The world is very big and likewise, it houses big secrets that we are yet to be aware of. Some are hilarious and some are straight outstanding that has the power of blowing your mind off. We have enlisted some of the secrets that you do not know about. Do you know the purpose of building Eiffel tower or the secrets Mount Rushmore holds or the unbelievable mystery of famous Times Square? There are many more interesting facts positioned on the list that will make you stunned. Read them till the last slide and amaze yourself with this long existing and obscure things.

Buried Alive Under The Road!


Every fun-seekers has Las Vegas in their want-to-go list. Why would it not be, the city is full of fun. Because of its popularity among the tourists Vegas always remains crowded. The most amazing thing about this sin city is that there is a tunnel that provides shelter to several homeless inhabitants that include hundreds of people. The storm drainage tunnel was built to tackle the problem of raging flash floods. Though for some reason the practice was stalled the tunnel continued to serve people by becoming their home. You will find the tunnel poured in the dark that would not let you realize how big a community you are surrounded with. It is difficult to imagine such grim circumstances in the city that is considered so happening.

The Mysterious Mt. Rushmore!

mtrushmore.jpgMt. Rushmore is quite famous for having the sculpture of highly popular four presidents carved on it that are 62 foot long. Another fact that not many people do not know about is that this historical mountain is also the harbor of a secret room. The room was built behind the head of Abraham Lincoln on the South Dakota hills that is called the Hall of records. The room depicts the history of America and also has contained the country’s charter documents. The reason behind was to tell the stories to the future generations. The monument was built from 1927-1941. The monument has also served as a background to several movies. I know even this seems like a movie but is very true. This room was the idea of sculptor Gutzon Borglum.

Beware Of Such Fraud!

Hidden USB Port.jpgIt does not take much efforts to manufacture one model that is cheaper and put that on the market as two USB ports. In order to not to get deceived by these extra creative people, we should be extra cautious. I wonder at the confidence or should I say audacity of the sellers who so deftly hides on us double USB ports. Not much, but these extraordinary people with an extraordinary mind should at least be hauled over the coal! I think this is the least they deserve. It is more like a false advertisement Isn’t it? The next slide reveals something you would have never noticed on this very famous cigarette brand.

Tiniest Police Station

Meet Britain’s smallest police station. Yes, it is a police station that also holds the world record and is located in the South East corner of Trafalgar Square. Apparently, the police station is made out of an empty lamppost and can accommodate two prisoners at a time. This peculiar building has an equally interesting story. During the first World War, the police officials had to build a temporary police station just after the Trafalgar Square tube station. After the  Worl,d War it was to be renovated to make it permanent but the locals objected to it. So, in that scenario, the police station was shifted to this lamppost. It is also known as the Lilliputian Police Station and has a phone line linking the Scotland Yard. Only one police officer is stationed at a time there.

 Eiffel Tower’s Secret!

eiffeltower.jpgWhenever we think of Paris, the first thing that comes to our mind is Eiffel Tower. This magnificent tower is famous for its beauty and elegance. This tower also has one more feature that not many people knows about. There is a secret apartment on the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was made in 1889 by engineer Gustave Eiffel. He built this secret apartment for himself and only he knew how to access that. The room was revealed after sometimes of the unveiling of the tower that soon made him the object of envy for other elites in the town. The chamber suffered some damages overtime but soon restored to its former condition with wax models. Imagine, how would it be felt like living above one of the wonderful monument.

What On The Earth Is It?

Hidden Sasquatch.jpgIt is a sasquatch, no it is a Bigfoot, but no perhaps it is a sasquatch…oh, this is so confusing! Let us call it than the combination of both as we have many mythical creatures like this, remember Centaur? So, where I found it? I found it in back of a car. No, no that car is not the hub of mysterious things, trust me this is the first time that has put me in the utter dilemma.Well, whatever it is, it looks extremely tiny for your eyes to see it. This person manages to conceal himself perfectly and that is the reason we could not get the more exposing picture of this tiny Bigfoot or Sasquatch!

