The world we live in is full of flaws and unfair means. If we look around us, it is most likely that we come across something that is not right. We have issues of inequality, racism, and sexism prevailing in our society these days. Many activists and advocates have worked hard to banish the world we live in from such problems that cause thousands of people struggle to live a happy everyday life. These are indeed serious cases that we should take into consideration with great interest and depth. But sometimes there are so many people that miss the mark and completely fall off topic during some of these intense protests. Some sign boards are meant for safety while some other are meant for rallies.We know that there is a time and place for everything but these signs carried by protesters are too downright hilarious. Take a look at a list of the funniest signs spotted at protests that would surely make you laugh out loud.

Thee Sign That Shields

During protests, what would be the best way to grab the attention of the authorities? A huge sign right? The protest here was going all well with nothing to hamper the message that these people were trying to convey. However, there was a very distracting sign that completely got attention for all the wrong reasons. It was a huge sign that reads “The People Behind Me Can’t See”. This would have been a very good opportunity that could perhaps get the people involved to spread their message. But sadly, we would never get to know what these people protested about. We just hope that the person holding this signboard was doing the people at the back a favor by blocking their view from looking at something they would later regret ever seeing. Sometimes blocking another person’s, nay, a number of people’s view could turn out to be something positive. We certainly hope this was such a case.

How To Get Muscle Mouths

There could be two reasons why a protest would take place in the first place. It would either be to fight for something or fight against something. Some people protest against some existing protest that they do not agree with. Many people use their voice to speak against multiple social issues. There is one thing clear about women and it is that they are afraid of getting big muscles in any part of their bodies. The person carrying this signboard may have been fed up with all the shouting and screaming they have been hearing with the people protesting. So they, in the end, decided that they would intervene by scaring the protesting women that shouting causes the mouth to grow muscles. If you are a normal human being, you would never want to bulk up, especially in your mouth. Even the sign next to this warning is quite odd. We know turtles are adorable but what is this person trying to say by carrying this during a heavy protest.

A July Christmas

Have you ever come across someone who is so sensitive to the topic of Christmas? We all have that person in our lives that gets super fussy over Christmas. Then there are people who take this to the next level. Many people feel like the decorations for Christmas should be kept only for the month of December. These people want others who like to spread the joy of Christmas even before the holidays start to stop what they are doing. They feel that decorations for Christmas should not come right after Halloween ends and that these decorations should not stay up until March. It is highly invasive for outsiders to try and control other people’s way of spending their holidays. There are also some folks that like to leave their decorations all year long and not re-decorate the next year. We cannot make up our minds if we agree or not…

A Clever Play Of Words

You will always find that one protester who is just looking for the fun of it all in every march. These people use these protests in trying to find companions or ever lovers that they could perhaps spend quality time with.  This person carrying this particular signboard goes the extra mile and invites people to play some Scrabble after the whole protest is done. This person clearly feels like these protests are like any other social gatherings where it is acceptable for people to fish out new friends. Maybe playing Scrabble is the only thing that this person s good at so as to impress new people. We cannot make up our minds as to whether this is a brilliant way of making new friends or a very deceptive way of using the protest to gain attention. Anyway, do you think it worked at all?

Coming Together For Some Cake

There would be no successful event if it was not for the availability of food. Anyone who has ever coordinated a get-together or an event would clearly know about this. As people, we all love to enjoy some good food wherever we go, whatever time it may be.  It is clear that during protests most of the participants would expect to get some free food for working towards achieving the goal. Because we are all so different from one another, some do not mind working for free while some always expect a reward of some sort. In this particular scene, we find that one of the protesters is not taking part for free. During a heated protest, this guy is carrying a poster that says that there was some information about the cake being available at the place of protest. Do you think there was any food served here ever?

The Big Final Push

In most cases, there is always a boiling point of some incident that pushes people to start protesting. There needs to be some sort of indication that points out that the protest must happen at some point. We all know that one cannot just randomly protest stuff without having data or information that backs up the outburst. This hilarious man decided to put a pun on this protest with a sign that reads “This is the last straw” with an actual straw attached. Obviously, this is a humorous way of approaching thing and we are certain that many people had a big laugh about this. We do hope that the comedy of all of this did not distract the public from the main topic/issue. If ever there is a march against any problem that has been going on for too long like an oppression or maltreatment, this would be a good way to grab some attention.

