Well, after taking a look at the heading of this article, you surely would have got an idea of what you are going to witness in the images below. Nobody can shy away from the fact that everybody be it the richest or the poorest face problems in their lives. The fact that some come up victorious and some succumb underneath the burden of the problems they face totally depends on the mindset of a person and how one tackle the obstacles in front of him. The decision to choose which side he is on totally depends on the person concerned. If you want to witness some wacky incidents which are equally capable of inspiring us to never lose hope and keep our cool even in the toughest of the situations then surely read this article.

I Want A Friend Like This

badsituation-4.jpgOne of the best examples of thinking out of the box and not succumbing to the situation. We all know that unable to find silverware while sitting to have lunch can turn out to be life’s worst tragedy. But, the man who was meant to eat the food inside the lunch box you see in the image had a plan to tackle the situation. The way he did it is clearly visible in the picture and by the look of it, one can surely say that it came out perfectly for him. Sheer brilliance, that’s it. It would have taken a lot of effort on the man’s part to precisely weave the chopsticks on the knife. The best part is that the final object that is the fork is made up by amalgamating two different objects a knife and four chopsticks. Though, it gives the fork a completely indigenous look.


HI-YAHAgain, an image depicting the scene of a car with after it got crashed which led to the window getting completely smashed.But, instead of having remorse the owner of this car saw an opportunity to click a photo with her daughter in it. The way he planned it is obviously visible and commendable. The expression given by the girl while landing a kung-fu kick on the window is priceless and on the point. It would not come as a surprise to me if someone believes that the reason for the shattered glass is this girl’s kick seeing the realistic touch in it. This girl surely deserves some applause for totally comprehending the situation that was being created and coming up with a photo like this. This image would surely tempt some famous UFC women fighters to train this girl under their guidance.


DogtiniThey are endless reasons to prove that dogs are undisputedly the best animals to be kept as a pet in one’s house. Most obvious ones of it being loyal, extremely adorable, and not to forget loving towards his its owner. But, the person who came up with the idea of this image just gave another reason to love them even more which I guess nobody would be aware of. The reason being for turning a dog into a Martini. To be a little realistic, I don’t find any possible reason for any dog owner to make his dog sit while wearing a lampshade around his neck. But, he should also be given the credit for coming up with this amusing and insane idea which has made his dog look even more adorable. The poker face looks that the dog has is remarkable and worth remembering.

Too Real

Too RealOur mobile phones are one of the dearest things to us. So it is quite obvious that looking at the broken screen of one’s phone is usually an annoying and painful affair. But, since this article is all about those people who dealt with such situations in the coolest and effective of ways, this image also does so. When the owner of this phone witnessed the horrific sight of his phone’s screen completely shattered, he came up with an indigenous and genius idea. This boy sure knows how to change the perception of other people towards things which is evident in the crafty way he has selected his wallpaper which gives a sense of the Spiderman weaving his web on what was originally a broken screen. Ths image and the mind of the boy behind is impressive to the core.


CheckmateThe worst and best thing about a spray paint is that is extremely hard to remove from the surface on which painting is done. Well, in this case, a man used the bad side of it to make a Swastika on the wall of his friend’s house to show how much he hated him. But, if one has a brain inclined towards creativity and smart thinking then handling even the toughest of the problems seem to be a child’s play. Evidently, this is what the man to whom the wall belonged did to cover up the Swastika. Yeah, I guess the long period of staring at the windows logo while our computer’s booted came to this man’s rescue. He used his precise spraying talent to create this nostalgic logo. Most importantly, no one can even say that there was a Swastika on the wall before it.

Enough Is Enough

Enough Is EnoughFull credit to the high and positive spirit of the man. I can bet that there are very few car owners who would come with something as witty and hilarious as this after getting their car bumped so bad. No doubt, the man made the best out of the situation rather than blaming his luck. I don’t know about you but, every time I see this picture it seems as if it is speaking narrating the atrocities and literally asking to stop. Apart from coming up with something extremely unique and hilarious this man also made sure that he saves some bucks on buying a customized plate rather than an expensive and totally new one. I hope the man learned his lessons after the accident and drove his car with an increased attention and caution.

