A man had been living in his house in Arizona with his family since years. Living in a house for very long makes it an important member of the family too one with whose each and every corner the members are acquainted with. But, in this particular case, the owner of the house was left shocked to discover something unbelievable and sinister from the depth of his own backyard years after he had started living in it. The discovery has changed his life totally. See how?

A Man From Arizona

Reddit user John Sims is a homeowner in Tucson, Arizona. Going by the name of “Captantarcitca” on the website, this man created a revelation when he wrote that he found something extremely eerie and strange on digging the backyard of his house. But, what had sprouted the idea of digging the backyard in his mind and yeah, what had he discovered after all?

Original Plans For His House

1Obviously, the man did not wake up one fine day with the idea of digging his backyard! He had actually found the original plans of the house from the “city records” and after a thorough study of it, he noticed something buried deep in his backyard which he had never seen before and this made him jump into action. He was really very excited to see what it was and started preparing for it.

X Marks The Spot

2Brimming with excitement, John decided to hire a metal detector expert in order to aid him in unraveling the mystery by examining his backyard. After some grueling labor in the sun, the expert found 2 probable locations in the backyard where the map indicated of something buried. He marked these two spots by making Xs on them which you can clearly see in the image. Now it was John’s turn to take control and proceed further.

Was It Buried Treasure?

3John started to speculate in the wildest of ways about the contents that the backyard could have been hiding. Was it a buried treasure or a time capsule? One thing was for sure that the man was highly intrigued by the series of events that were taking place centered around his house. The time had come for him to start digging and find out for himself what it was.


4The man started digging keeping a hold on his anticipation and excitement. Well, it sent chills down his spine when his first encounter with something unexpected took place. His shovel had hit a metal object, but it was hard for him to decipher what it was because of the thick layer of dirt which covered it. So he started to dig more vigorously in order to find out what the metal object was exactly.

A Lid?

8After digging deeper down, he witnessed that the object he had struck earlier was actually a metal lid! Now the mystery had intensified even more for John. He had to dig very deep all around in order uncover the extremely heavy metal lid. But, what was this lid actually covering? John had a similar question in the mind of which he was going to receive the most peculiar response very soon…

What Lies Beneath

6It took some serious effort on the part of John in order to remove the extremely heavy metallic lid. Hours of toiling in the sun proved fruitful for him as he was now able to get a good look at what the lid had been hiding for years deep in his backyard. So what did he found out finally?

Lifting The Lid

7Once the lid was lifted, John’s keen eyes began looking everywhere in order to determine what was inside. He was left perplexed on watching the complex assortment of objects before him. What you see in the image is the exact view he had. Well, John was not able to decide whether these were stairs or blades for some purpose. The only way to find out for John was by going inside it!

I’m Going In

5But, one thing that was acting as an obstacle in his way inside was the cover of dirt on the opening. So, he hopped onto the task of clearing it in order to remove the door completely and try to crawl into the opening and find out what it was exactly. The fact that he was unaware of this thing buried in his own garden left him amazed and excited. Not to mention that he was also taking a huge risk of entering a place of which he had no idea about.

Pandora’s Box

9He managed to make a way for himself inside by removing the dirt in no time. After keeping the first step inside he realized that it was actually a staircase and not blades of some sort. Slowly and attentively he stepped down. He had no idea of what he was going to witness at the end of the staircase knowing that he would find it out at any cost.

 Tunnel Of Terror

11He had found the blueprints of the area, but they were not accurate enough to give John an idea of the tunnel and staircase. After going inside and taking a look around, he realized that the structure had been built and abandoned years ago. There was an air of discomfort and spookiness which he was able to feel after taking the very first step. The sight he witnessed next only added to the eerieness of the place.

Was It A Shelter?

12Once he stepped inside he found out something which looked like an electric fan and a hand-crank fan. These things proved that somebody had built it for staying down here with ventilated air for a considerable period of time. It was meticulously planned by the person who made it. Till now John had gone crazy finding a bomb shelter under his own garden. He could not help himself but explore the place which was going to surprise him with more unexpected sights.

