A tramp in Somerset married a badger. Read the shocking details!

You may have heard that the world is a funny place perhaps a thousand number of times. But have you wondered what makes the world funny? I can’t just be the incessant humor or loopy nature of events that happen all around us. Certainly there is ought to be more. A lot more.

Perhaps, it could be that what makes the world a funnier and hilarious place is the sheer nature of absurdity that happens everywhere at some point of time that sends people into such a state of disbelief that they can’t help but express it through humor or laughter.


An incident like that happened in the United Kingdom recently, around a couple of years back where a homeless man, actually living on the streets having nothing more than a few quids to fall back over married an animal.


In a news that gave world tragic smiles and remorseless laughter, the man, who had fallen from grace and perhaps had some screw loosened from his thinking hat has now admitted that his own relationship with the animal he ‘married’, a badger at that, is stable, hot and incredibly rocking.


The wedded bliss between this homeless man and a badger was such a widely reported story even if it may have seemed like a droplet of absurdity out of a noble prize winning book on humorous literature called, ‘ let’s go nuts’. But that wasn’t the case. 


It has also been reported that the man who married a badger was actually granted the relationship status as married according to a ceremony that took place under the aegis of a renegade vicar. A man called Collin Batersby is said to have led the affairs of this spiritual allegiance between man and wild which is nothing more than in its goriest form.

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