That’s A Big Sale

That’s A Big SaleThis image clearly shows how witty are the people who handle the advertisements department for good brands. As it is unbelievable how this company turned something as drastic as having a truck which rammed the front door of their store. The lines written on the board,”Our Prices Will Drive You Into Our Store” truly proves that. In a situation where most stores would have asked for compensation, this company turned everything in their corner by making use of the tragedy as something that they could use to attract customers and acquire much more amount of money than they could have by asking for compensation from the insane driver responsible for this mess.

Scar Wars

Scar WarsGetting a scar never pleases anyone, that I can say for sure. But, what after that? Apparently, there are two people in this world, one who blame their deeds and luck for getting a scar which to an extent affects the texture of their skin and the other half are those who don’t succumb to the things they face and the effect it has on them. Surely, whosoever’s hand is displayed in this image belongs to the latter half of the people. The added advantage of this man is this that he is brave and equally creative. His level of creativity is easily evident from the image as this Star Wars fan has made the best out of his scar which otherwise would not have looked even the slightest bit of attractive that it is looking now.

“It Needs A Bit Of Work”

“It Needs A Bit Of Work”The hilarious part of this photo is the contrasting images of the man’s happy face and the scene of an utterly devastated house behind him. No wonder things get cleared when we read the lines on the board placed behind the American Flag. This is when the mystery behind the man’s happy face gets cleared and surfaces the cool and carefree attitude of him. I can bet that not many have the courage to come with an act of sarcasm such as this in a situation that this man is in. No doubt, this man has an innate desire to acquire profit from the ventures he has invested in otherwise there is no reason for him to do so. Truly, the sign of a good businessman.

Don’t Stop The Party

Don’t Stop The PartyEveryone loves to party when it comes to teenagers its kind of an obsession for them. Still, nobody can shy away from the fact that they are still immature and don’t know how to keep a check on the level of the nuisance they create. Consequently, most of such parties end up with the cops chasing them around and calling their parents to pick them up from a state that the kids never even dream of being picked. But, this boy is revolutionary and knows how to enjoy the party until the end. The image is evidence of his zeal to keep the party mode on in himself that he continues to drink his beer even after being taken inside a police car. No wonder, the kid would have faced a bantering from his parents who seem worried after getting calls from the police.

Oh Hey, Ladies

Oh Hey, LadiesJust look at the confidence and the zeal of this man to attract girls. Even after being admitted to a hospital, this man has the guts to post something like the image you see in the image. He is intelligent enough to offer people oxygen which is the basic necessity for all. An offer saline seems lucrative too seeing the vast number of people who suffer from dehydration in America. They don’t get the required ten glasses of water and are technically dehydrated. The expression on the face of the man is priceless and proves that one can find happiness even in the toughest of the situations if he has a strong heart and the desire to stay away from sadness or being weak.

Well That’s Just Bizarre

Well That’s Just BizarreSkin tags which bulge don’t make the prettiest of the sight on one’s body. Honestly, it is unpleasing for both who has it and the one looking at it. The lady you see in the image was also suffering from a similar problem. She was not at all pleased to look at it, but, though unattractive nobody can run away from it and has to deal with it. This is exactly what this woman did. It was just the case that she dealt with the situation in a little unique way. Evidently, she painted that part too when she noticed it. Thus giving her fingers a uniform look and her skin tag a unique and cute identity of its own. This goes on to show that a little creativity can have far-reaching consequences at least it had on the heart of this lady in this picture.

