See this pooch was trapped deep inside the well and how excited she became when someone approached for help!

If we talk about who is more generous in the species of animal, then it won’t be wrong to call a dog who teaches you, unconditional love, because they are perfect people who leave a mark in our heart with their generosity, love, and affection…

A pooch waiting for a hope to be saved

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A dog who desperately waited for help after she plunged 80 foot well in India, was finally saved after a villager who rescued and jumped into the well to save her life. Let’s see the small journey of this innocent panicked pooch who swam for hours in the hope of getting saved.

OMG! It was deep 80-foot well…

A poor dog who by mistakenly fallen into an 80 foot well, tried her level best to save herself by swimming for hours and reached the side of the well…

Tried to save her life but failed

Yes, it was dreadful for her, because she was 80-foot-deep inside the well, but somehow she was fortunate on that day after someone spotted her and managed to help the poor dog who was desperately and half-hearted waited for the help, who was running out of time on her nerves.

Waited too long to be spotted

No doubt, the pooch was certainly fortunate after someone traced her to gift her a new life of hope… The poor doggy was fighting for her life to stay afloat and gripped to the side of the wall. But at the same time, the animal failed to stay energetic to swim to the side of the well.

The pooch tried her level best to save her life but lose her grip and after many attempts slip back to the water. But she didn’t lose all hope instead gain some inspiration in order to live her life.

Finally, rays of hope…

She might be calling al-mighty for help and suddenly she was fortunate after someone called Animal Aid Unlimited to help the pooch.  It was believed that Animal Aid Unlimited has become a life-changing organization for the animals. The organizations have saved the life of over 45,000 creatures. This time it was her time when a local without wasting anytime informed the staff of the Animal Aid Unlimited to save the life of drowned poor paw.

The whole instance was recorded and uploaded to YouTube

No one knew how many hours this poor doggy was clinging to the wall of her life. Thankfully, someone noticed the animal and informed the Animal Aid Unlimited, India.  Later, the organization described how the paw was saved after someone noticed the animal at the bottom of the deep well and uploaded a video on the YouTube.  “We got a call to rescue a dog fighting for her life after falling into a deep well”, the caption reads. “She may have been swimming for hours before a villager saw her and called our helpline.”

Animal Aid Unlimited described the whole journey…

“It looked like she’d been struggling in the water, trying to stay alive, for hours,” a statement was added by the Animal Aid Unlimited, India. It further reads, “She repeatedly grasped with claws we later found were bleeding, trying desperately to hold on to the only jagged piece of rock she could find.”

Organisation pulled up the socks to save the life of the dog

Soon after a call was received by the Animal Aid Unlimited, the organization wasted no time to get on the field with an aim to save the life of the animal.

She waited eagerly for the rescuer to save her life…

This made the animal started swimming into circles getting excited to see the hands of hope coming towards her to save her life.

Ganpat- he was, who saved the life of the puppy down drowned deep in the well

The man who saved the life of the poor puppy was identified as Ganpat… For the sweet puppy, Ganpat came with the rays of hope for her in order to save her life.

He tried to place the pooch into a net

Without wasting any second the rescuer lowered himself into the deep 80-feet well to grab the dog and place her in a net. Meanwhile, she was excited to live her life again with no worries and pain of drowning in the water…

…and then… She was pulled up safely

She was the lucky one as a crowd of villagers gathered to greet her. Thanks to the volunteers who tried hard to save the life of the poor paw and bring back her to the ground level.

All her prayers came true

Yes, she was happy and excited and why shouldn’t she? …  After all, she was in safe hands after hours of struggle. Thanks to the Animal Aid Unlimited who didn’t waste any minute to reach the spot and bring back her to the ground level.

Any possibilities could have been taken place

It was the time when any probability could have taken place and Animal Aid Unlimited also admitted the same by adding a statement which reads, “The dog was rapidly losing her strength.” Further, it reads, “As her rescuer, Ganpat descended the 70-foot well, we could see that she was minutes away from giving in to her exhaustion.”

Now she was in safe hands indeed…

It is truly said that the animals have a strong instinct and the same happened when she realized the person is approaching towards her to save her life…  the organization said, “When he reached the water, she clearly seemed to understand that this is the man who will save her life”.

She was moved to nursing home 

After she was pulled out on the ground level without any harm, the pooch was moved to the Animal Aid Unlimited center in Udaipur. She was treated by her injured paws…

The video reached 4 Million Views On YouTube

The organization who use to work for the welfare of the cute animals posted a video of the journey of the poor dog who fell in a deep 80 foot well drowning to float to the sides of the walls to save her life. It was unbelievable that the video on the YouTube crossed 4 million views in short span of time.

And the organization received the goodwill with this gesture…

The video not only received the 4 million views on the YouTube but the organization received the positive feedback from the viewers. “You people restore faith in humanity. Bless everyone working at Animal Aid Unlimited”, wrote a viewer.

Praises all over the internet…

A viewer wrote, “You could see her desperation in her eyes. She was so frightened. Thank you all for being there when she needed help. You are all wonderful and devoted to rescuing animals. bless you, all.”

The organization aims to save more innocent life

That was not all…. Animal Aid Unlimited aims to save more such lives of innocent and cute paws in help…








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