Out With The Old

13Before stepping on the ground John wanted to make sure that it was safe. So, he started removing the debris lying between the shelter and the staircase. This would help him considerably in order to find out what was down amongst the rubble. Till now it seemed to be a perfect man cave which could turn into something spectacular if restored. But, before all this, it was necessary to fully explore the structure which was hiding much more than what John had seen till now.

Intense Labour

14The pile of rubble proved to something which required John to give it his all in order to get cleared and make the passage for navigation inside possible. John was not going to stop now so he used buckets to clear the debris and disposed of it outside.

Not At All Safe

Not only the debris was a problem for John but he was also facing a threat to his life as the staircase was covered with loads of rust. Rust weakens metal considerably and it was obvious to him that the probability of the structure falling apart was extremely high. So reluctantly John decided to keep a control over his excitement to explore the place and first take the necessary steps to secure the place or in other terms give it a rebirth.

Cleared The Pile…

15The image you see is of the place after John invested hours clearing the layer of rubble all around it. Well, things became a little less complicated for John after this as he could now go inside and find out what this structure was all about. But, there was still something more to be done before being able to witness the inside of the spooky structure.

Called For Help

16John took the wise decision of including some of his friends in the plan for helping him renovate the structure and eventually, explore the “shelter” completely. His friends were equally surprised to see the sight and were more than excited to help their friend John in finding a way to the new world deep inside the backyard through the staircase.

Things Speeded Up

17The group firstly went forward with the task of digging around the opening in order to strengthen it. It took a considerable time for them to restore the entrance in order to make sure that they are safe while working. Things had started to look very good for them once they renewed it by putting a batch of concrete to use initially.

Years Of Neglect

18It had been years since the structure was abandoned which increased the level of work that the men had to do manifold. But, yeah, as it is known that hard work always pays off, the group of friends was going to witness something extremely amazing and unbelievable after the patience and grit they were displaying by digging all day.

The Boyz Are Back In Town

19They cleared the space around the entrance and epoxied the rebar in order to keep it safely in place. This was much needed in order to provide future support for the entrance which would enable them to go deep into the place and unravel what it had been hiding for years.

Blood, Sweat, Tears

20As previously told, the task was not at all easy and very time-consuming. It was the sheer mystery which revolved around the place that boosted the friends to keep on going as there were bright-chances of them finding something incredible inside. The intense pain and labor were totally worth it.

A Wooden Frame

21After starting with putting a batch of concrete followed by securing the rebar, the time had come to secure the outer part of the shelter too. In order to accomplish this objective, they started with building a wooden frame. They were getting excited about thinking about the sight when this all would be completed enabling them to go inside without any threat of losing their lives.

Whistle While You Work

22Among the multitude of tasks that the group was performing simultaneously, the most time consuming and tedious was of forming and pouring the concrete which was the quintessential task of restructuring the structure. But, being a great team they went on with the task seamlessly without anyone complaining even once.

All In A Day’s Work

23They used a Sonotube cardboard form in order to protect the interior of the entrance. Their pure motive for doing this was that they did not want to cause any harm to the structure while on their way inside it and uncovering the mystery associated with it.

Bomb Shelter Chic

24The men had devised a proper plan to enter the structure. It was because of this that they were prepared to add a conduit for electricity apart from carrying other utilities. These things prove that they had some extremely wild ideas of what they could find inside and wanted to be ready for facing any situation.

Little By Little

25If you take a look at the image you will find out the beautiful and perfect way the structure had been reformed by John and his friends. The concrete being used earlier was proving to be coming out perfectly. Still, there was some work left and the crew was in readiness for completing it.

Summer Heat

26They had to cover the site with a tent in order to protect themselves from the scorching heat of the sun. What looked like a devastated and creepy sight was soon turning out to be a place of attraction in the backyard of John’s house.

Determination Station

29The crew did a commendable job to not lose their patience seeing the slow progress of their task. It was their sheer determination and curiousness to find out what was inside that helped them to do it. No obstacle seemed to be bigger than the will of these men.

