Two teenagers were arrested on the counts of murder, attempted murder, armed robbery and burglary after they caused the death of a former gang member, Kadeem Johnson, as a part of a five men gang who broke in and robbed the victim’s house and then did the unthinkable.

The Perpetrators On Trial

18 years old Drake Campbell and 17 years old Jacob Mouzon were left crying like babies once the judge denied them bail when they were presented before the court for a hearing regarding the heinous act they had committed. Upon realizing what the judge’s words meant, the alleged murderers broke down and started bawling like babies.

The Story

The kids, along with the victim were a part of a gang together. They were involved with minor felonies and scuffles here and there every once in a while. But once Kadeem got into a relationship he quit the gang which gave rise to some sort of animosity among them.

The Plot

The two teenagers who were apprehended for Kadeem’s murder did not commit the crimes they were charged with, alone. They were a part of a five-man gang which included Drake Campbell’s elder brother, Kenneth Jr. The entire gang has also been charged with home invasion and homicide.

Call For Justice

Everyone involved in this predicament, from the cops to the bailiff wanted the judge to bring the perps to justice and put the soul of the victim to rest. But when the judge hit the gavel, everyone was shocked by what he said and left the teens in tears.

What The Judge Said

The Judge was absolutely justified in denying bail to the teens because the crime committed was brutal and abhorrent. The Judge saw no merit in showing mercy to either Campbell or Mouzon. This denial of bail left the families of the perps utterly dismayed and hopeless. 

What Exactly Happened

The entire gang of five had broken into Kadeem Johnson’s home and waited for his return inside the house. However, when Johnson got home he wasn’t alone. Kadeem Johnson’s girlfriend decided to come over to his place on that ill-fated day. When the couple entered their house, they saw the five gang members armed and waiting for them.

The Robbery Before The Murder

Before Kadeem Johnson was allegedly murdered by these high schoolers in an absolutely brutal manner, the couple was forced inside the house at gunpoint. The teens then proceeded to rob the body of the victims and then decided to ransack Johnson’s house for other valuables. However, they were not yet done.

Kadeem’s Execution

The gang didn’t murder Johnson in the middle of the robbery, what they did was far more heinous. They forced Johnson on all four of his limbs, tied him up and then proceeded to torture him before shooting him, point blank, in the back of his head.  

What Happened To The Girl

Once Johnson was dead, the gang turned their attention to his girlfriend, who had witnessed his murder. She was a loose end for them, she had to be taken out of the equation. She begged and screamed for her life but to no avail. The shooter hasn’t been identified from the lot but one of the five members of the gang shot her in the chest and hands.

The Escape

The gang escaped from the house after shooting Johnson and his girlfriend. They stole two cars to run away from the scene, the crime, and the cops. But Campbell and Mouzon made a peculiar decision which later led to their arrest. They decided to hide in the woods near the crime scene, thinking the cops won’t expect them to hide so close to the place of the murders.

The Arrest

A tip from an anonymous caller and a specially trained dog unit enabled the cops to find the murderers in no time, leading to their quick arrest. Two days in the woods without food and water had left them in a bad shape so they didn’t even put up a fight. Before being arrested, however, they were examined by EMTs.

The Mouzon Family

When the teens appeared before the judge for the first time, Mouzon family saw it as a chance to plead for their boy and ask the judge to show mercy on him. His sister went as far as crying in front of the judge saying, “Jacob’s my best friend. I know what he did was wrong, I completely understand that, but he’s not a bad person.”

The Campbell Family

The Campbells were not far behind in trying to portray their kid a shining star and an outstanding citizen of the nation. His mother was the first to claim that “he is not a terrible kid”. She told the judge that her son had voluntarily joined the navy, in hopes that the Judge will go easy on him.

The Prosecution

While the Campbell and Mouzon families were fighting hard to save their kids from jail, the prosecution was hammering the nails in their figurative coffin. The prosecutor cited the violent nature of the crime and the fact that it took two days to find them as reasons to deny bail and send them to jail.

The Sobbing

Once the Judge had heard both the sides he took time to contemplate. It was in that moment of utter silence the teenagers realized the gravity of the situation and the mess they had created. The realization was too daunting for them and they started sobbing uncontrollably in the middle of the courtroom.

What Does The Law Say

The crime was committed in South Carolina where the law does not allow Judges to grant or deny bail in cases of murder. Even if the Judge was moved by what both the families had said, his hand were tied. The boys had to go to jail and await a proper trial.

No Bail For Them

The teenagers were considered a flight risk and even though they were high schoolers, the crime and the manner in which it was committed put them on par with seasoned criminals. Also, they were seen as a security risk and a risk to the community safety. Even a bail bond was out of the picture.

What Happens Now

Kadeem Johnson’s family can find peace in the fact that the ones responsible for the death of their son are being punished. The cops have decided to bring every single member of the gang to justice and make them pay for what they did to the victims. As for Kadeem’s girlfriend, she is in a hospital steadily recovering from the gunshots. 

The Trial

The world awaits the day the perps will be sent to trial and be sentenced to prison. Denial of bail was just the beginning of their woes. The punishment for what they did will see them in prison for the rest of their lives, ensuring they don’t harm anyone else like they harmed Kadeem.