The invention of the television has made our lives so much better because it relieves us from any kind of boredom we may be facing some days. The latest tv shows have also helped us as a distraction from whatever issues we may be facing in our lives. Watching a television show is no doubt addictive. People get very attached to the characters and the plot of a show usually waiting every other week to catch up on what happens next. The plot and twist of a show is what makes it all the more interesting. There have been so many shows about doctors, the police or college kids that may sound mundane but have actually captivated the viewers due to their amazing storylines. However, as some shows progress, there have been a few shows that have missed the mark in delivering their final episode. Here are some of the top-rated shows that left the audience enraged because of how they ended. Be aware because there will be spoilers too…

Pretty Little Liars

TV Series Finales

We all know this show was among the favorites by viewers that were mostly young girls and teens. This group of girls managed to win over the heart of the audience with not only their stories but even their outfits and styles were a hot topic. For several seasons we all wanted to know how everyone was going to end up and in the end, the delivery was not good enough. Even the biggest fans of the show Pretty Little Liars, were left very confused by how they decided to end it. Many of the fans could not have fathomed who A.D.’s true identity was because it was such a big twist. In the end, the real person behind all of A.D’s antics was, in fact, Spencer’s twin Alex Drake. Even the fact that Aria and Ezra ended up together was a very uncomfortable end, to say the least, it bordered on creepy. The hit show left the audience very perplexed because of all the revelations that proved to be too much in one go.

No Tomorrow

TV Series Finales

The show’s title says it all as there is indeed no time to waste. The way the producers decided to end the show was so abrupt, leaving the fans with very less to look into considering how short the series already was.The final episode only explains the information about the asteroid headed towards the earth without any actual revelation. It also ended up explaining a few loose topics that had been floating around the show. The fans of this show got to know about what happens in the end with a message on the screen and they also revealed that the Earth does get hit by an asteroid! The only ones affected by this fall were a few poor cows and nothing else was damaged much. The show was a little too unbelievable as all of the main characters made it out alive after the meteor struck. Hank and Deirdre managed to welcome their baby in the bunker while Kareema and Sofia remain happy together. Evie starts his job working for Doctors Without Borders, Xavier became the author of a book, and at the very last moment, Evie and Xavier got back together.

The Good Wife

TV Series Finales

The Good Wife was one of the most watched shows in the recent past. It was amazing that fans could not wait to watch after each week. It was, however, very unfortunate to find out the very dissatisfying ending to the whole show when it aired. All of the fans that had been following the show were so excited to see Alicia Florrick be at the top of her game getting all that she had ever deserved. This was sadly not the case as the complete opposite happened to her. The effort that Florrick had put, the hard work she had managed to muscle were all tossed out the window as the jury could not reach a verdict. Diane Lockhart also wanted out from entering the plea deal. Even Florrick’s love life left all of the fans puzzled as there was no explanation at all. Maybe the writers knew very well that fans were not going to be happy because an explanation followed the final episode during the time it aired.


TV Series Finales

Everyone loves the movie so could the show ever compete with the reputation of the movie? There is an unfortunate answer to this as the show definitely did not live up to the expectations that fans had because of the impact the original classic had. The writer for the show Bryan Fuller knew very well that he could never do justice to the movie. So the only option left for him was to find a way to keep the audience as engaged as he possibly could. He made a very wrong move as he wrote in unrealistic cliffhangers and bizarre plots in the show leaving fans all the more confused. Many of the fans wanted to see how Fuller’s demented scheme plays out in the end. They also wanted to see how Hannibal and Will Graham’s relationship resulted in, in the last episode “Wrath of the Lamb”. The show ended with the both of them falling off a cliff.

Mad Men

TV Series Finales

When the show first started off, everyone loved getting transported back into the time advertisements were gold. The final episode of Mad Men was indeed a let down as fans were so geared up to see what unraveled in the show that had been so enthralling. In the series finale, the stories of Joan, Peggy, and Don were all shown but then only one of them had an actual ending. Peggy was the one with a happy ending that left her happy in love with Stan. Joan and Richard’s relationship ended with a sad twist as Richard made the decision of rejecting her. However the most disappointing of the lot was Don. He did not go to Betty who was dying. Event he final scene was useless as Dons was shown smiling and meditating followed by the 1971 “Hilltop” Coke advertisement featuring the song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” All we can say is that Mad Men needs a reboot pronto!