Scalp Goat

Scalp GoatGrey hair and receding hairline is a very common phenomenon that people in their old age go through, well, as far as I know. But, this image proves the previous facts to be nothing more than a myth as the ultimate reason for these signs was something else or to be precise ‘someone’ else. Evidently, the old man you see in the image is blaming it on the poor goat for eating his hair and clearing the scalps. Well, this would surely prove revolutionary changing all the previously made theories about hair loss and grey hair. I hope scientists after finding out the real culprit that is the goat find out an effective way to get rid of it too. Well, to be honest credit should go to this brave and cool old man for coming up with an idea as insane as this and yeah to the tattoo artist too who made it so wonderfully on the man’s head.

Stick People Advertising

Stick People AdvertisingI have no idea who first came up with the idea of getting stick figures at the back of the car. As whosoever, it was surely lacked the brain to realize that no one in this world is really interested in knowing how many children or family members another person has. Well, let’s come on to this picture. Though, again an irritating stick figure but this time with a little twist and thought given while getting it made on the back of the car. No doubt, the owner of the car is single and is desperately in need of a partner to spend quality time with. After unsuccessful attempts at finding one while browsing the social media platform, the person resorted to this. Yes, this method is a little too loud and public but the reality is that it is extremely effective. Hope, the person was lucky this time and found the right one.

TMNT Is At It Again

badsituation-3.jpgThe worst thing about a car crash after getting injuries is what is left of our car after that. On top of that, getting one’s car repaired mostly turns up to be a pretty costly affair. So, when the owner of the car in this image found himself in a similar situation after suffering from a car crash he decided to make the best use of the dent his ride suffered with. Apparently, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan, this man smartly made up a character from the show which brought the dent in to use in the best of the ways. Surely, he is a very good artist who knows how to use things for his own benefit. The grin on the face of the turtle makes this image funnier as it is totally contrasting to the tragedy of the crash.

These Kids Are The Future

bad-situation-5.jpgSnow turns to be a boon or a bane the way people perceive it to be. For some feel disgusted in the cold and wet conditions unable to enjoy the morning and evening sun while some the completely opposite of that. The children you see in the image comes in the category of the latter half. The reason is evident when they saw that the school authorities were adamant to keep the school open even after a heavy snowfall these kids decided to revolt and take the matters into their hands. Consequently, they decided to block the school’s gate from snow so that no one could enter it. These kids will surely grow up to become someone who is responsible for bringing major changes in society.

When Your Phone Is Jacked Up

badsituation-9.jpgWhen this girl dropped her phone, she was struck by terror and remorse on seeing that the screen of the phone was damaged. She immediately realized that her phone looked no longer in tip-top condition that it used to be. So, she came up with the most genius of the ideas to use the shattered screen to her advantage. The way she did is innovative as the use of her brain in a little unconventional way helped her come up with the idea of using this wallpaper on her phone. This gave the phone a more realistic look at being jacked rather than dropped. Don’t you think that while seeing the image it seems that the jackhammer is still in continuous motion continuously cracking up the phone’s screen?

An Injury Won’t Stop This Dude

badsituation-10.jpgThis image is most appropriate when it comes up to summing up the title of the article. A boy found himself at the mercy of the crutches to walk after suffering from an accident. Obviously, he was adviced by the doctor to take bed rest and not put extra strain on his legs. Yes, the boy dutifully listened to what the doctor said but this did not mean that he hampered his desire to chill when he needed to. The way he managed it in a cool way is easily visible in the image. The hilarious sight would be to watch the boy while he enjoys his beer with a totally contrasting look of injury on his leg. Well, according to me the boy would have been a true champion to come up with such an antic.

Maybe He Just Loves Sriracha More

saracha.jpgGetting a permanent tattoo on your body of the person you love is more difficult than it seems. Apart from the obvious reasons for the pain, one has to endure while getting inked it is also about the lifelong commitment that one makes after getting so. The above facts will get more clear when you’ll take a close look at this picture of the man who apparently was in a relationship with a girl named ‘Sarah’. They were so madly in love with each other that the boy decided to get himself a permanent tattoo with the name of his better half on it. Unfortunately, the boy’s dream got shattered when the relationship which was meant to be life-long didn’t last so.

