Our planet Earth is huge and all the hidden places that have been discovered till date are probably not even the half of all what is hidden. Humans have tried to enter nook, corner and guarded natural places. They have succeeded in some cases, like finding treasure in the harshest of terrains but there are a lot of places they have failed to reach. There are places, that the mankind does not even know exist. And then there are those places, that people know exist but dare not approach because something either feels wrong with them or they are too hard to reach. It is exactly about one such place that we will tell you about today. Some people knew the existence of this place, but they never tried to look inside. There were a lot of reasons for that, but then came a man who ventured into those uncharted territories and locals were sure that no good will come out of it. If anything, something bad would happen to him, because they felt that the place was protected by some kind of forces. Finding the place was a task in itself, what followed…shocking!

Secrets Hidden Deep WithinImage result for hidden passages in earth

Quite literally, secrets that are hidden in caves are deep inside the earth. One would think that caves might be the most secure places to hide treasure or carry out activities that are not quite legal. Being under the ground, chances of caves being found are quite slim, especially if they are camouflaged well with the surroundings. Think of it, when we walk in the wilderness and stumble across a pile of leaves, we do not stop to look under it, right? Not usually, but such covering mechanisms have long been used to hide entries to caves and underground passages. Such is the story of this man who somehow, came to know about these hidden caves. How true was this statement he tried to confirm with the locals, and his journey to go where no man has gone before, began. 

Kind Of Photographers

The thing about Photographers is that they are part-time adventurers. They are so dedicated to getting that one perfect short that they sometimes jeopardize their lives by either climbing too high on mountains or swimming too close to a shark. They are the unacknowledged daredevils of our society who, even though they are trying to serve self-interest, nonetheless bring to our notice things we might not have seen with our own eyes. A lot of professional photographers even take on the role of explorers, trying to uncover hidden secrets of nature or mankind or discover something that was supposed to be a secret. This story too involves an adventure-loving photographer who went on looking in the wildest places for things he had only heard of as legends, to get his big break.

Man On A Mission

Michael Scott. He could have been an archaeologist or a student of anthropology but then he thought hey, I could be all of that if I am a photographer. Michael hails from Birmingham and is a professional photographer who saw a video online that peaked his curiosity. That is one of the basic characteristical traits that a photographer should have to make it big; curiosity to know things. Anyway, whatever it was he saw, he thought it worthwhile to make the 50 miles journey from Birmingham to a town in Shropshire. The journey was not really a long one but Michael did not know if it would really pay off, after all, all the proof he had was a video he saw and just on the basis of that he decided to move temporarily to a different town altogether!

What Made Him Travelhttp://cdn.thefunnybeaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Kempton_Shropshire_England_from_Merry_Hill.jpg

Michael always had a thirst for new adventures and a desire to stumble upon something that would eventually bring him fame. The saw the potential of just that in the video he had come across. The video was about a town in Shropshire which was known to be the location of hidden caves. Even though the History England listed the caves as “grotto” which means a small, picturesque cave they had not been ventured or looked into by any human. The location of the caves was such that if you were not looking specifically for them, you would walk right past them. They were not easy to find either. It is not surprising that no other explorer came looking for these caves except Michael, but their location was not the only reason why no one went near them.

The Perfect Project?http://cdn.thefunnybeaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/02-knights-templar-cave-discovered.jpg

Michael was a self-acclaimed adventurer, thus this project of looking for these elusive caves excited him. He knew it would not be easy and it could even be life-threatening but it only made him want to discover the place even more. Michael, even though fairly well known among his circle, wanted to make a big name as a photographer. He was looking for that big break that would bring him acclaim and shoot him to fame. He had been on other expeditions of similar kinds before but to no avail but his instincts told him that these caves held a secret that the world would want to know. Why else would the natives not go there? What was it about this place that warned them against it? Michael just had to find out. He only wished that the rumors of its existence were true, otherwise all his efforts would have been in vain.

