Look At This Hour Long Meal Of A Snake Devouring Another

We all are familiar with the ways a reptile devours its prey. An average jungle snake can gorge on an animal as big as a wild pig and eat it slowly, and the meal could last hours. Such a video was captured by a man showing how a carpet python eats.

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The surprising part about the video is that the snake was eating another snake. It had started from its head and then slowly proceeding towards the rest of the body, eating it as it came.

An eastern brown snake eating a carpet python

The video was shot by the snake catchers Norman and Sally Hill. They were called to a home near Ipswich in Queensland after a snake was spotted eating another one.  Sally told a local media firm: “We’ve never seen something like this before, it’s very rare any snake catcher gets an opportunity to witness something like this.”

An eastern brown snake eating a carpet python

Sally and Norman had to wait for some hours as the snake finished its meal. They were surprised as the snake’s choice of meal as they were seeing it for the first time that a snake was indulging in cannibalism.

Snakes usually eat small animals like frog, rats, lizards but bigger snakes are known to attack and eat bigger animals such as deer and boar.

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