Cougar’s Running Rampant

Cougar’s Running RampantWell, this man saw a cougar moving around his lawn and came up with something totally out of the blue instead of the usual reaction of getting scared and finding a place to hide. The caption of the photo, ” Found This Cat Wandrin Round An Caut It. Em In My Backyard. He Ain’t Very Friendly. Hes A Big Ole Fella Tho:@ He Don’t Mind Swimmin In The Pool With Nana Lol They Get Right Along Real Good. Don’t Know His Age Or Much About Em Just That Hes Big Hes Free” though, not that correct pretty much sums up the wackiness of the man. If I were to give a little piece of advice to everyone then that would be of not getting inspired by this man and find a safe place away from such dangerous animals.

“I Think I’ll Ski To Work Today”

badsituation-12.jpgSnowfall doesn’t always be the reason for bringing a smile on people’s face. As the cold and wet thing becomes the reason for people facing a lot of problems while doing even the basic of the tasks. But, the problems don’t seem so big if you are the man skiing in this image. The reason for me saying this is that when everybody was blaming their luck for heavy snowfall which had become the reason for blocked roads this man came up with the most innovative of ideas. Driven by the strong desire to go to work he went on to ski through the snow to his office.

When You’re Snowed In

badsituation-13.jpgA quite similar case like the previous one, but, with the improvisation put to a slightly different use. When a group of boys decided to have a beer party they were taken aback when they saw that the snow had become the reason for an electricity cut. So, what did they do? Nah! they didn’t back off against the conditions instead made the best use of the very snow which was the reason for the hassle. The amazing way they did it is clearly visible in the image. This goes on to show that someone has a strong desire to get something done then he come up victorious against the toughest of the problems.

Honestly, She’s Not Wrong

badsituation-14.jpgThe name of the woman who wrote this is in complete contrast with the point she has stated. As it is an honest confession by someone who has faced the thick of things after getting intoxicated. This has led her to admire Lance Armstrong who was accused of participating in the Tour de France after taking performance enhancement drugs. No one can question this girl’s reasoning as she has a strong point to make. On a serious note, taking drugs is not at all advisable and is fully capable of destroying one’s life.

When Life Throws A Bad Contractor Your Way

badsituation-15.jpgThis image is a little difficult to comprehend. Firstly, the fact that the contractor has put up a pole right in between someone’s driveway and secondly, the owner of the house wittingly using the pole to hang a basketball net raises a question on whether the pole will be removed or not? I am afraid to state the fact that these questions can only be answered by the authorities and the owner of the house itself. Nevertheless, one should focus on the extraordinary thinking of the man to turn a difficult situation into something useful and enjoyable.

Fancy A Game Of Chess?

badsituation-16.jpgOne should make the best use of time and never waste it. This is a lesson that everyone gets taught once in his lifetime. Well, as far as this image suggests these two men took this lesson to an entirely different level. It is clearly visible that they are stuck in a jam and decided to play a game of chess after realizing that it was going to take a long time to clear. Surely, chess masters like Gary Kasparov and Vishwanathan Anand would salute these two men after seeing the dedication and passion of these two towards the game.

Lauren Who?

badsituation-17.jpgThe sight of a person getting himself inked and dedicating it to the person he loves is not a rare phenomenon. The case of this man is similar to most but has a slight twist. Instead of getting a tattoo at the time of being in a relationship, this man decided to get it when he underwent a breakup with his significant other. He made it sure that his feelings on the whole episode were clearly visible in his tattoo. It would not take much time for anyone to interpret the message that this tattoo is trying to convey after seeing the perfect way that the polo stick is placed above the name ‘Lauren’.

