Most Terrifying Childhood Hairstyles

#1 Going For It All

Fair warning, the following hairstyles were probably cool at the time, but it was a very different time. Rat tails were abolished by kids as soon as the Backstreet Boys entered our lives and the same could be said for mullets like this one.

#2 On To The Bigger Things

We’re not sure what decade this photo was taken, but we sure hope it was before the ’70s. If it was past the ’80s, then it’s hard to not be disappointed in the personal tastes of parents around the world.

#3 The Freakier Side Of Things

Let’s just say the older days were definitely experimental. Clashing the no-bangs with long hair definitely pushes boundaries but this face that goes along with it is the sort of stuff that induces nightmares.

#4 Turtling Around

Turtlenecks were key in the 1990s’ but matching them with your hair color is a one of a kind addition. Unfortunately for him, the length nearly blends into his clothes with its chocolate blonde hue. It is a boy right?

#5 Side-Splitting Ends

The tee is reminiscent of Little Bo Peep, but the hair is all her. We get the feeling that she ran out of time in the middle of a very complex hairstyle sesh.

 #6 Upgrading The Poof

Everyone remembers braces. They were extremely hard toloog good with, even when you sported a crested rugby sweater. This hair was just insult to injury.

#7 Curls And Whirls

A true example of “business in the front, party in the back”, this mullet steps its game up by adding a few curls at the end to go a little bit retro. Then again, his Dad likely rocks the same haircut as well!

#8 Rihanna who?

This rachet chick was rocking the side do before #badgirlriri ever Pon’d De Replay. However, there’s something different about this look. She doesn’t quite pull it off like Rihanna does. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

#9 The Best Part Of Waking Up..

To be honest: this is next level “bed head”. One could also call this “terrible head” or “mistake head”. In some circles it’s known as the “before pic of an Oprah Winfrey makeover special.

#10 Til Death Do Us Part

This hairdo is almost bearable because 90 per cent of all of us have all seen it on a former classmate but no one does the do like her. she even adds a sort of hamster liness to it.

#11 Looking For Trouble

This kid could be trying to reinvent “Blue Steel”, but we think he’s just making it his own. The only other person that could pull off that pose is Ben Stiller, and quite frankly, we don’t see Ben Stiller anywhere on this list.

#12 Bugging Out

Oversized glasses? Check. Bug eyes? Check? Embarrassing take on the classic mullet? You bet. The only thing that makes this photo extremely awkward is that yet again the is unclear.

#13 Turning Heads

A little bit of Whitney Houston and a little bit of Tina Turner, this do proves that the sky is the limit. But paired with suspenders, it’s almost the reflection of a female Steve Urkel. We’re not kidding.

#14 Little Miss Sunshine

For your information, that’s the “Why The Are You Taking My Picture?” look. We’d be pulling off the exact same if we felt like a hybrid “Miami Vice”/”Starsky & Hutch” outcast.

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