Black Magic?Image result for black magic

No one had been inside those caves, that is the truth but Michael found out another interesting fact. The passage to the caves had long been sealed off because there were rumors that some sect came there to perform the rituals of black magic. And this was the reason why the locals did not even go near the caves even though they knew where it was hidden. But that did not stop them from helping Michael out. They gave him the exact location of the caves but warned him against supernatural forces. They even refused to accompany him to the location, he was on his own to make the discovery of his lifetime. He even made a video, which has been posted in the further slides. 

The Long Trekhttp://cdn.thefunnybeaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/grassy.jpg

With help from locals, Scott was able to figure out the path to take which led to the caves. However, the journey was not going to be an easy one. First of all the caves were not in the path of plain sight. One had to travel deep in the woods of the countryside to get on the path that led to the caves. So taking roadways was not a possibility. Michael had no option but to travel on foot, trek through a wild terrain and then slow down near the alleged location of this grotto. Michael, like most professional photographers, had a keen eye and was a sharp observer, on his way to the caves he took pictures of the wild terrains he crossed to reach there. He had no idea that the long trek was the first of many obstacles, what he was going to face next might appear an unsolvable problem to some of us.

Follow The Rabbitshttp://cdn.thefunnybeaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/108056lpr.jpg

Those of you who have seen or read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets might remember that Hagrid told Harry and Ron to “follow the spiders” if they wanted to know the secret of the chamber. Well, Michael got a similar suggestion from the locals though the animals he was supposed to follow were not quite as dangerous. He was told that the caves were used as a burrow by many rabbits so even if he was lost, he need only have followed the wild furry animals and they would, unknowingly would have led him to his destination. And guess what? That is exactly what he did. After a long and tiring trek when he did not know where he was, he saw a cluster of rabbits, running somewhere, he immediately started following them but his happiness of coming to the location was only short lived. He put his video recorder aside as he was faced with a difficulty.

Alice In WonderlandImage result for alice going down the rabbit hole

Remember Alice who found a rabbit hole and swung down it like it was a slide? She was dreaming but for Michael Scott this was real. Scott’s happiness at finding the location of the cave was really short lived. It did not even last a minute. He found, that like Alice he was faced with the difficulty of the entrance. There was a reason why locals had told him to follow the rabbits. The cave entrance was only big enough to let rabbits or smaller animals in. What was this, thought Scott. He started to wonder if he had even come to the right place or did he get it all wrong or were the caves somewhere near? All these doubts clouded his mind while he was trying to figure stuff out.

Found Them But…

Yes, he found them. But that was not the real challenge, was it? Locals knew its location and they literally guided him to it. Though he had to be very careful; in an interview, he said, “I traipsed over a field to find it, but if you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it.” The first part of his journey was over but there was still a long way to go, the immediate challenge was this- the entrance was big enough only for the rabbits to get it, no human-sized figure could make its way through. It was a rabbit hole, almost like a dead end. Scott started to wonder, how to get in. He had heard that some sect carried out rituals of Black Magic in the caves, if that was indeed true there had to be some way to get through.

Where There Is A Will…http://cdn.thefunnybeaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/58c015d81d000039007cd255.jpeg

There is a way. In Michael’s case, the idiom came true. Just when he was about to give up after looking around for some way to get in, his persistence paid. Hidden behind bushes he found a human-sized entrance! Now, he had absolutely no clue what he was going to find inside as there had been no previous human record of going into these caves so he had to make sure he recorded his entrance into it and his first steps and that is exactly what he did. He recorded a video of his entrance into the caves, which can be seen in the next slides. Whatever he might have expected to be in the caves was not there, but he was dumbfounded when he entered this absolutely secluded location.

The Cult Stories Were Probably True…Related image

When he entered the caves and what his camera recorded only came to prove the legends the locals believed and the reason why the entrance to the caves was sealed and hidden. The contents of the cave all pointed to the fact that some kind of dark activities had taken place there or were still going on. The caves were located at less than 1metre under the ground. Initially, there was a tunnel, as can be seen in the video which opened up to a network of what seemed like walkways and arches which were carved out of sandstone and there was some font as well. But that was not the most interesting part…

Who Put On The Lights?Related image

Yes, when Michael Scott entered the caves the place was lit up, by what seemed like candles. He said, “Considering how long it’s been there it’s in amazing condition, it’s like an underground temple.” But an underground temple of what?! For whom? Who constructed this structure? This was still the more important mystery. If there were lights, there would have been people. Was Scott in danger? He did not care about it though, his curiosity got the better of him and he went on. In an interview, Michael told that the cave was “quite cramped” and if someone was 6ft, they would not only have to bend down to get in but walk on hands and knees to explore, the passages were so thin. 