No-fin’ To See Here

bad-situations-1.jpgIf one takes a closer look at the picture he’ll surely be brimming with a plethora of emotions. Obviously, the tattoo of the dolphin is breathtakingly brilliant, but the spot where it is made makes it all the more astonishing. I can bet that most of us won’t handle the trauma of losing an arm with such a high spirit as this man displayed. He got himself a tattoo at the exact same spot from where he lost his arm and that too in such a way that instead of being depressed he’ll get delighted everytime he sees that spot. Well, that’s one way of dealing with tragedies.


bad-situations-2.jpgFinding oneself in a car crash is a situation we all dread of and avoid as much as possible.Unfortunately, the owner of this car was unable to do so which is evident from the degraded state of the car. Getting one’s car repaired after a crash is not everyone’s cup of tea as it usually turns out to be a quite expensive affair. Apparently, the owner of this car was also unable to do so. But, this sticker goes on to show that the man handled the situation in a very cool manner. As, the sticker states, ‘Tis but a scratch,” which goes on to show that the man clearly undermined the tragedy.

Nice Day For A Swim

bad-situations-5.jpgThis image comes from Florida. As we all know that for the people living in Florida it is not a big thing to find themselves stuck in their houses because of a hurricane. Obviously, each and every household make sure that they are prepared to deal with it. But, this image shows the surprising aspect of their ‘preparation’. As these men decided to pack their swimming gear and jump in what can be called a ‘nature-made pool.’ Obviously, it takes time to comprehend and believe in the unbelievable sight that one is witnessing.

We’re Coming To Your House Next Year!

bad-situations-6.jpgYeah! the first thing that would have caught your attention would be the expressions on the faces of the people in this image which are in total contrast with the scene behind them. To be more precise this is the picture of a family who came with the crazy and unbelievable idea of getting themselves clicked with their completely burnt up house in the background. The best thing is the caption of the photo which says, ” Herbers Christmas tradition…next year we’re coming to your house!” which adds to the coolness quotient of this picture.


bad-situations-12.jpgDon’t worry, what you are seeing is not real. Though, it seems so at first sight. This image s a result of a very spooky and creative brain who decided to add a touch of eerieness while getting a tree removed from his lawn. Surely, he got the idea after experiencing horror firstly from the effect the expensive process had on his budget and then from the disturbing sight of his lawn which used to be a reason for providing moments of peace to the family. In the process, he made sure that his house is the best when it came to Halloween decorations.

What Flash Flood?

bad-situations-13.jpgSurely, this man is a daredevil and one who listens to his heart blindly. Otherwise, who would see a forecast of heavy rain and flood as a possibility for having the time of one’s life. As one can clearly see in the image, the man is enjoying his day sitting in his floating lounge chair amidst an area affected by the flood. I can’t believe the fact that this man paid no heed to the word ‘EMERGENCY’ written clearly in the forecast. People might hold different views towards the man after seeing this picture apart from the fact that this man’s antics gave us something unusual to watch.

Moldy Christmas

bad-situations-14.jpgThis image would surely tempt the people to restructure the song and sing, “We wish you a moldy Christmas.” The foresight and artistic nature of the person who did this surely deserves a round of applause. He turned something as ugly as a mold into a beautiful snowman and completely changed the look of his ceiling. This man’s talent of thinking out of the box and turning things on his head is incomparable. The most interesting feature is the beautiful way with which the hand and the nose of the snowman have been designed which makes it even more adorable.

At Least She Apologized

madethebestofitlol.JPGAs the owner of the car, I would have surely accepted the girl’s apology and hope the real owner did the same. The reason being that it was out of extreme happiness that the girl forgot the fact of congratulating his friend on the wrong car. The most appealing part is the apology by the girl on the window by the side of the driver. Something which was meant to be an honest and creative gesture by the girl turned into something of a hassle for the girl. As she first wrote the message then scrabbled paint all over it to give an impression of erasing it and finally, wrote the apology on the driver’s window.