In The Style Of Hogwarts

The ideal institution to draw inspiration from would have to be from the beloved book of  Harry Potter. Although it is a fictional institution, it would not be so wrong to learn from the multiple good things it teaches us. Well, this does not mean that Hogwarts did not endure its fair share of issues.  It is most probable that the Malfoys had given certain donations and findings, with the remaining cost taken care of by the rest of the students. These kids were in fact faced with danger for their lives a couple of times. It is a little far-fetched to actually encourage people to try and follow the format of a school that has been made up in a children’s novel as it would never become practical. However, this person holding the signboard does not seem to think so. Look at he unapologetically holding it up with two hands.

The Time Of Whenever

People who marvel at science and history often speak about the wonder of time traveling. It is a very unbelievable concept that many have tried to legitimize with ultimate failure. This dude here is obviously one of those people who refuse to believe in the impossible feat of time travel. He proudly holds up a sign that conveys that he wants to time travel and that he does not care about the specification about timing. We have been well informed about the paradox of time traveling as it would either mean we go to a time as ourselves or a version of ourselves. If ever such a thing as time travel were to exist, then we could right our wrongs or have second chances. It would be such an incredible tool to fix what we have never been able to so far. We will just have to wait and see if it ever happens…

Not A Fan Of Crowds

If you find yourself in a crowd, there are a platter of things that could go wrong. There is the big chance of getting groped, being shoved and pushed around, getting stepped on and falling down where a stampeded of feet might murder you. Then there is the case of sweaty arms and slimy hand that smell of things you do not even want to think about. It is clear that crowds are not the safest place to be for someone who is a little too fragile. It is also certainly not a place for the claustrophobic as people tend to get a little squished up and closed in. We do not blame this person carrying this sign for stating hatred of crowds as all the sensation of smell and tightness is never a dear feeling. However, it is a little ironical for someone to carry the sign in the midst of an expanding crowd. 

The Angry Grandma

When we think about most grandmothers, we tend to think about cookies and tea, woolen clothes and cutlery. Grandmas are often synonymous with anecdotes and stories that hold life lessons and advice in their content. But we often forget that our grandmothers were once upon a time youngsters just like us too. They also went through all the hardships and hurdles we have to endure as we grow up. This grandmother just so happens to bring out her childlike nature once more as she carries this sign. No one wants to see an angry grandmother who has had enough of people mistreating her to actually urge her to protest in public. There could be serious consequences like , no more stories, no more wise words, no more soft comfy embraces and worst of all, no more cookies. So make it a point that you never ever piss off your dear grandmother and remember that she too is a human being who has her boiling points.

What Is Money Made Of?

It is often said that money makes the world go round. This is actually very true as everyone needs to work and earn to have a stable living condition. The money we make determines the quality of life we can afford and on so many levels, shows what we are as a person. Because money is such a crucial aspect of life, we often fight over it and many people face problems. This man holding this signboard is covered from head to toe with money. The big question is if has covered himself with real money or just went to photocopy his whole outfit. It is hard to believe that a man protesting about money would decide on going out wearing nothing but money. There have been a lot of debates held about people who want wealth to be equally distributed so as to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

Shouting For The Sake Of Nothing

Some people love to just let out their frustrations any which way. This protester is also one of those people that just enjoy lashing out at people. Even though the protest has managed to gather many different people, he did not have the brain to ask the people around him about what exactly it is they are protesting for. In every community, there is one person who just comes and acts like the main part of a movement or action without any basic knowledge and these guys seem like one of them. Although the sign he is carrying is a very funny one, you cannot help but wonder if the people around him are pissed or not. After all, you work so hard to fight for something and someone just comes along and steals all the thunder, that too for all the wrong reasons. Would you not be so angry about it?

Starring Euro Vision

After finding out that the UK ‘accidentally’ voted and was in favor of Brexit, A number of people gathered to show their disagreement with the decision. We can clearly see from the sign they carry that these people are indeed in favor of the European Union through the subversion of multiple hit songs and their lyrics. Even though some artists are from a Briton like Adele, some of the other artists that have been used aren’t European, but actually American. Look at the sign that has the caption of Whitney Houston saying that I will always love the EU. It is indeed a sad fate for these people who are in favor of EU but have been left disappointed after the UK made a decision to vote against it. These protesters are quite commendable as they have made such a big issue and shed a little humor to it.

Irony Or Optimism

Whenever we see a riot or a group of people that are fighting for something, it is obvious that they are mostly fueled by anger. Most of the signboards people carry at rallies and marches are directed using a very vicious tone in the hopes of sending their messages across. This girl here had had enough of all of the hate spread around that she decided to remind people that some things are actually going fairly well. It is a very necessary thing in today’s world full of fights and quarrels that there are things to celebrate and take joy in. But then again, the look on her face shows that she is not too keen on getting photographed. There is a very big chance that the sign and message she is carrying is an ironical poke at people who are too optimistic because her looks are not too convincing.