There Is More To Empire State Building

Image result for empire state buildingEven the Wikipedia calls Empire State Building, 102-storeyed. But in reality, this giant building has one more floor to it that remains obscure. The floor 103 does not enjoy as much popularity as other floor does and there is a reason behind it. The floor 103 has a small room and a low balcony and is only accessible by staff and VIPs. Also known as the observation deck of NewYork, it provides a 360-degree view of this city. Situated in the center of Midtown Manhatten, it came into being in 1931 and from there on is serving as the Art Deco skyscraper. It also holds the position of being the 5th tallest completed skyscraper in the U.S and 28th tallest in the world. Its construction is the result of the race that used to happen for building tallest towers. There was also a plan of adding 12  more floors to it but that did not live long.

Heights Of Disguise!

Brick Security Camera.jpgWe gotta take a minute to salute the person who came up with this amazing idea. You didn’t get. Ok, zoom in you will see a camera disguised as a brick in the wall. There is two advantage of it, first, nobody finds out about the camera location and the installment of the camera does not impact the beauty of wall. I m sure, no thief would be able to catch this brick-like camera but this camera surely can many thieves and quirky acts(Those that we do when we are sure no one is watching us). If such kind of camera gets installed in every nook and cranny then it would not be difficult to catch the thieves. No doubt, the owner of this building will make its name in as a known of everything that happens in town, but yeah, now we know his secrets. Don’t we?  

Hidden Since 1960

secrethatch.jpgThe enormous 60 -foot statue of Leonardo da Vinci holding the famous aerial screw is situated in the airport of Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci. What a better way to greet the visitors. The statue was built in 1960 with the marble base. It was built by a Bulgarian artist Assen Peikov who migrated to Italy when World War occurred. He participated in a competition for work of art. Since then many visitors passed this amazing monument but it was only in 2006 that something long-hidden was found inside the statue. A hatch was stashed inside the statue. The hatch had parchment documenting the history of the region and also one list of the people who attended its opening ceremony. The discovery was made by a worker while renovating the statue.

What A Scarf!

Scarf With Robots.jpgWe haven’ put the scarf on the list just like that. This green and white scarf is not an ordinary one. If you look closely you will notice the Roberts in them. The maker must have a thing for technology, that is why he thought of adorning this green and white scarf with Roberts. In winter, we all gift sweatshirts to our dear one. This winter, why not gift them something more creative, something like this. It would be so cool to flaunt in something like this in the cruel winter months. This scarf gives Have you ever tried something like this? I haven’t but now, I would surely like to give it a try.

Spot The Phone!

Have you found out? It is quite a difficult feat, no? Finding Waldo while being sober is much easier than finding a phone here. No problem, if you are yet to spot that. Just call your friends over, have a beer party and then try because it is believed that strange things take place when people are high. Who knows, you might be able to find out where the phone is kept. Staring continuously into the direction makes you feel dizzy so instead of troubling you further let me get to the point now, in case you are still confused about the phone location then just look at the floor next to the front right leg of the table. There is the phone! These things apart I wonder, why did the owner put the cover so matching with the wall? Did he deliberately try to fan the confusion? 

Garden Of Secrets

Hidden Shed.jpgCleaning a garden is not a boring thing, you never know you might come across a treasure hidden beneath your garden, even an alien lurking behind those bushes or a door that leads you to some mysterious land. Not mysterious but at least somewhere. You can also come across a shed that you might not have seen before. Don’t get too excited if you encounter any, they are not going to take you to the land of Narnia but that certainly can be your place of peace where you can hide from the world for a while. So the next time you clean your garden wear the hat of a spy also. Who knows, your garden would also be holding a door of secret like this. And when you find that out first make sure that is safe enough and worth entering.

The Most Unexpected Student!

Sheep Class.jpgThis picture depicts the love we talk about. Taking your lover with yourself every damn place. Even the classroom. Yes, that is what this student did he took his sheep to the class. Wow, It is so clear that he cannot stay away from his loved pet for a second. It would have been difficult to do so as I wonder how did he managed to convince the faculty to let that fury pet in or do they actually know anything about this. And how the other students are coping with it. They look so unaffected by the incident but one of them thought of us and clicked this amazing picture. It is such a hilarious sight to see. Next time you complain about who likes the lectures, just think of this sheep. 