This Guy Who Didn’t Have Any Floaties

lemonade-42.JPGI am extremely sorry for this man who tried to come up with something different to save his beach trip from getting ruined. As the plastic bottles won’t solve the intended purpose and not to mention it makes the man look like a human rocket prepared to be launched. It wouldn’t have taken much time for the man to realize these facts. I would have surely recommended a lifeguard to keep a close eye on this man as his certainly prone to danger and seems the wacky type.

Who Knew Pencils Were Multi-Purpose?

lemonade-43.JPGYou wouldn’t have seen this coming for sure. A pencil came to the rescue of this man when he was left in utter shock after seeing the broken lock. He was saved from what could have turned in to a really awkward situation. This image is surely a proof of how innovatively a human brain can work. I just hope that somebody didn’t push the door so hard that it broke the pencil and led to something disastrous.Maybe an upgrade of a pen in place of a pencil would help the cause.

Okay, Maybe Don’t Do This

lemonade-44.JPGProbably, not the brightest of the ideas but crazy and hilarious to the core. Apparently, the man who did this lived in an apartment so small that he was forced to use the balcony of his house to dry the utensils. I can also see the possibility of coming up with a wonderful instrument seeing this arrangement of the utensils. As seeing someone banging those in a rhythm would be an extremely funny affair on its own. I leave it up to you to name the instrument using your imagination.

Missing Handlebars!!

lemonade-45.JPGGenius is the only word that comes to mind instantly after seeing this picture. Missing handlebars? no problem, this girl has come with the craziest and most effective of the ideas to tackle the situation. Yes, you saw it right, she used the remote of a video game to help her in moving the bicycle in a particular direction. Hope, she wears a helmet while driving it… The picture would be quite nostalgic for the 90s kid as most of them spent long hours in front of their television playing video games for long hours.

The Happiest Cone Of Shame

lemonade-60.jpgAww! the toys around the cone surely would have been jealous of the cuteness of the dog’s face in between. An extremely beautiful and adorable idea by the man who planned to capture the image of his dog in this way. But, I highly doubt what is going through the dog’s mind while wearing the cone filled with toys to the brim.

Follow The Lego-Brick Road

lemonade-46.JPGEither it’s somebody’s mischief or the city planner was a die-hard Lego fan. Well, nobody can deny the fact that the piece sticks out like a sore thumb amidst the bricks and gives an interestingly beautiful look to the pathway. I would highly recommend forwarding this idea to the construction authorities.

Like Clockwork

lemonade-47.JPG“Time never stops” and this man just managed to prevent this quote from being falsified. All I can say is that this image is hilarious and creative to the core. The sight of the needles of the clock moving through the mended portion makes me laugh. But, I highly doubt that after doing this the man was able to read the correct time. To be precise the time between 2 and 6 o’clock.

That’s One Way To Do It

lemonade-48.JPGThough, not that pretty but totally effective. The human brain is capable of achieving the wackiest of things, isn’t it? This image fully solidifies the previous fact. I just hope that the man used the required amount of tapes to prevent the fan from falling on somebody’ head! Surely, that would not be a good sight to watch.

A Health Insurance Claim Waiting To Happen

lemonade-49.JPGWell, after seeing this image it is imperative to state that one should drive safely on road to avoid any fatal injuries. Now, let’s focus on the cool aspect of the picture which is the remarkable way the boy designed his broken bicycle in order to avoid buying a new one and troubling his parents.

Let There Be Light

lemonade-50.JPGDon’t have the budget to buy a chandelier, try this homemade technique of brightening your house in the most innovative of ways. Though, a little dangerous the technique is capable enough to garner the attention of each and everyone who sees it the very first time. The woman solved the problem of brightening up her room and life.

Just Do It

lemonade-51.JPGThe image is sufficient enough to tell that this child is an ardent fan 0f the Nike brand. So, when an injury while playing on the field forced him to wear a plaster cast instead of his favorite shoes, this boy thought of something extraordinary. He designed his cast in the form of a Nike Shoes which though, will not help him to sprint around but will surely cheer him up.