How To Make Screaming Signs

Whenever we receive any text in capital letters, it mostly means that the person sending it is too excited or furious. There is never an email that has been sent using capital letters that holds a pleasing message. They are usually always about anger or rants. They are often messages that have been intended to be read in a screaming tone with hurtful words intact. Most of these messages are as we imagine, replied with “STOP YELLING AT ME.” The person holding this signboard has used up this idea and has decided to get the point across making use of the capital letter notion. As we have mentioned before, some people prefer not to be yelled at so maybe this is a smart way of reaching these people to try and pay attention to the main thing the protesters want to say. Funny but effective, to say the least.

How About Cliff Diving?

Even though we have made such a massive progress in the field of science and technology, there are some areas that need to be checked. If ever you feel you are losing hope in the guidance of the government, you are most definitely not alone. Many people have been vocal about their criticisms with the people in Congress and have not spared them at all. This “no strings attached” sign holder is one of these people who does not feel the need to sugarcoat things anymore as patience has run out.  The maker of this sign had definitely had enough of the officials as the message wants Congress to jump off cliffs with no attached strings. It is a subtle way of telling these officials to terminate their career/lives because they are not doing a very good job in handling the well being of the nation.

The Art Of Irreverant Signs

As we have mentioned earlier, many people do not feel the need to protest or see the point in forceful tactic to spread their agenda. There are some cases where the protesters have taken things ways too seriously and too extreme that some members of the public have become disinterested. It takes the right amount of enthusiasm to influence other people so let this be a note for those who believe in shoving their beliefs in other people’s throats.  A group of people decided to get together and make a mockery out of all of these unnecessary protests we often come across these days. Our favorite sign has to be the ‘build prisons on the moon’ one as it is obviously poking fun at protesters who sometimes fall out of line and demand something that is not possible/necessary at all.

Walking Back Technology

One of the ridiculous protests you could ever come across is this one that aims to reduce the use of zippers in modern society. If you think about it, you will see that zippers have in fact managed to help in fastening the time taken to get ready while wearing clothes. It has been over a century since we started using these zippers and so getting rid of them might be a little too hard now. We have all had day when our zippers broke or got jammed up, leading to the garment, be it a bag, pants or shirt practically useless. The suggestion that this woman had come up with is indeed a head-scratcher that needs to be carefully assessed. Zippers have become such a wonderful contribution to today’s clothing that has no doubt revolutionized the time and way we wear our clothes. Could you live with zipperless clothes?

Only About Your Sins

Since the bible has existed two millennia ago, it has become a kind of tool to shape society and the way we live. Humans are all we all know, flawed with countless sins that we cannot stop ourselves from committing. There are more sensationalized sins such as same-sex unions or adultery, that people love to point out forgetting about the basic sins that are in the same paragraph in the bible. People often forget or rather, choose to forget that God had told us not to eat shrimp or bacon. The bible has also told us to play nice and to treat others as we would like to be treated. Society has made so many contradictions on how religion has been interpreted that there is so much confusion to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. This protester has highlighted the shrimp passage to justify the sins of homosexuals. Is this too much?

Some Wasted Space

As we are all so different, we often take different approaches on how we show our anger and hate. Some people feel the need to shout things out. Now, this is a very good way of trying to express anger but it mostly ends up with the protesters suffering from laryngitis. Imagine losing your voice and still not putting your point across. That would be a double loss that took so much effort. This person cleverly makes use of the signboard strategy by expressing anger in a humorous way. Although the holder never actually addresses the reason behind the anger, it caught the eye of a lot of people who would ultimately want some answers. Maybe some explanation was made after all of this and the message could actually be sent without making such a racket or noise. So, in the end, this might prove to be a smart way of dealing with issues.

Invoking A Legacy

Most people agree with the fact that in Harry Potter Dumbledore is most definitely the wisest person in the whole series. Even though Dumbledore possessed a huge deal of power, he still made many mistakes. Could this fan have forgotten the fifth year of school in the book? Dumbledore initially said yes to the Ministry of Magic to exert its influence over his students’ learning, but soon he changed his mind. He left his students only to come back again but then he had done too much damage.