The Quirky Parking Zone

Underground Car.jpgI bet you would have never seen a parking space like this. A car beneath a shed with bushes surrounding it. It looks pretty dangerous but we are sure there must be some sensors to prevent any bad happening with this luxurious car. Does it not reminisce about some superhero movies. The vehicle owner should be a fan of superpower movies that is why he came up with such a stunning idea perhaps he himself has some superpowers. In any minute, we can have Batman here who would take his car out to enter into the hear rendering fight with his enemy, the Joker. In case you are wondering how this car would come out then keep wondering because we also don’t know that. But what we know is that you would love the thing in next slide.

A Machine Or…?

Coca Cola Bar Door.jpgThis is the height! There is a sandwich shop called The Press in Shanghai that has a Coca-Cola machine. Well, you must be thinking what is so not so common about this. Well, then the machine looks like a Coca-Cola vending machine with the tagline “Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles” but actually is a door that leads you to another way. Look at the picture and you will find out. I think of those people who would literally have taken this deceptive door as a Coca-Cola vending machine. There should be more like this in other restaurants as it adds a flavor of coolness to the air of the eatery. And it would also be fun to see the unfamiliar people getting deceived by its looks. Have you ever run into something like this?

Next one is as holy as it is stunning and you would love it!

An Unbelievable Cross!

Celtic Cross Forest.jpgThis certainly is not a regular sight you see. Apparently, this is a Celtic cross that sprawls over 328 foot. It is located in vicinity to the border of UK. The men behind this masterpiece are Liam Emmery. Clearly, the cross took a number of plants that includes Celtic and green plants. With the changes in weather, the color of this giant cross also changes as Celtic tree changes color with the change in climate. Emmery died after six years of its plantation, he could not witness the beauty of what he cared for so long. The sight was found by a passenger flying into the Dairy airport. The sight sits at the Donegal of the Republic of Ireland. To be precise, it is 330 feet long by 210 feet wide. It was completely forgotten by the family of designer and learned about it only when the passengers caught its beauty.

The Secret Living In Disney castle

cinderellacastle.jpgWho does not want to go Disney World! It has so many fascinating places and one of them is Cinderella Castle. This is an all decked and luxurious castle that would make you click a hell of pictures with it. This enticing spot is not only about decoration it has more to it. There are secret rooms in the castle that not many people knows about. They are located on the wall of it and the best thing is that people actually can stay in there as they have to do is either pay or win a chance. In order to win the opportunity, they have to get into a contest and lastly, the person who wins it gets the opportunity to reside in these all decorated rooms. So, here we have given you one more reason to visit this wonderful place.

Unbelievable Beauty Of Flathead Lake

Lake Montana.jpgThere is nothing more beautiful than nature itself. And this lake called Flathead Lake in Montana is one of the most beautiful sights you can ever visit. It takes you on the voyage of relaxation, peace, and comfort. As the picture explains this is a very scenic spot that looks more like a painting. The water seems like a painting. This world has hidden many beautiful spots like this and they can only be explored by adventurers like us. So, if you are traveler you would eventually find a place that would be yours only. And I would really recommend going to this pristine lack sometimes in life. It is famous for being the largest natural freshwater lake by surface area.

The Incomplete Statue

torchlookout.jpgStatue of Liberty is one of the most famous sights in the world. The copper made sculpture is of a Roman goddess called Libertas that French gifted to America in 1886. The statue is holding a torch in his right hand that represents freedom. The statue underwent a severe damage when an explosion occurred in 1916 destroying its staircase that used to take the one to the balcony inside the torch. The detonation was done on the Black Tom Island by the German spies in the World War. The impact of it was so high that it was felt even to Times Square. From there on the access of the public to the torch was curtailed to the crown. In 1986, it got replaced. The new torch was created by the artist of Les Metalliers Champenois of Reims.

Ball Inside A Ball!

