EVER Heard Of The Term “Privacy Bed”? Here’s What It Is~

“Privacy Bed” That Converts Into A Fort Is A Dream Come True For People With Anxiety

Privacy Pop has created something to make nap time even better – it’s called The Bed Tent! The Bed Tent is exactly what the name suggest – a tent that attaches to most beds (depending on the size) to create a dark little cocoon to sleep in peacefully. Not only does it block that little annoying light coming from the window, but it also shields you from the curious eyes of third parties! It’s also perfect for anyone who suffers from anxiety or just needs a minute alone. You can buy The Bed Tent through Privacy Pop’s website. Thank you, Privacy Pop, for making nap time a whole lot better!

1. This will give you a feeling of being isolated even when you are surrounded by people.

2. It is really cozy

3. Can be kept closed too.

4. Good for children as well.

5. The baby is happy inside it.

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