Why Build Uncomfortable Passage?http://cdn.thefunnybeaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/posthard.jpg

“I had to crouch down and once I was in it was completely silent. There were a few spiders in there but that was it. It was raining so the slope down was quite sludgy but inside the cave was bone dry,” said Michael. Even in the video, we can see that the passageways are uncomfortably thin. If this was a place where some sort of dark activities took place then it would mean people tried to come there even if it was on special occasions. Scott could not understand that why were the tunnels and paths built so narrow that even a normal sized person could only fit and walk uncomfortably. He was determined to find the truth about these caves now…

Seemingly Untouchedunderground cave

Even though the passages were lighted, we still do not know by whom, the sight of the cave made it seem like they were untouched and had not been ventured or visited by humans, at least for a long time. There was no sign of shoe tracks or any sort of human marking. What was the use of this cave? It kept eating Scott’s mind up. But he left that question for later. He just focussed on clicking as many pictures of the place as possible. He just knew it in his heart that this was going to be his big break and even made recording on the camera which is posted in the next slides. He did not know or realize what secrets he was about to uncover which were ages old. 

Definitely Man-madehttp://cdn.thefunnybeaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/IMG_7878-1200x710.jpg

When Michael had decided to take on the task of uncovering the secret of the caves, he had expected to find naturally formed structure. But what he actually saw was the complete opposite. the tunnel which divided itself into narrow passageways and the incomprehensible text written on the walls were the definite signs that this cave was constructed by humans. What was the purpose and when was it built is still not surely known but there have been speculations and theories, one of which seemed to have stood out from the rest. 

Uncovering Step By Step

Michael had come down the rabbit hole like Alice and like her, he found a whole different world there. This can well be called an unexaggerated real-life version of Alice In Wonderland. These caves near Shifnal, in Shropshire, are now called the Caynton Caves. Since Michael has been here archaeologists came flocking here to understand what the location was all about and how long back it dated. The archways and walkways have been skilfully crafted by humans using sandstone. There have been various speculations that have come about regarding the use of this cave, none of which are quite positive.

Cult Of The Knights?Related image

It was speculated there was a connection between medieval knights and the caves, to be specific the Knight Templars. But who were they? Also known as the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon or Order of Solomon’s Temple was a military order of Catholic origin which was recognized by the papacy in 1139. If the caves had any links to them or their practices, it dates them back to 700 years. But given their condition, which seemed really fresh was this the right course of history being taken?

What’d The Knights DoKnight Templar

One of the responsibilities of this military order was to guard the lives of the pilgrims when the crossed the dangerous and tricky roads that led to Jerusalem. The members included monk-like knights who were armed and had more privileges than normal citizens and were backed up by the Catholic Church. The order was definitely among the most powerful and wealthiest of orders and apart from having the most skilled fighting units, were integral to Christian finance. More than 90% of the members were responsible for managing a large economic infrastructure. They could be distinguished with their white mantles along with a red cross. Still nothing explains their link to the cave shown in the video…

Their Existence Was A DealRelated image

There was a reason why the Christian order of the Knights Templar was formed. In the late 11th century Pope Urban II gave assurance to the knights of Europe that they will be forgiven for all their sins if they planned and executed a Crusade to win Jerusalem back for Christianity. Consequently, knights responded by “taking the cross” and carving out red crosses and sewing these into their armed tunics. They kept their end of the deal but they went on to become bigger than what they were supposed to be. Their power kept increasing and it is said that enrolling ceremony to the order was a very secret and excruciating process…and this is where the caves came in. 