Two and a Half Men

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When the final episode of Two and a Half Men aired, it was clear that the show’s creator Chuck Lorre wanted to settle his score with the former star of the show Charlie Sheen. As soon as Sheen left the show back in 2011, the ratings for the show dropped to an incredible amount. Lorre and Sheen were rumored to have left the past int he past with Sheen in talks to return for the series finale. The character of Sheen was thought of to be dead, where in fact, Rose his stalker was holding him captive the whole time. In the final scene of the finale, Sheen was seen ringing the doorbell at the beach house. This was a stunt double who gets killed by a piano that fell from the sky. In the end, Lorre facetiously says, “Winning,” with an explanation that the producers could not end the show with a bang as Charlie Sheen would not agree with them. It is such a shame that the 12-season hit show had to end like this!

True Blood

TV Series Finales

The people that followed the hit show True Blood did so because the show zoomed in on stuff that the other vampire fiction hit Twilight Saga did not. This HBO show embraced the blood, sex, and vampires that it consisted of, captivating the audience with romance and action like no other show had done before and not to mention the cast’s hot guys and girls. Even the nudity became very repetitive so the impact was gone after a while. The final episode was titled “Thank You,” was such a bad ending that it left many wishing that they never jumped on the bandwagon to watch the show in the first place. The episode was such a bad one leaving all of the relationships in the show to lose meaning with a few gory details, there was also a marriage that meant nothing, and then there was the case of Bill and Sookie’s romance. It ended up being a total anticlimax. Their scene showed him requesting her to kill him followed by Sookie’s fast forward flash of them together, eventually killing him.

How I Met Your Mother

TV Series Finales

How I Met Your Mother is definitely a show that fans can re-watch over and over again because the plot is not only clever but is quite relatable. Fans were all hooked as the show was smart enough to hide many secrets of the characters but still maintaining to deliver enough to keep them coming back for more.  When the producers announced that Season 9 would be the last one, it left many fans heartbroken. The season finale was set for the weekend wedding of Barney and Robin. The series finale was indeed very rushed and a lot happened too quickly. The final season had 24 episodes that lead to the final wedding that ends up not happening. So in the end, Ted spent all of the 9 seasons to explain to hi skids, how he met their mother who ends up dying even before they met her. Ted and Robin also end up getting back together which made many fans believe on the contrary that they do not belong together.


TV Series Finales

There are some shows that are so bad that you just end up watching anyways because you want to know how it all plays out. This show is one of them. It is commendable to see that some fans have managed to follow the ridiculous British show with characters having all those superpowers. The plot twists were too confusing and the fact that there were some recasting made for the show to be unbearable bad for most. For those special lot that decided to follow through with the series, the finale proved to be a disappointing wreck. The series finale only circulated around one character, Rudy, instead of focusing on other important events like how every other main character coped with their powers. Would Luke ever get the chance to send women to the future to provide kids? It was also a very big confusion to hear about Jess being impregnated by a stranger.

Breaking Bad

TV Series Finales

One of the best shows to ever come out in the recent past is this very show called Breaking Bad. The series of events that followed Walt as a scientist dying of cancer who ends up becoming an unstoppable drug lord was the reason why  Breaking Bad became one of the most popular tv shows ever. The show was indeed a delight to watch but the finale ended up becoming a little too confusing. It became more of a question mark than a full stop.  The show ended up becoming too tricky  and fans were left scratching their heads in confusion. Many questions like “did Walt deserved all the things that happened to him” arose.  Walt was also expected to experience a moment of self-reckoning in the series finale. But then fans were left shocked as he ended up killing himself and never had a second chance.


TV Series Finales

Dexter had always been a show that received positive feedback ever since the start. Something about a guy who works for the Miami Metro Police department who goes undercover to murder the bad guys worked with the viewers. The show observed its highest rating during the 4th Season with its final episode back in 2009. After that, it was all downhill. However, nothing could top how much the show flopped other than the series finale. The most adored serial killer Dexter Morgan’s character switches to become a peace-loving lumberjack, the fans were bound to get pissed. You can tell that the show lost its spark as the leading actor Michael C. Hall, admitted to not watching the show’s final episode.