Fear In Their Eyes

In a crowd, there are always impolite and hostile people who often harm people next to them. This person claims to be afraid of the people who hold signs in a rally. It is such an irony because the only one holding a sign in the whole crowd is the very one carrying the sign. Maybe this is the person’s way of letting us know that people who hold signboards are often the most aggressive in the crown, causing more problems and injuries than the rest.

More Tortillas Please

There is a growing frustration that has affected many people who feel like they have too little tortilla on their fajita platter. Most restaurants are very generous with providing fajitas that they sometimes slide right off our plates. Even in the case of tacos, we often face the problem of too many filling inside that we end up unable to hold the whole piece. This signboard holder decided that enough was enough and wanted to let the restaurants be aware of the fact the more tortillas need to be served.

A Nickelback Fan

Most people use Nickelback as a tool to shame others. Here is a good example that depicts Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, with an accusation that could perhaps kill his social status… Even though he helped in reducing crime or homelessness pales, he is not excused as a target of mockery since he is a fan of this band. Do you think this particular poster helped in the protest at all and that it helped to achieve their goals? We highly doubt it but it made us laugh.

Trying To Boost Spirits

Now and again people need to be reminded that they need to “be awesome.” We all know damn well that we are all fighting some kind of fight to prove our worth or value. It may be at work, it may be in school or even to our loved ones. This man decided to try and cheer everyone up by reminding them not to forget to be awesome. We are all unique and we all have our good and bad sides, so this random man is just innocently telling us to pick our good side more often.

Gone Too Soon

We know that Arrested Development was a hit show. It had to be canceled only after three seasons which made fans desperate for more. This guy actually pleaded President Obama to step in and help out. Luckily Netflix decided to help out. It was a win-win for all of the show was again an obvious hit that has millions of people streaming. Even though the fourth season was not as good as anticipated, Netflix originals are fortunately there to rescue us.

Clowns For Congress

There have been multiple jokes being shot at the new president. We all know that President Trump has proven to become one of the most eccentric presidents in the history of USA. This clown might have thought that he has a shot at running for Congress at least. People need to tell this clown that politics is not as easy as blowing up balloon animals or playing around with basic magic.

Some Work You Say

This sign pokes fun at the topic about immigrants taking up American jobs and does not sugarcoat anything. We all know that the current situation does not offer so many jobs in most of the fields of work. The public sector is quite honestly filled to the brim and there is no room for new people to get jobs. The only option left is entrepreneurship where the new businesses would help in creating more room for people to find new jobs and not just sit idly.

Blight Of The Internet

We all have that family member or friend on social media who is obsessed with Candy Crush. On Facebook, we often get notifications that end p being invitations to play this game. For some people who mostly do work online, imagine the frustration they might face in trying to reach their deadlines and these invites keep popping up. This man here wants this to stop and has worked hard in trying to prevent people from sending Candy Crush invites.

Generic Protest Banner Here

Some people feel like protests are too costly and that they take up too much time and effort plus money. So how do you come up with a good way to tackle this issue? These guys seem to have that figured out. With the words that they have carefully selected above, they can now join any protest or rally and go along unnoticed as it essentially means that they are with the crowd anywhere they do.

Protests For Pay

Many people find it extremely hard to find to secure jobs. There are some people in the world that have made use of the issues they face in earning some bucks.  Many protesters are known to be paid to be vocal about the social issues they face. just look at the face of these women here, they seem so content. Maybe going to rallies and protests are actually very lucrative and we have been blind about this all along.

No Time At All

Some people love to protest while some people feel like it is an unnecessary effort. This sign states that the holder has no time for all of this while, in fact, is in the middle of it all. Maybe the sign means that the holder is no longer going to act cordial and nice but will instead become more aggressive. Whatever it may be, it is very paradoxical to see someone protesting something he/she does not have time for. How does that work? Imagine seeing this signboard at a parking lot.

The Holy And Profane

This is another religious joke that has been directed to the forceful religious members of the church. It is clearly from one of the pride marches that have tried to improve the social status of the LGBTQ community. This is a joke that really does speak volume to secure the rights of the gay community. It would enrage all the religious head but you have to admit in the most non-homophobic way possible, it makes sense.

Signing Politeness

This is the most polite sign on our list so far. It is a pragmatic sign that talks about how we as a society have become so self-centered that we do not ever listen to the other party. We just scream at one another and int eh process no word or ideas are ever exchanged. This can be seen in the case of feminism and gender equality issues. We have two parties that never want to hear what the other is saying but always want to be heard.