Dark Ceremonies

The video shows writings on the walls of the caves which is undecipherable, at least by people who know the basic human languages and also there were carved faces of…Lord knows who. What was the purpose? One of the explanations is this- the caves were the place where the Knights Templar used to have their swearing-in ceremony. How it happened exactly is still a mystery but the recruit had to go through a series of a serious ordeal to become a part of the order. There was chanting of different spells and it involved prayers and offerings. Was it to Jesus? Because the Knights were supposed to be backed by the Catholic Church. But the video sure gives a creepy vibe.

Why Was It Sealed?http://cdn.thefunnybeaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/rabbit-hole.jpg

There are a few historians who believe that the caves seem to be too recently constructed to have had any relations to the order of the Knight’s Templar. But even the local legends believe that even till the 17th-century followers of the Templars used the caves and from their birth the rumors of it being used as a location to perform black magic. In a report, it was written that “the owners of the caves closed them to people wanting to visit after they found they had been filled with candles, graffiti, and rubbish”. The entrance “to the caves was sealed up in attempt to keep the trespassers at bay. There are rumors that the caves have also been visited by pagans and druids wanting to hold ceremonies, and are popular at solstice and Halloween.”

Modern UseImage result for black magic swearing in ceremonies

Clearly, the descendants of the Knights Templar have tried their best to retain the tradition. Who else could have lighted the paths up of the caves? Given their superb structure which remains dry even if there is a flood outside makes for an ideal hiding location apart from being a place to carry out dark activities. I will no longer hold the video from you. It definitely needs to be watched. One can hear the heavy rain outside which had absolutely no impact on the caves. The video is on the next slide.

Look For Yourself

Not lying when I say that the cave gives out a creepy vibe. You can look for yourself.

Like I said earlier there are a lot of mysterious locations all around the world, some hidden by themselves and some intentionally hidden by humans, some of them are given in the next slides. These places hold an attraction for normal people because of the mysteries surrounding them. 

Room 39

Image result for north korea office 39

North Korea is a mystery in itself. There are rumors about the country which one simply cannot verify because of the mysterious and secretive vibe of the country. Romm 39 is considered to be a secret North Korean organization which was formed in 1970. Although it is a wild speculation but it is believed by the masses that Room 39 is a place where the government carries out illegal activities. It is not really hard to believe, is it? Given the shady nuclear tests, the country keeps on carrying. Its location is unknown even to the citizens of the country.

Coca-Cola Recipe Vault

Image result for coke recipe vault

Coca-Cola is one of the most famous and favorite soft drinks in the world and there is a reason why nothing like it has come to the market. The makers of the drink were so paranoid about the fact that its content will be leaked to the public that a huge vault was created just to protect the recipe. Only the highest company management who have proven their loyalty are allowed to access the vault. It is believed that the recipe was created and published in 1979 but no one can confirm this until they have been to the vault.

White’s Gentlemen’s Club

Related image

Regarded as the most exclusive club in the world, White Gentleman’s Club is located in England. It is said that it was found in the year 1693. One of the things it is known for is the outrageous and sometimes nonsensical bets recorded in the “betting book”. One example is the £3,000 bet was made to guess which raindrop would reach one of the windows faster. Like the name suggests, no women are allowed in the club and only ‘white’ men are. Racist is it not?

Ise Grand Shrine

Related image

The main and the most popular shrine in Japan is the Ise Grand Shrine. It is a home for various national treasures one of which is a mirror which goes by the name of Amaterasu — Yata no Kagami. If the Shinto traditions are to be believed then this shrine or temple is said to be destroyed and rebuilt again after every 20 years. Only an Imperial family member or a high positioned priest can enter this place.

Disneyland Club (Club 33)

Image result for club 33

This is a famous unknown location. Club 33 is located somewhere in the Disneyland. Many know the Walt Disney found this club in 1967 and the member list is exclusive containing only wealthy businessmen, politicians or celebrities. World’s richest and most successful 33 businessmen constituted this club at its inception and this is how it got its name. If you really want to be a member their is an entrance fee of $30,000 and a wait of  14-years!

Area 51

Related image

This is known to the most of us. Speculated to be located in some uninhabited regions of the USA its existence was in doubt till a few years ago because it is one of those locations which does not show on the google maps. It is supposed to be the place where the US carries out experiments which they do not want the world to know about and even the President has an access to the place. What happens there, is still unknown.