Cue Ball That's Like A Jawbreaker.jpgWhoever cracked this ball would have hit it really hard. No doubt, It would have been a very intense game of billiards. The broken ball has something lurking inside it. Clearly, the ball is bearing another ball. It looks more like a jawbreaker. Why did they do this? Does that is the case with other balls too? Well, What lessons do we get from here is that we should crack every ball to see if they have another ball inside of it. But it doesn’t mean you will be breaking all your eggs. It’s exciting, no doubt to come across such unexpected things that make us wonder all the time. We have more quirky stories like this that will put you in awe. And the next one is very funny and cute both at the same time.

Copy Cat

sneaky.jpgYou wouldn’t have been able to catch odd one out here, had we not doodle it. The black cat looks so similar to the other three. Look at the pose also, it has left no stone unturned to make itself look like them but as they say, eyes never lie so its furry body and eyes revealed everything to us. Nonetheless, we must say it has succeeded to some extent. The question is why is it doing that? Is it spying on someone or just want to fool people around? Whatever the reason is we must say that it is a very cute imposter.


Hairbrush That Makes You Tipsy!

sneakingadrink.jpgAre you tired of those rules that prescribe you from having the alcohol? There are so many places that forbid alcohol and that is really annoying. What is more annoying than this is people’s widening yes when they see you drinking. But you don’t worry we have a solution by which you can get high whenever, wherever you please. You can answer these hollow rules with your all brimmed hairbrush. This hairbrush has a big space for alcohol inside its handle. Nobody would ever be able to find out about that as it looks, well, just like an ordinary hairbrush. You might have been known how useful a hairbrush could be.

Smoking With An Invisible Man!

Philip Morris Cigarette.jpgIf you are a smoker you may know that Philip Morris is a quite famous brand to reckon with. But not many people have noticed while keeping that in their hand what we are showing you here on the butt end of it. Even being a non-smoker I found it really interesting and worthy to share with those who like to smoke. Evidently, branding is the king that goes with every product. The minor or major one both. So, the next time you take out your cigarette for few puffs do look at its butt end and the image it comes with. You can try it even now if you have it. Do you? Find out what is on the next slide? I am confused!

Library With A Secret Passage

The Secret Passage.jpgThere is nothing more mysterious than a locked door and unknown path. Here we have one very interesting secret passage in one of the most boring places on earth, the library. Look at the irony! This one is Admont Abbey Library of Australia. The library is very spacious with little more space for this secret path. The passage can be used for quick transfer from leaping out of bed to go to the washroom and then reading a book.

 Two At A Time

Knights Of Dice.jpgThis one has both, the chess and the dice. How many times have you come across such Knights? Isn’t it amazing! This knight wears a dice in the bottom. We all know that chess piece is always heavy on the bottom and it happens because it is used as a support to stand. But not every creator comes with such quirky ideas and those who come should be given the word of appreciation from us. 

Window With Different Views

Hidden Bathroom Window.jpgNo, it is not difficult to do. All you need to do is to screw the hinges to the window casing and frame of the mirror. That looks like an uphill task but is quite easy. By this one can also make the false impression to the visitors as a regular medicine cabinet. You can also utilize the beautiful light coming from the window after pooping. You can keep the simple background and a greener one that depends on your choice.

Dicey Dice

Dice In Another Dice.jpgIt is more like buy one get one free. The broken dice here has an extra dice inside of it. I know, it gives so much happiness to have something like this. We usually don’t expect it, right? Yeah, it is not good to have a pair of broken dice when you so want to play but this not so secure dice can take its place. If you have any broken right now, then check out if it has another pair of dice. Go for this only after reading this article as we have revealed many more secrets like this on the list. I will also tell you an unbelievable fact about the One Times Square of New York!

Times Square Full Of Secrets!

timesquare.jpgNew York is one of the busiest city in the world. It is difficult to imagine a quiet and forlorn place in amid of its hustle bustle. But there is one place out there that you would have never expected to be that quiet. The place is One Times Square. It is a building in Times Square used for putting on the billboard. Not many people realize the emptiness of this building as it is surrounded by the crowds and chaos. The reason behind is that the company that used to possess this building went broke and therefore had to sell it to an advertising firm. Now the advertising firm uses it for holding up the billboards.

