The Chinese have upgraded their technology in their military to an unbelievable extent. Gone are the days of conventional weapons and machinery that existed at the times of our grandparents. Here is a look at some of the most dangerous and well-equipped battle machines that the Chinese have crafted over the years. Since they are one of the three superpowers of the modern world with Russia and USA, China is not slowing down in their attempts to have top-notch security that guards and keeps the Chinese population safe.

The Chinese CH-805

This resembles the American B-2 bomber if you take a quick look. It has been developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and is not meant for attacks. The military universities of China certainly waste no ideas or time to produce weapons that could help strengthen their safety and power.

The Chinese Flying Shark

The Chinese Navy’s Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark has gone for operations in the recent past. It is a descendant of the Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker that was produced in 2013. Reports have claimed that the J-15 will be produced in a limited range because the ski-jump does not allow fast speed.

China’s Nuclear Submarines

There have been several reports that three operational nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) are in the hands of the Chinese. This opens a gate for strategic patrolling in the future.

The Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile DF-21D

This missile is regarded as the most threatening weapon to exist in the Asia-Pacific region for the US. It is also referred to as the ‘Carrier Killer.’ The medium-range DF-21D  had been manufactured specifically for the attack on American aircraft carriers.

The Pterodactyl Plane or CH-5

This aerial drone was developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group and was first flown in 2009. The Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance plan has also been adopted by several countries including the Egyptian Air Force in combat with ISIS in March 2007. The drone is for $8.5 million each and possesses a 4,400-mile range and 60 hours of flight time. Hopefully, the military insurance covers all of the bills.

China’s PLZ-45 Howitzer

This has been made use of by the Chinese, Algerian, Kuwaiti, and Saudi Arabian armies. It is a 155 mm self-propelled PLZ-45 which can house five crew members, or two loaders, a driver, commander, and gunner. It is worth $1.45 million per tank and can carry lots of weapons. There is a 155mm gun with a semi-automatic loader and a roof-mounted W-85.

China’s Chengdu J-10

This was Chengdu Aircraft Industries built. The fleet around 400 J-10s is often referred to as the ‘Vigorous Dragons.’ The jets can be two pilot seaters (J-10) or one pilot (J-10A). The cost for their construction back in 2002 was $75 million per jet which has reduced to $27.8 million.

The Landing Platform Dock, Type 071

3 Chinese ships that are Type 071 class have been made. Their names are Kunlunshan, Jinggangshan, and Changbaishan, also known as Chinese ‘Gator Navy.’ These ships have been created to move-about marine fighters on conflict-prone shores.

Chinese Stealth Fighter, J-31

The Shenyang J-31 or Falcon Hawk has been said to be released in 2018. This is China’s rendition of the fifth-generation stealth jet fighter. The model for this was initially released at the China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition.

Chinese VT-4 MBT

The Chinese VT-4 MBT has been created by Norinco and was produced in the year 2014. Every one of the VT-4 costs $4 million using a  1,300 horsepower diesel engine. It also has automatic transmission.

The Norinco Battle Robot UGV

Norinco is also called China North Industries Corporation. They revealed this Battle Robot back in November 2014. This robot is equipped with multiple weapons that include the main self-loading, 12-gauge shotgun.

China’s Xian H-6

This aircraft has been used for several decades and is still serving in the Chinese military. This aircraft is perfect for standoffs that require a lengthy amount of time with the capacity for long-distance attacks.

The Chinese Dummy Missiles

The Chinese military showcased several missiles in their parade that turned out to be all fake. If ever these dummy missiles were to be real, we are all doomed. Hopefully, for other countries, the military factory of China is not that progressive.

The SW-6 UAV

The Chinese military uses the SW-6 UAV in its waters. This was first releases at the Airshow China 2-16 Exhibition by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. It is extremely light-weight and can be deployed form bigger aircraft.

China’s CH-500

This drone has 2 HJ-10 anti-tank missiles attached to it. So this drone is a reliable weapon that can be called for to have a sudden but strong strike on opponents. Judging by all these weapons, would you feel safer by just getting a Chinese visa and leaving your current country?

The Harbin Z-19

The Harbin Z-19 has the capacity to speed up at a whopping 174 miles per hour. It has gun pods, eight HJ-8 missiles, and two Pylon stores for rockets. It even carries 8 TY-90 air-to-air missiles.

China’s Missile Launcher

China’s nuclear program had been first created after the First Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1954-1955 by Mao. Most of these nuclear components are kept in complex tunnels, under the ground.

The Silent Hunter

This laser system resembles a Mission Impossible 6 prop. The ‘Silent Hunter’ is a green product, which has the Earth’s minerals as components. This is a Chinese Academy of Physics Engineering and the Jiuyuan Hi-Tech Equipment Corporation creation and is highly destructive. It proves that the military intelligence of the Chinese population is not something to joke with.

The Chinese Drone-Jamming Gun

This is a $19,000 gun that has been used by the police force in Wuhan. The police can get rid off drones all the way from a kilometer away. These are guns specifically made for shunning drones and has been in use since March 11, 2017.

China’s 2016 Drone Swarm

The Chinese unveiled a fresh set of drones at a Zhuhai event in 2016. This collection of drones is called a swarm because, similar to a group of bees, they fly towards their location in the high skies. It is safe to say that the military is growing in numbers and weapons.