Just Putting It On Sale

This man here has taken a joke on the living conditions of most people today who face the issue of health care. He uses the example of a mop he is holding, stating that he cannot afford to use this mop so he has to sell it. This is indeed very relatable with the example of iPhones. Some people but these phones but end up owing so much to the maintenance of it all. It just does not make sense sometimes.

What Does It Mean?

Racial Discrimination Protest

We all know how Islamophobia works right? The representation of people in the middle-east has become so negative that every word we see in their script triggers our hearts to feel scared. This is the power of how media can shape of conscience. It is literally a word that is actually loved by people all over the world which seems to be such a threat when we first read it. What was your initial reaction?

Some Lesbian Love

92-Year-Old Mother Has Been Carrying The Same Sign At Gay Pride Parade For Decades

The issue of genders has always been a huge problem ever since the time of our grandparents. here we see a mother who unlike most parents, chooses to be supportive of her lesbian daughters. Do you see any signs of violence and chaos here? She is a protester who has decided on taking the non-violent path in trying to project the message she wants to convey. We hope her family is doing well as she is such a pleasant sight.

After All This Time

Climate Change Conference In Vancouver, 2015

This old lady here must have been protesting ever since her youth. She clearly looks pissed and fed up with all the effort and hard work she has managed to muscle in all the years of her life. It is our wish that she lives long enough to experience a world free of the problems she is facing now. You only live once so we certainly hope her lifelong protest against the social issue she faces bears a fruitful result.

A Good Question

San Diego LGBT Pride

We know that the LGBTQ community has tried their hardest to secure their rightful position in the society. They have fought time and again for basic human rights such as adopting, marriage and job opportunities. Just because of their sexuality, they have been restricted to do so many things that heterosexuals are free to do. Do you really think it is fair that they need to fight this long and this hard just to be accepted in the realm of modern society?

A Note To Trump

Without Immigrants Trump Would Have No Wives

This is a very personal message to Trump. This lady wants to make sure that the president sees this message and rethinks about his decisions regarding illegal immigrants. Though Trump has announced time and again that he only restricts illegal immigrants from entering the country, there are many people who are quick to point out Trump’s foreigner wife Melania. Who do you think is in the wrong here?

A Scary Muslim Wife

Stewart And Colbert's 'Rally to Restore Sanity'

Here is a man who decided that to crack a joke about his wife. This is again a form of attack in Islamophobia where all Muslims are seen as threats. Do you think the wife found out about his signboard because he did try his best to conceal himself?

Just A  Little Bit

Honest Opinion

Some people want to join rallies just for the sake of it. Here is someone who decided to protest with a tiny signboard on the outside which shows that the holder is a little upset. Most protests are run by overtly angry people but this person seems too chill about everything.

Very Tired Arms

My Arms Are Tired

Most people are quick to complain about everything. There are people who feel the need to let their frustrations out every chance they get. Here is a man who is complaining that his arms are tired from holding a sign that says his arms are tired. Oh, the humor!

Is SinSational Even A Word?

WestBoro Baptist Church Gets Trolled

These men have had enough of people trying to belittle their value just because they are gay. They have picked up a very strong system of proclaiming how their life inside the bedroom is. Do you think this is a little too much information?

Just FYI

Trump President Elect Protest In New York

This is another one of those people who need to proclaim everything they feel in a big way. Here he is holding a signboard at some kind of rally. He wants to let everyone know that he does not like signs but is actually carrying one himself.

A Professional Sign Man

Funny Protest Sign

This guy would be the perfect man for someone who loves to protest. He is a self-proclaimed expert at sign making so he must be good. The sign he is holding is not all that impressive so we beg to differ. A signboard company must hire him right away.

Because Tea Does Not Kill

Every Brit Could Carry That

The best way to stop violence is to make tea. Actually, it is not.But hey, it is a good start, right? Some teas are known to calm the senses and improve your health. So why don’t we all focus on growing tea and shift our focus to guns and weapons?

Touche Mister Touche

NYC Gay Rights Protest Against Prop-8

This guy here wants people who overstep boundaries by criticizing other people’s love lives to back up. We personally feel like he has someone in particular in mind. How else would he know about his wife’s complaints right?

Who Saved Who Now?

He Did

Deadpool has been seen carrying this sign that claims that Goku has saved the people. He is standing next to a man who is obviously from church preaching about G0d. Who do you believe?

Protests And Violence

May Day Demonstration

Looking at the signboard, this guy here sums up many of the people who join rallies and protests. These people often join the movements just for the thrill they get when violence is involved. But looking at the site, there seems to be no such drama happening.