Gossip Girl

TV Series Finales

The show Gossip Girl was one that had all the ingredients you needed to pull in fans like top-notch fashion, beautiful cast members and of course a clever plot. This tv show was shot in NYC and circulated around Manhattan’s elite teenagers with the existence of a secret blog that managed to stir up trouble every time things seemed to get a little dull. It was the show to watch for youngsters who dream of the lavish lifestyles of the uber-rich in New York. The 6 season show was all about the characters digging up dirt about their personal and professional lives that entertained viewers throughout. But then the real identity of Gossip Girl was definitely the biggest shocker as it was not a she but a he. In fact, Dan Humphries was behind all of the scheming and exposing that Gossip Girl did. The shows series finale was like most, very rushed and anticlimactic to say the least.


TV Series Finales

Weeds is another show produced by Showtime that managed to get the viewer’s interest quickly and also losing them quickly as well. The show was loved by fans when it first aired but then the fans soon grew sick of how they handled the plots. The show was stretched too much and had it ended before it actually did, it could have saved most of its initial good reputation. The series finale brings an insight of the future of the Botwins, eight years in the future, which critics rated as a desperate and easy attempt to fix up the loose ends. It was very nostalgic to see the characters sharing a join on the porch in the opening of the show but then it was not enough to clear up all of the confusion that the plot twists have collected.

The Hills

TV Series Finales

One of the first of its kind, The Hills was a reality show that followed several LA youngsters in their pursuit of having a career and name for themselves. This show first started off with the designer Lauren Conrad, who was the star of another reality show LagunaBeach in her journey with other cast mates like Kristen Cavalleri and Brody Jenner. Many of the fans loved to watch the show as it followed these attractive young men and women who were open enough to invite cameras into their private lives and problems. However, when Cavalleri and Jenner hug goodbye at the end, all of the prior notion that this was all reality came to a close.  The Hollywood sign dropped behind them which made it clear that all of the incidents in the show were all scripted and not real. It was indeed a big surprise that left fans furious.


TV Series Finales

FlashForward was one show that had a very promising plot to it. Many were on board to watch the show as it sounded very fresh and exciting fro the very start. This show was about the FBI trying to find out the reason for the whole world to experience a blackout followed by a short vision of themselves in the future. Obviously, the show seemed as though it would be one of the best drama shows to ever air on television. But the show was a disappointment as the fans were left to wonder what happened as the finale was nothing but a huge cliffhanger. The series finale was quite intense as there was another blackout that was soon followed by a flashback showing how the main character ended up. The show ended with Mike stuck in the FBI office with the office soon exploding. Whatever happened to him will forever be an unanswered question.


TV Series Finales

Lost is definitely one show that interested fans all over the globe with its heavy drama leaving us with intense curiosity after every episode. The show follows the cast on their journey in the mysterious island where a lot of incidents happen that keeps the audience from ever getting bored. It dragged the viewers for several seasons in the hopes that hey would find an answer to their biggest questions and confusions. However, even when the series ended, fans were still not given enough explanations to their long-awaited queries. The writers could not have picked a worse ending as it still left people puzzled till the very end. Maybe the writer did this on purpose as they wanted to keep everyone guessing. The final episode shows the character attending church in an alternative universe where the crash never happened. It was an open ending that was left for the interpretation of the viewers to make their own conclusion.

Pushing Daisies

TV Series Finales

Pushing Daisies was one show that kept the audience thoroughly entertained with its quirky plot. However, it ended up as one of those shows that would remain a mystery as its ending did not clear up the confusion of the viewers. The show’s second season seemed like the beginning of a beautiful show that was promising with so much potential. The show was abruptly ended and the writer literally left the fans on the doorsteps. The final episode followed the main characters Ned and Chuck on the doorsteps of her aunt to tell her that she had been alive and well the whole time. The epilogue kept on the episode does help clear out some confusion but then the viewers were left wondering how Ned explains himself to whole Chuck family. What do you think would have been his approach?

Battlestar Galactica

TV Series Finales

We all know that most of the television adaptations of blockbuster movies or classic shows never work out quite well in the end. This is the same for the show Battlestar Galactica. The 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV series was again made into a show back in 2004 with some few changes. Although the show went on for a good 4 seasons, and with a very massive fan following, the show ended up not delivering answers in the final episode. There was one big revelation in the end which was that there was a higher power, a.k.a. God, who is in charge of everything. There were speculations that this was the only way the writers could keep the fans from wondering too much as they did not have the answers themselves. The show ended up being a big failure as fans were incredibly mad at the writer for such a sucky ending.

