Is It Healthy To Wear Shoes For Whole Day

Wearing shoes for any fixed number of hours is not bounded by any law or health department, but wearing shoes is a very obvious part of our lifestyle.

One wears shoes to all different occasions as it is believed that it completes one’s attire and also provide that safety cover. But I’ve got a surprising news for you.

Bacteria in shoes

There are millions of bacteria’s and germs floating in the air here and there but more than half of them are the residents of your own shoes. Shocked? Read ahead to know more.

An exceptional amount of bacteria in and outside your shoe.

Shoes are protectors, really?

In a study, it was revealed that on an average, 421,000 units of bacteria is present outside your shoes and around 2887 of them inside your shoes. Shoes are protectors, really?

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of bacteria which are floating here and there, touching you and passing by.

Pseudomonas is that germ which is a permanent resident of your shoes.

Yes, it is true!
From where does one get these bacteria? They can be found commonly in Public Washrooms, on animal , mud patches, etc. Washroom floors contain more than 2 million bacteria.

Yes, it is true!
Eh, That smell!

Apart from this, other germs that can cause you athlete’s foot are also present. Eh, That smell! The bad smell which one gets from a person’s shoes is a result of fungal growth. Shoes keep your feet warm and they are the perfect place for micro bacteria to grow.

Centre for toxic

Shoes can be painful too!

The sole of your shoe catches different toxic substances like pesticides, lead, tar, etc which can get entry into your house via your shoes. If this continues to happen for a long period of time then it will be harmful. Shoes can be painful too! Shoes give us better grip while walking, driving, running, etc but wearing shoes for a long period of time might lead to knee, back and hip pain. Let your feet breathe too and keep them open away from the hectic schedule of wearing shoes 24×7. Take care of them and wash them properly whenever possible or needed. Here are some benefits of walking barefoot. Share this knowledge with everyone.

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