These Outdoor Living Spaces Are One Of The Best Inspirations For Your Own Terrace And Garden Designs

Who doesn’t want to have a place in their home which would have some fresh air to take in the clear sky to look at and have the best of nature in your home itself. The peace that one can get from these spaces or gardens is beyond compare to any other when it comes to the life in busy cities that we live in; all that pollution and noise always coming to our ears, never to let us breathe and see what life is exactly. So, here we bring you some of the best outdoor living spaces that hopefully can inspire you for your terrace and garden designs.

#1. This design gives a touch of nature without compromising the modern lifestyle.

The pool and terrace serve as the focal point of this design. Greg Jordan’s this design is called V-shaped Hollywood Hills residence.

The pool and terrace serve as the focal point of designer Greg Jordan’s V-shaped Hollywood Hills residence. The exterior space even informs the interiors—a pair of sofas in the living room are aligned with the cypress trees. (September 2004)

#2. This rear terrace is an amazing stop for early brunches and some chitchat while watching your kids or family enjoy in the garden.

Raplh and Ricky Lauren have this place in Bedford, New York. And it doesn’t end just here but has a 250 acre property’s lawn to look at too.

The rear terrace of Ralph and Ricky Lauren’s ivy-covered home in Bedford, New York, features relaxed seating for entertaining and offers views of the 250-acre property’s sprawling lawn. (November 2004)

#3. This one would serve as a classic mix of indoor and outdoor living space with some nice touch of nature.

It is of a Los Angeles villa which is decorated by Mark Boone. The way all the colors and flowers and stairs, the lanterns, it is just as perfect as it can get.

The loggia of a Los Angeles villa decorated by Mark Boone serves as an outdoor living room. Vaulted ceilings, archways, and hanging lanterns extend from the entrance hall to the adjoining alfresco area, creating a seamless flow between inside and out.

#4. A Sea facing home you have? Well you are indeed lucky and having this set up would make you even better of deal.

Outdoor fire place with an old feel of stone terrace. This place is in Malibu owned by a designer as well as antiques dealer Richard Shapiro.

An outdoor fireplace warms this stone terrace at the Malibu home of designer and antiques dealer Richard Shapiro, who furnished the plein-air space with rattan and wicker chairs and striped fabrics.

#5. This design in Japan with a shaded canopy.

The fourth-floor terrace of a Kengo Kuma–designed residence in Japan is shaded by a fabric canopy. The geometric lines of the outdoor furniture echo the vertical louvers on the exterior wall that allow light into the home while ensuring privacy.

#6. Sea facing home with this type of designs is amazing.

The architecture firm Ike Kligerman Barkley used outdoor rooms to extend a house in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, into the surrounding landscape. This veranda offers panoramic views over the infinity pool to the ocean beyond.

#7. The amazing blend of trees both white and red and a little blue ones, the wooden floor and mustard colored fabrics on the sofas. This is an idle design for outdoor living spaces.

Overlooking the Seattle skyline and Elliot Bay, the 900-square-foot rooftop terrace of designer Terry Hunziker’s Pioneer Square apartment is planted with vibrant Japanese maple trees and manicured shrubs.

#8. A diner in the open with the sun shining down and a potential garden for bar-b-Que is just what anyone could wish for.

Flowering vines adorn the rustic log arbor surrounding the outdoor dining area of designer Ellen Denisevich-Grickis’s Rhode Island retreat. Unmilled oak trees were used to create the structure, which spans almost the entire rear façade of the 18th-century barn.

#9. Pool is a good add on while designing an outdoor living space. And this one for with pool and elegant sofas with some trees should do the trick.

This terrace at James and Jennifer Belushi’s Los Angeles home overlooks the pool and the rear garden, which was landscaped by Mia Lehrer. The wrought-iron furniture gives the space a polished yet casual feel.

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