Literal Loafers

lemonade-52.JPGOne of the best examples of people creating happiness for themselves in the absence of obvious reasons. Apparently, this man is a fan of loafers. After realizing that he wasn’t capable enough to buy the real ones, this man came with an idea to fulfill his desire. The image shows that the man gifted himself a pair of loafers after making crafty use of the resources he could find around him.

Ah, Waterfront Dininglemonade-53.jpg

This image proves why McDonald’s is one of the most popular franchises in the world. Confused? don’t worry I am talking about the brand coming up with the instant and out of the box idea of providing customers with the service of “waterfront dining,” seeing that the heavy rainfall flooded their store. Surely, the idea seems quite appealing.

A Natural Skateboard Ramp

lemonade-54.jpgEven a catastrophe as deadly as an earthquake could not stop these fun-loving children from seeing the bright side of the disaster. Who could have thought that the damaged road could turn into a ramp for skateboarding? Surely, this idea can go far, as it is not a common phenomenon seeing someone skating right in the middle of the road.

The Next Amelia Earhart

lemonade-55.jpgThis is one of the most adorable pictures in this list. Surely, this beautiful little girl is destined to do great things in the field of aviation in the future. I am not saying that the image is evident enough. She seems to be having the time of her life looking like the baby version of Amelia Earhart.

This Guy With A Perfect Halloween Costume

lemonade-56.jpgNot having a limb is definitely something that no one even dares to imagine in his wildest dream. But, this man proves that even the toughest of the obstacle can’t bar someone from staying happy in his life. The only thing that a man should possess is a strong desire to remain so, which the man in this image truly displays wearing this unique costume.

…And This Girl With A Perfect Halloween Costume

lemonade-58.jpgThis image is innovative and equally inspiring. The woman in the picture came up with the most brilliant of the ideas to use her disability to her advantage. Consequently, she came up with the most astonishing costume for Halloween party. The smile on the face of the woman is angelic!

Yoshi Approved

lemonade-57.jpgWearing an eye patch can be quite infuriating. But, this image adds an exception to the previously stated fact which is evident from the smile on the face of the baby. The credit for this totally goes to the father of this baby who came up with the idea of getting a Yoshi eyepatch for his child. Looks like the idea worked wonderfully!

No Cone Of Shame Here

lemonade-59.jpgWell! I guess this is the world’s first ‘dog flower’. There are some obvious benefits of this so-called ‘species’. Firstly, it is the cutest thing on the planet and secondly, it can move. You just have to give an order to this flower and it will offer itself to the person you desire too. Cool enough, ain’t it?

Break A Leg…Wait badsituation-2.jpg

Losing a limb can completely change a person’s life. Mostly, in the worst of ways with people succumbing to the circumstances and feeling depressed on not being able to enjoy their life in a way that most people can do.

A Jurassic Mistake A Jurassic Mistake

The man was not capable enough to get his car repaired at least for that brief duration of time. This tempted and pushed him to use his brain which would help him to come up with a solution that would help him deal with the situation in the most efficient manner.


This image is surprising as the porta-potty has been amazingly turned it into something which looks like a beautiful sanctuary. Surely, the people using this one won’t be coming out making awful faces that they usually do after using a conventional one.

Useful Resources  

This boy was in a fix when he was stuck in the dilemma of getting a classy photo of himself in a suit clicked for his LinkedIn profile and the inability to buy an expensive suit for himself. So, it was then that a little creative thinking and his friends saved the day by doing something which is clearly visible in the image. I can bet on the fact that you did not see this coming.

Lazy River bad-situations-featured-1.jpg

I am just wondering how cool these people are while living a normal life if they can come up with something as exciting as a rafting on a tub and fishing while sitting amidst flood water. I guess the world needs a lot more of these high-spirited people who have the courage to face a life-threatening danger head-on. Well, keeping in mind that it actually looks cool rather than silly and stupid.