Art is a very subjective topic. One cannot just confine art as one type or one form. Art can be in the form of paintings, sculptures, music or in print. So art is infinite and there are no such limitations as to what governs it. This man right here may have found a new type of art.

A New Type of Art

This artist decided to try an experiment. He decided to pour some molten metal into an ant hill. Nobody could have ever imagined that this little experiment of his would result in such an incredible work of art. What was buried in the sand was truly magical.

An Ant’s Life

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An ant is one of the most hardworking insects to ever exist. They are always working, making sure they do their jobs for the colony to thrive. They live in colonies but depending on the type of ant, these colonies can differ to a great extent.

What Is A Colony?

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A colony is basically where ants use up their lifecycle. Ant colonies can be called eusocial, and bear a close resemblance to the order Hymenoptera. Many ant colonies have become sociality independently because of convergent evolution.

Kinds Of Ants

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Ant colonies can contain millions of ants depending on the species. Mostly, ants can be of three types: The queen, the female workers, and males. The queen and the males grow wings, but the workers are wingless. The queen is the only ant that is capable of laying eggs

An Ant’s Duty

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There are many types of ants in a colony. A colony usually comprises of one or more egg-laying queens, a huge quantity of sterile females (workers, soldiers) and, seasonally, some amount of winged sexual males and females. They all have their own duties to fulfill.

Starting A New Colony

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To build up new colonies, ants would take nuptial flights which take place species-characteristic times of the day. A huge amount of the winged sexuals (known as alates) go in groups in search of other nests where they will start the new colony.

Finding A New Location

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After they spot their new colony ‘to-be’ location, these male ants die and some females ants die as well. To start their new nests, a very small portion of these female ants survive. So it is clear that in the ant world, the female take up more of an important role.

A Strange Video on YouTube

The artist first posted this video on his YouTube channel back in 2003. Since it was such a new thing, it obviously gained attention making the video go viral. The video showed the ant hill closely where everyone got to see how it was like to see it in detail.

Pouring in the Molten Aluminum

So the next thing he did was getting his artist mode on. The artist started pouring the molten metal into the ant hill. When the molten metal made its ways into the nest, the steam started rising and there were sizzling sounds to match. It was hard to guess his motive.

A Steaming Mystery

The mound began to take shape when the liquid entered the ant hill. The steamy molten liquid was hissing and gargling as it took its final place of rest. The mound released one final, loud hiss before staying still. It then laid motionless on the ant farm. 

Digging Up Treasure 

The artist then scooped the topmost layer of the ant hill after it cooled down. The man dug in and around the nest causing it to collapse and take form. As soon as he freed the structure, he managed to pull the structure out. He was only getting started.

Cleaning Away the Dirt

The next task he had to do was to clean up and separated the dirt from the structure. He could hose off the dirt effortlessly, cleaning up the whole dirt quickly and efficiently. He made sure he did not miss any detail of the structure as he cleaned it up.

Stunning Art Revealed

It was an unbelievable sight to behold when he was done washing it off. This video was titled “Anthill Art” where this man’s main job was to cast ant hills using molten aluminum. The procedure results in these beautiful and intricate designs of the colonies taken shape be the aluminum.

A Complex System

Ant experts have said that they indeed live in beautiful and complex little colonies. There are various tunnels that lead to the deeper levels of the underground which is amazing to see. Each ant in a colony is expected to perform its own duties and maintain their own spaces.

The Miraculous Process

The molten liquid fills up every chamber and tunnel when it enters the ant hill. As soon as it cools off and solidifies, the metal takes the form of the interiors of the nest. Some of this artist’s well-detailed metal pieces are often used for educational purpose.

Large and in Charge

People often mistake ant hills to be small, but they are extremely wrong. The portion we see above the ground is barely the whole ant hill. It could very well be called the “foyer”. This cast that was in the 2003 video weighed 18 pounds and was nearly 18 inches high.

Breathtakingly Beautiful

The anthill structure absolutely astonished everyone that laid eyes on it. The video gained over 7 million views in a span of just a few months. There are 94 million people who have tuned in to watch this amazing piece of art come to life till date.

Controversy Begins

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There are many haters and well as a fan of the Anthill Hill Art’s methods. It was seen as a cruel act by some people when the artist pours the molten metal into an active ant nest, that would kill many of them. People felt that the artist did not care for the safety of these ants.

Angry and Distraught

He had a lot of comments on the video as well. An upset viewer left a comment saying, “Your video and art made me first sick to my stomach and then made me so angry. How can you call yourself an artist? Is murder an art?”

Still Not Finished

One comment went, “You think so, obviously. Guess you never grew out of your childish need to kill animals, insects and who knows what else, in order to feel powerful. These are innocent creatures with amazing colonies which took them who knows how long to build.”

An Impassioned Response

So many people felt that this was a cruel way to treat these innocent insects. This “art” was killing so many ants and people felt it was unfair and unjust to do so. Do you think the artist is wrong to take advantage of these ant’s homes to popularize his ‘art’?

Defending His Art

So the artist finally answered back after reading these comments. The artist claims that these ant hills he used were home to fire ants whose bites were harmful. The authorities were actually working towards killing these ants due to their painful bites that caused many people problems. He was just working towards this.

Taking Responsibility

He remained silent for a while but soon after, he gave out a statement. “I try to find abandoned nests but it doesn’t always work out. Either way, I do it sparingly and the property is still overrun with them,” the artist had explained on a post online.

Insect Conservation Approval

Paul Hetherington, who is a spokesperson for the insect conservation organization Buglife actually agrees with the artist on this issue. Paul had said that the artist is doing a good job in raising awareness of how amazing these ants are at building their colonies. He supports him as long as they are abandoned hills.

No Signs of Stopping

The Anthill Art does not plan on stopping anytime. He has a growing fan base of more than 37,000 followers on Facebook. We can all agree that the ant hill art is truly a beautiful form of art that could also be very informative and educational. We can all agree that ants make amazing colonies.