Do Not Disturb

ultimatehider.jpgWe also have a resting owl here. Who took full advantage of its color and hid in the tree. A furtive glance over it cannot reveal the true identity of this own and would be mistaken as a part of the tree. Perhaps he did it to prevent any kind of disturbance in its sleep. That is proving successful as we believe no one would be able to distinguish it from the tree. But above all the owl is looking extremely cute in this position.  

Amazing Random Design

Fence Like A Wolf.jpgWe usually come across many random designs that we tend to overlook but some of them are so unique that you just can’t help but take a picture of them. This design made in the woods of a fence resembles the face of a wolf. The best part is that it is made on its own. No doubt, nature is the best creator in this world. Did you realize that it is a picture of a wolf upon seeing it or something else came to your mind? More companies should go for such kind of designs.

Look Who Is There?

disney1.jpgHere is a snap from the picture Brother Bear starring Nemo with his ilk. Brother Bear is an animated comedy-drama film. This film is about a boy named Kenai who in order to get his form back has to go through a lot of adventurous instances. This is not the first time, that Nemo has appeared in another movie, Disney has been doing this for a very long time. Nemo is the lead character of Finding Nemo who gets lost in the movie only to be found by his father after many efforts. The movie has a sequel too by the name Finding Dory. 

Unusual Place To Hide Guns

lockedandloaded.jpgPresenting the furniture that serves two purposes. Whereas the first purpose is to comfort people, the second purpose is also to comfort people but in a different way. The second purpose is to hide guns. The who manufactured these innovative furniture believes it to be the best way to feel secure. Just spread the guns throughout the house by hiding them inside your furniture and yank them out whenever you need them. So if you have any security problems you can surely go for these types of furniture. And when you have them do not forget to thank me for making aware of such useful furniture.

Chocolate With A Bear

Bear On Toblerone Logo.jpgDo you like chocolates? If yes, then chances are high that you might be liking Toblerone too. Toblerone is a chocolate that you buy very often but tends to ignore the intricacies of its pack. For example, have you ever noticed the image of the bear in the mountains on the pack? If yes then congratulations, you are a savvy observer. If no, then also cheer up this can work out as one of the reasons to boast about among your friends while eating this delicious chocolate. I am sure, they would not be knowing about this fact. So, from now on the image of this bear is going to linger in your mind till you buy yourself this chocolate.

 Inside The Floor

They’ll Never Find ThisIf you are worried about burglars breaking into your house then you can try this thing. The house here has a secret compartment that is really very secret as it is hidden inside the floor. The burglars may scramble the whole of the house but would never think of prying on the floor. By this way, you can have your home secured and you can sleep soundly.

The Small Treasure

joint.jpgWhat could be the best place to hide something? A stapler! Well, this is what some people think. Look at the above picture, and realize that this is the perfect place to hide your tiny treasures. But one thing we need to take care of is that no one touches this stapler. Because if they do, the whole of the bean will be spilled.

Mindful Adjustments

washingmachinehiddenincounter.jpgMost of our time is consumed in adjusting things. With a tiny home, it becomes difficult to adjust new furniture into the house. But this trick does wonder. As you can see in the image you easily can utilize those left space without giving your house a congested look. Yeah, it would be troublesome while cooking but this much of trouble can be taken for this.

More Useful Than The Doormat

secretkey.jpgGone are the days when people used to hide their key under a doormat. This is such an old and widely known trick so this one is no longer safe. We have one more idea, you can hide your key inside something like this. The Burglar would never be able to find the key to your home, at least they would never think of a hiding place like this. And you would not have to spend your days in worries.

What an idea!

The Terrifying Hose!

10-pictures-with-shocking-things-hiding-in-plain-sight-4.jpgYou never know what is there in the next moment! This simple looking hose had hidden something really dangerous in it. a snake! So before handling hose be very cautious. You never know you are watering the yard for a second and rushing to the hospital in other. 

All Look The Same

tangodown.jpgIt might take you some time to figure the hunter out as he has assimilated himself so beautifully in the grass. This s a nice way to keep yourself protected from the animals as they would have even harder time to find out the disguiser.

These are the most interesting facts you might ever know. Now you can boast about them around your acquaintances.