Growing up is not synonymous with losing one’s sense of humor! You can be responsible while still keeping your desire and ability to have fun. Most of these are father photobombs but some are grown men randomly having fun with strangers’ pictures. Let me show you how fun grown men photobombs can be!

He Just Wanted To Be Part Of Something


A photo shoot is expected to happen when a group of teenage girls go to the beach! It must have been quite difficult for these 11 girls to create such a synchronized photo. All that work only to be ruined by a man in the background trying to join them. If you ask me, he just wanted to belong to the teenage group!

A Happy Man


The man in the back looks more excited about his picture being taken than the boy in the front. It may be that the youngster is half asleep or it may be that he is just too intoxicated. The fact is that the older man on the back looks happier than him, even though he is the lonely one!

Flying For Baby Like


Here is one of those pictures that you can’t tell for sure if it was planned this way or not. There is a very excited daddy jumping around in the background while his beautiful wife stands in what looks like a very professional photo shoot. Barefoot and with a matching scarf in his hand, the dad turned this into a hilarious pregnancy picture.

Get A Room


It is no secret that some people do not like when a couple decides to show how much they physically care for each other in public. It may be especially annoying when you lack someone with whom you can share similar intimacy. This man may be going through a tough break-up or maybe it is his child doing the kissing. The fact is he is not enjoying it and he is not afraid to show it!

Look At Me!


Sometimes you need to accept that your dad’s love comes with its consequences. An embarrassing moment here, some humiliation there, it is part of the father-daughter relationship. This dad decided the best way to show his daughter how beautiful she looked was to photobomb her picture! We can only imagine the look on her face once she found out who joined her in the frame.

The Imitation Game


When you are not acquainted with all the social trends, there is no other way to do it but to imitate who is. That is what the man on the back (possibly her father) did. After studying his daughter’s pose, he tried to present himself the same way. Let me say what we are all thinking: he does look better than she does!

Flying Chicken


He was not going to let his wife and daughter have a cute picture in which he was not included! That is why he took it to the next level, with this typical and forever funny chicken pose. In the picture he is a flying chicken but I expect he will soon turn into a very wet chicken instead! It only made the picture better and I am sure the cold water felt good on what looks like a very hot day!

Lost The Focus


Even though he got the colors right, this man should have been briefed about what the picture was supposed to look like. The pose was supposed to be cute and unprepared, not loud and crazy! Truth be told, we can’t be sure if the goal was not the photo we are actually seeing. It does look quite artistic.

Every Breath You Take


There is no doubt that it is this man’s child in the picture. This dad is not enjoying all the physical intimacy going on between those two. Here is the perfect example of a protective father. Every breath these kids take, every move they make, he will be watching them! And he has got the muscles if it comes to that… You better behave, kids.

In A Hurry


Even though it looks like we are talking about a tourist, this man must be in a hurry. That is the only explanation I find for someone to photobomb a wedding proposal photograph! When in Disneyland, you need to seize every moment, even if that means to ruin someone’s precious picture. There is still hope that there is another photo of the moment!

Maturity Is The Word


The couple in front looks quite mature, even though they are probably two teenagers. Two men that can easily be their parents, decided it was too soon to be so serious! Photobomb was the only way to save what would otherwise have been a boring photo. The result is a smiley couple and too much skin in the background!

Look How Hairy I Am!


As he walked by the glass door, this dad saw a picture was about to be taken. There was no way he would let the photobombing opportunity pass him by. He did the first thing that came to his mind: showing his armpit hair! No big belly in this one. This is what you can call fast thinking and commitment.

It Can Happen To Anybody


Here is the proof that nobody is safe from dads’ photobombing. In this specific occasion, Taylor Swift was the victim. While the pop singer took a picture with her latest album in a store, her dad decided to pop right behind her. There is nothing too weird about it and I am sure Taylor even enjoyed it, but it is still a photobomb! By the way, how alike are those eyes?!

Another Imitator


Here is another dad trying to fit in, imitating his daughter’s pose. I would have said that he better find something better to do with his time but, after seeing the result, I recommend that he keeps doing what he is doing. What would otherwise be possibly considered an overly sexual picture, turned out to be a very funny one instead. He nailed it.

Unexpected Photobomb


I doubt this dad even knew he was photobombing. While he was just trying to take care of his child, respectfully smelling its butt, he was photographed in the background of these three women’s picture. It must have been hilarious when they showed him how glamorous he looked in it… There is always the possibility it was done on purpose, in which case I commend his sense of humor!

Ready For Prom


It does not matter if it was a planned photograph or not. It is one of the funniest prom photos I have ever seen. There was no way this young couple was leaving without a warning by the very protective dad. He is holding a rifle and does not look friendly at all. Be back before curfew!

Baby Bumps


Here is another man that was not going to be left out! After hearing for years that his belly looked like a baby bump, he decided to finally not only own it but flaunt it. He found his opportunity when two pregnant women were taking the cutest joined baby bump picture. Let’s hope these two had a good sense of humor and got the joke!

Hat Shopping


There are two explanations for this dad’s expression: he either did not like the hat his son chose or was not impressed by his mirror selfie. Either way, his reaction made for a funny photo and surely the highlight of the shopping trip. This dad probably gave his son some precious advice right after this photo was taken.

Is This A Party Or What?


There is no reason why you should not enjoy yourself while you are at a wedding! The moment when the wife is cutting the cake is the perfect opportunity for a photobomb. Do not dare to say this man ruined this photo. I know I would love it for years to come if we were talking about my wedding!

Homecoming Photobomb


After returning from Kuwait, Corporal James Bass decided to photobomb his son on his school’s picture day. It was only after looking at the pictures taken of him with his dad on the background that Joshua realized what was happening. How emotional!

Cool Kids And A Colder Dad


Here are four young ladies trying to take a cool picture on a dock. Either due to a frame error or a joke by the photographer, one of the teenager’s dad ended up in the photo. Probably by sheer luck, this man ended up falling off the dock at the exact moment the picture was taken!

Never Too Old To Dab


This man is proving you do not have to be young to keep up with the social trends. Here he is, photobombing and dabbing his way to legendary land. Here is his daughter’s caption on Instagram: “me- oh what a cute pic. me- oh what’s that in the background. me-oh just my dad photo bomb dabbing in a sweater of Santa dabbing. me- ????”

Not Without Me


This turned out to be a very funny photo due to both the dad’s and the daughters’ expressions. They probably decided to go with it when they noticed their father was photobombing their picture and can be seen laughing out loud!

Even The President Photobombs


Being the president of the USA does not stop you from being a funny dad. When at a Christmas dinner with his family in Florida, Trump decided to photobomb his child’s photo. His son Barron got the rabbit ears and Donald Trump Jr. shared the photo on Twitter saying “Ha, now that’s a photo-bomb.”

Reverse Photobombing


To mix it up, here is a son photobombing his dad’s photo. Cal Marshall decided to dab in one of his dad’s picture. Rep. Roger Marshall, a congressman from Kansas, was being sworn in. Soon after the kid was asked to put his arm down.
Which one of these was your favorite? Are you convinced that grown men can photobomb as well as kids? I think these examples removed all doubts that they can.