The Sopranos

TV Series Finales

We all know and love this family as they are extremely blunt but have a considerable love for each other. On the final episode of the show The Sopranos there were a lot of people who were left very confused. Some of the viewers even called up their cable companies because they wanted to know why there was a black screen popping up on their television while they were watching the show. However, they soon realized that the show was doing all of this on purpose so as to give the audience a confusing ending to the whole series. The thing that David Chase was trying to do was let the audience make their own decision to either let Tony get shot and killed when enjoying his dinner with the family. There were mostly two ways people viewed this ending: one was that the show’s finale was such a waste while the others felt that it was the perfect way to end such an incredible show.

Gilmore Girls

TV Series Finales

The original show  Gilmore Girls final episode titled “Bon Voyage” made the fans very unhappy by how the writers decided to end it. There was in fact, trouble between the creator of the show Amy Sherman-Palladino and the producer Daniel Palladino. It ended up with the producer leaving the show making it the lowest-rated season of the series. But then when Sherman-Padallino explained that she always knew how that series would end, it made many of the fans very angry. The show had a dedicated fan following who could not accept how the series ended so Netflix came to the rescue in 2016. Then the sequel of the show A Year in the Life was created. There was a sign of relief among the fans as they did not want to accept the open ending of the original series as the final nail in the coffin.

The King of Queens

TV Series Finales

The hilarious show The King of Queens had been entertaining us for a whopping 9 seasons. The show was about a comedic take on the realities of marriage and raising a family. But then it was ruined by the series finale. The final episode was too much of a cliche that proves to be both unrealistic and impossible. After many years of struggling to conceive, Doug and Carrie Hefferman made a decision to adopt followed by a realization on the plane that she was in fact pregnant.


TV Series Finales

This show is also another show that left the fans very puzzled with its underwhelming ending. In the final episode, the mining rich man George Hearst looks for revenge when Trixie reciprocates with a shot at him saving Ellsworth. The plot was quite confusing as Hearst through the next shot he had taken at Trixie had left wounds but realized it was not Trixie’s body at all. In fact, Al, Bullock, and Star used some random person in place of Trixie. This ending left many fans unhappy.

Star Trek: Enterprise

TV Series Finales

The series finale of the Star Trek: Enterprise ended up being the prequel to the pilot episode of 1987’s The Next Generation. It was such a shock, right? Actress Jolene Blalock gave the fans a warning that this ending was the beginning of something else.The fans of the show were left too raged up and so the staff had to hold a press conference. Also, Commander Tucker’s death was also not well received. This ending was proving to be a mistake of epic proportions.


TV Series Finales

One of the most popular shows ever to be created in the history of television would definitely be Friends. After the show had entertained all of us for 10 long seasons, it was time to say goodbye. There could be no good way of ending the successful show as fans would never accept it. It was a good thing that Ross and Rachel ended up together after all but the cast looked so tired and worn out when they went for their last coffee together that it left some fans to feel incomplete.

Sex and the City

TV Series Finales

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda have been teaching women that men do not get to be the top priority and that women must prioritize friendship as well. However, the series ending of Sex And The City became quite contradicting to its usual theme, The protagonist Carrie Bradshaw ended up with the forever disappointing Mr. Big which made fans feel like she is not practicing her preaching. Many feel that it weakened the whole girl power theme that the show built up for six seasons.

Beverly Hills 90210

TV Series Finales

With 10 seasons the Beverly Hills 90210 ended in 2000. The ending of this series was again a very dry one. David and Donna get married, while Kelly gets romantically liked with Dylan while it would have been more practical if she already moved on. Also, Brandon Walsh does not even make a comeback but instead leaves a message using a video. This was a definite disappointment to a fresh and fun show that people really loved to watch.


TV Series Finales

Seinfeld is the show about nothing that has become one of the biggest hits ever for a television show. So how this show about nothing would end was quite a challenge for the producers. Rumors flew that Jerry and Elaine would marry and that Newman gets hospitalized. However, the series finale showed the gang in a pickle as they broke the “Good Samaritan Law.” This is clearly not how fans imagined this great show to ever have its ending.


TV Series Finales

This show about the Conners family made many homes laugh and cry with them as they depicted a very regular family who lives every day like a normal one. Then the series underwent a dramatic change when the Conners won the lottery in the 1997 season finale. Roseanne fans were left in further unhappiness as it was revealed that all the events leading up to season 9 were Roseanne’s imagination. Then after the show wrapped it was announced that ABC will revive the 10th season with the original cast starting March 27, 2018.