Rollin Up Their Sleeves

32Laying out concrete can be a really messy job the brunt of which the crew was boring. Luckily, for them, they were into the last stage of their long series of tasks which gave them a boost to go ahead and complete it. Their morale was soaring high!

Digging Deep

34In order to provide added support to the base area, they set up a rebar. This was a very good step as they were going into something so deep that it was advisable to make sure that everything above is perfectly supported. They could now smell success coming close to them.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

35The image is of the nearly finished project which until now had come up extremely well. They were just waiting for all this to dry up and set well. They were very happy and proud of what they had done after witnessing this sight.

Taking Shape

36Just look at the drastic change that took place in the whole structure. Previously, it was a deserted sight with the risk of coming down at once, but, now it was a secure and one where exploration could be conducted easily. Now the time had come for making the final discovery they had been waiting for.

Pure Amazement

38It was high time for the crew to take a break after working for hours under the hot sun. During this time they could not help themselves from looking and admiring the result of the wonderful work they had done throughout the day. Really, a good team can do anything.


39After the whole concrete was brought to use, the team decided to take a look inside. They could not believe their eyes after witnessing the complete change in the look of the mysterious tunnel. It looked almost like a new one.

What A Discovery!

40The black pipe you are seeing in the image next to the opening is the only way the team was going to receive air inside the structure they were going to explore. They needed that because the air concentration would be extremely low in the depth they were going to reach after going down the tunnel.

Time To Explore

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.02.32 AMThe time had come to witness what was inside this long abandoned and mysterious tunnel. They had finally finished with all the concrete work and were ready to have a look inside.

Inside Wonders

backyard-blast-shelter-421It would have been extremely foolish of them if they had not removed the old staircase and place their a brand new one without the risk of collapsing due to loads of rust on it.

Secret Stairways

10John took a look at the blueprints of the structure he had. After looking at it he became sure of the fact that they were going to enter a bomb shelter made years ago. Well, the person who had built it might be thinking of protecting himself from disaster or apocalypse of some sort surely.

The Starting Of Revelations!

Jon worked in the fire department which had made him an expert in rescuing people from confined spaces such as the one in which they were. What John and his friends witnessed first made them realize that the man who had created this had was fully aware of all the basic things needed to survive in such a situation.

A Better View

This image can give you a clear idea of the view that the crew had after entering the “bunker”. They could not believe their eyes that it was still in good condition even after so many years and is located so deep inside the earth. It was made in a dome shape with arched doorways.

To The Ceiling

backyard-blast-shelter-491-664x498The next thing they witnessed was the falling apart fiberglass on the ceiling. They knew it immediately needed to be fixed as it can be harmful if coming in contact with bare skin and can even have an adverse impact on lungs.

Removed It

They immediately removed the fiberglass and what was left of the ceiling is evident from the image. They realized that apart from discovering even stranger things from the dome they had the task of remodeling and renovating it.

The Interior Found

This was the complete view of the interior of the structure that they had been renovating all day long. They realized that it was not that impressive, but, had plans of turning it into something impressive and worthy to watch.

 Marveling At History

backyard-blast-shelter-461John was able to witness the result of his team’s hard work and patience which they had managed to display throughout the day. He still could not believe his eyes that all of this was inside his house for all these years.

More To Do

Jon later revealed his amazement after finding a treasure of this weird kind that too in his own backyard. He has promised to move forward with this project and officially finish it one day. Yes, with his friends sticking around with him.

New Construction

They again got to work this time to give the structure a final touch of stability which was extremely important above the cosmetic and fancy looks they had provided it. The image is evident of the work they had started to do in the structure.

Getting Closer

They worked on the design and have come with some improvements and adjustments in the structure to give it a more compact and secure look. The entry and exit to the tunnel have also been made a lot easier.

Future Plans

Well, talking about the future Jon says that he will look forward to restoring the bunker completely and is trying to give it a look at the time it was made. He has promised to keep everyone updated on the progress.