, Germany, and Trinidad and Tobago!

This is one from Australia.

What about this one straight from Arizona? Sometimes you just need someone to remind you to relax.

Some alumni just help lighten the mood of exams aka dark days. Who can be nervous after learning about “Country Square”?

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