My So-Called Life

TV Series Finales

This show was an important tv show that spoke on themes of sex, drugs, and gay relations. We saw Angela Chase get through her high school problems that proved to be realistic and relatable to many fans. But then My So-Called Life only ran for just a single season with the finale leaving everyone disappointed. When she ended up with Jordan Catalano majority of the fans were so enraged as she was working on her goals and drams throughout the whole season.


TV Series Finales

This legendary show, Dinosaurs, often had a lot of dark humor embedded in the show. The fans were left to an utter shock as the season finale proved to be such a tragic end to their favorite characters. It was about the end of the dinosaurs living on Earth. It was a comedy show which could have had a lighter ending but then the father, Earl Sinclair, admitted that the dinosaurs would all clear up because of a mistake he committed.

Quantum Leap

TV Series Finales

On the show Quantum Leap, there was brewing question that asked if Dr. Sam Beckett would ever make it home after the 5 seasons? However, the show about time travel became a huge let down due to 2 main reasons. The first is that the season finale was never intended to be one but the producers felt that it would be a good way to show that Sam never made it home. The second reason is the very fact that Sam never returned home. Even though G0d told Sam he could return home, the note clearly states he never managed to reach home ever.

St. Elsewhere

TV Series Finales

St. Elsewhere was the source of entertainment for many as it consisted of macabre comedy with medical drama. It even won an Emmy award. In 1988 when the show ended, the fans were left in utter shock regarding the direction the producers took it. After 6 years of watching St. Elsewhere it was revealed that the whole series was Tommy Westphall’s imagination. Imagine being a dedicated fan only to realize that the events never happened to your favorite characters.

Mork & Mindy

TV Series Finales

Mork & Mindy is one of the most thrilling shows to watch especially because comedy legend Robin Williams stars on the show. The series ended with a 3 part special where Mork and Mindy fight against aliens who send robots to Mindy’s apartment to try and blow up Mork. The pair then manages to escape back in time using their time travel shoes and ends up with a vortex. No one came to know how they ended up as the show closed with the vortex on screen.

Charlie’s Angels

TV Series Finales

The original series of Charlie’s Angels saw the girls kicking butt and were mostly action packed with the girls attempting to save the people from many evil villains. However, in the final episode of the series Kelly gets a shot in the head while Boseley just stands there doing nothing. The Angels then end up in the hospital with no proper conclusion that was followed by the flashback of episodes in the past.


TV Series Finales

Felicity‘s finale may not exactly be a bad one but deserves a spot here anyway because of its uniqueness. There was a final episode that had already been planned but the producers decided to add 5 more episodes. The episode saw her travel back in time to fix the problems of the future and it was indeed a big twist. It was a nice finishing touch that gave the audience a chance to breathe and accept.



Some cartoon shows are much too precious to have a bad ending. However, Futurama bid farewell to its fans back in 2013. The finale episode showed Fry and Leela’s wedding where the marriage took place in a world where there was no time. It is not that disappointing but then the producers could have done a better job nonetheless. The episode does not rate that low but then many fans were left very unhappy with how the whole series wrapped up.


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One of the most uneventful series finales would definitely have to be Scrubs. The show’s finale for Season 9, did not have most of the original cast member plus a change in the location. It does not shock people much as this episode titled “Our Thanks” was not really appreciated by fans of the show. It has a tremendously low rating compared to the 8th season finale episode.

Dragon Ball Z

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We then have the Dragon Ball Z’s finale titled “Goku’s Next Journey”. On this episode, Goku and Uub are seen fighting that ultimately ends with Uub taking on Goku to train in flight and fighting. It does not necessarily have a low rating as compared to some of the finales in this list but it did leave a few fans disappointed by the lack of action and conclusion.


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Do you remember the show, Alf? Then you would definitely know about his attempts to head back to his planet and how he only minds his business while occasionally collecting lint. There was a lot of excitement for the fans of the show as it appeared as though he would get to return to his planet Melmac. But then in the series finale, fans were left heartbroken to hear that on his way to Melmac, Alf was captured by the military. Such a bummer right?

Dawson’s Creek

Image result for dawson creekIt would appear that by the 6th season all of our favorite characters would get the endings they deserve. They entered a new chapter in each of their lives as 20-year-olds so you would think some things would change. The producers did a nasty thing by letting the most disturbed character Jen, die in the finale episode. She recently had her baby and now her grandmother had to bury her? Isn’t this all too much?