Working in a sheriff office can be really tiring and challenging, especially when you are a deputy for over 2 decades. Even though retiring from that job could appear stressful to some, it could come as a blow to the person who has probably spent half of his life doing that job. People deal with stress in different ways- some listen to music, some use a stress ball or a fidget spinner, some opt for yoga. But what this Deputy did in a lift to relieve his stress, in the presence of other people is, to say the least unexpected.

Tony Scherb’s Other Identity

In the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Tony Scherb had served for 29 years now. He was famously known to be strict and disciplined. It was the day of his retirement and how he celebrated it in an elevator surprised his co-workers and is going to come to you as an unexpected piece of information.

A Career Spanning 29 Years

In El Paso County, situated in Colorado, Tony was one of the longest-serving officers from his department. For approximately 29 years he had worked with the transport and traffic units and was a favorite of his colleagues. His disciplined nature got him promoted to a deputy and his fun-loving side got him famous among his colleagues. After so many years it was time for him to move on.

Elevator Troubles

Ongoing elevators malfunctions have been troubling the Sheriff office’s authorities for long now. El Paso County accommodates over 663,000 residents and the police department is responsible for keeping all of them safe. The malfunctioning elevator had been a  cause of trouble and might have led to some issues if the only office in the county was attacked. But a solution was suggested.

Hidden Camera In The Lift

Attempting to diagnose the problem these two mischievous looking technicians installed a camera in the elevator 2 but kept its knowledge a secret. People do all kinds of things when they think they are alone and the hidden camera became a form of amusement for the people on the backend.

Relief From Emotions

After his retirement gathering and speech, Tony Scherb was expectedly emotional. However, he refused to stay in the state for long and as soon as he entered the lift. Just like other people, Tony had his way of dealing with loneliness and stress too and he even had the female officers to join him in this. And all this while it was being recorded on the camera.

His Retirement Surprise To His Department

He might have received a lot of gifts and speeches that day, but what Deputy Tony ended up doing in that elevator would definitely have to be the show-stopping event of the day. Who would have expected that the officer would behave in this manner when he thought no one was looking at him?

Watch Him Whip, What Him Nae Nae

Who would have expected this disciplined cop to be destressing by whipping and ‘nae-naeing’? The video in the next slide will prove to you that I am not kidding. As soon as he entered the elevator this Sheriff put on this famous song and started grooving, he did not know he was being watched or that his chief deputy will catch him in the act.

The Groovy Song

In case you did not know, Watch me(Whip/NaeNae) is a 2015 song by the hip-hop/R&B artist Silento. It was an instant hit because of its groovy music and rad lyrics. Tony improvised its dance moves and we cannot complain about the product.

Rolling In The Elevator

This image is from the video displayed in the next slides. He really started to let himself loose and owning the entire elevator. Did he know he was being watched? Maybe. Did he care about it? Absolutely not. It was his retirement day, his party and he was enjoying it. But what happened when the elevator stopped?

An accomplice

The elevator stopped on the next floor but the Deputy officer was not able to get out of his groove in time. In came Deputy Reed and gave a skeptical look to Deputy Tony. However, his aura was too hard to resist and it did not take long for Deputy Reed to get into the mood and she started to shake a leg too.

Partners In Crime

It was not long before they both started syncing their dance moves and did the ‘stanky leg’ together. Reed was not impressed at first but Tony’s lip-syncing skills and his moved really impressed her and she lost all inhibitions of her senior and accompanied him in Whippin’.

The Elevator Stopped Again

While they were enjoying their trance the elevator stopped again and in came the Chief Deputy Officer; their senior. They both instantly forgot about their fun and took a standby position behind the officer. It can be seen from their expressions that it was really hard for them to keep their legs and bodies in check because they wanted to have fun.

What’s That Tune?

Even though the dancing stopped the trio appreciated the music. Even the chief started shaking his head in tune with the song. The next floor came and Tony could not wait to get back to his dancing, he saluted the Chief officer and resumed to his steps the moment the Chief turned his back.

Three Is Better Than Two

On the same floor that Chief Deputy Officer left on, Deputy Murphy- School Resource Officer came in the elevator. She noticed the errant behavior of  Deputy Reed and Deputy Tony and kept observing them for a while. Unable to resist anymore she joined the pair and the three of them kept on dancing without a care in the world.

The Superman!

No, the superman did not join them but the next best thing happened. Soon the three of them started syncing their steps according to the lyrics of the song. When the lyrics referring to Superman come, all three of them imitate the flying style and sync their moves. The video in the next slides is hilarious!

It’s A Party!!

As if the three of them were not rocking enough, they were joined by Sheriff Bill Elder. As suggested by his name he WAS elder in his seniority to them. Again they hushed up when he came in but this time it was the senior who took the initiative of restarting the party. The four of them went gaga over a Silento song!

We Don’t Care

They all probably knew they were being watched but they could not have cared less. After all, they were not doing anything wrong. Just having a little harmless fun. This just comes to show that these officers try to invest on the little time they get from their stressful jobs. It not only de-stressed them but proved to be hilarious worldwide.

Every Step You Take

The hidden camera in the elevator recorded the whole of the party and their crazy dance moves. The video was released on the internet as a tribute to Tony and his work. The Sherrif office in a Facebook post wrote that ‘Tony earned the reputation from his peers and supervisors as being highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable.’

Internet Sensation

The video shown in the next slides garnered millions of views in a matter of days. After all, it is not every day that one gets to witness a bunch of police officers dancing their brains off in an elevator.

Celebrity Status

Groovy moves of Tony Scherb and the other officers not only made them famous for their fun-loving and cool nature in the office but also in the locality. Everyone could identify them from the viral video. They became famous for their little stunt in the elevator.

Bridging The Gap

The video not only made Tony an internet sensation but a person who seemed to have dissolved the way civilians saw police officers. When they saw the following video, they were not only tickled but inspired. They too realized that it is important to enjoy life and not let work get to you.

Setting Goals

Tony and other officers set some serious goals for the chiefs of every department. Every worker now wished that their heads and colleagues be as cool as Deputy Tony, Reed, Murphy and Elder. They all raised the bar of coolness quotient.

Was It A Set-Up?

Some people think that the whole video is a setup and is fake because the officers continually keep looking in the direction of the camera. There is no knowing whether the whole thing was fake or not and it really does not matter. It ended up entertaining people and the officers too. It caused no harm and injured no one. It was all in good faith.

The Department Facebook

The Department’s Facebook page was usually used to tell the people about arrests or any mishappenings in the areas around but this time the department made an exception and posted the video online. Hope you enjoy like all of us did!

Take A Bow

You have got to appreciate the spirit of these officers. Instead of judging colleagues they indulged his wish to dance, as it was his last day. They subtly teach us the value of comradery. Look for yourself in the video in the next slide.

Watch Him Groove

And here is the video that you have been dying to look at. Don’t drink any water right now because you will surely end up spilling it!