Winter has arrived which implies the fact that the time for witnessing people making snowmen and snowballing each other has come. One thing is for sure that the best part of winter is that that it carries snow with itself. Yeah, I understand that snowstorms can disrupt the normal routine of people and the flow of life, but adapting and coming up with the best out of a situation is the essence of life, ain’t it? The images we are going to show you now are real-life examples of people who found out a way to spread humor in the air through their creativity and the hunger to do something innovative rather than wasting their time cursing the snow. Read on to witness some of the best and hilarious snow pictures from around the world.

Huge Snow Banks

Yes, the image you are seeing is completely real and is of a very famous road in Japan named the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. The humongous North Alpine Mountains, 3,000 meters high and called the “roof of Japan,” conceives this route across itself. The route connects the cities of  Toyama and Shinano Omachi and has become a place attracting millions of tourists worldwide every year. The line was officially opened in the year 1971 and was just a deserted spot at that time but, gradually over a period of time has acquired the status of being one of the best places for sightseeing in Japan. Honestly, traveling through this route witnessing gigantic walls made of snow on both sides would surely scare me more than being excited and thrilled.

How Much Snow Is That?

The image you see is enough to give an idea of how big these snow walls in Japan can get. This one is close to 18 feet and is unbelievably shorter than the average height of the walls that get formed because of the region receiving one of the heaviest snowfalls in the world. As a matter of fact, it takes ardent effort on the part of the authorities to remove the bed of snow and shape it into these famous “Snow Walls.” Eventually, the 500-meter-long area turns into an attractive and exotic spot for tourists to visit from mid-April to late May. As far as I can comprehend the man in the picture is trying to glorify the huge size of this magnificent snow wall by raising his hand and giving an idea that we are nothing but minuscule creatures in front of it.

Huge Snow Shark

Now, let’s move on to Minnesota a place which also receives heavy snowfall similar to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in Japan being talked about earlier. What you see in the image is a marvelous piece of what one can call “snow-art” by three brothers named Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz who hail from New Brighton. It is apparent that they have shaped the snow in the form of a shark. Well, this is no ordinary shark as it is about 10 feet tall and pushed the brothers to their limit as it took around 95 hours to get built. The beautiful and precisely carved fins and tail of the shark are a result of 10 hours of sincere efforts from the trio. Amazingly, this is not the first time these kids from the Bartz family have come up with a masterpiece like this, as, they successfully modeled a giant puffer fish and a walrus during previous seasons.

Snow Dragon

If you are surprised after seeing the snow shark made by the talented kids from the Bartz family, then brace yourself to witness the giant and glorious figure of a snow-dragon. Well, one message that the image conveys for sure is that the dragon is extremely annoyed with the fact of his inability to fly because of a silly mistake by the creator of not designing his wings made of snow! Yeah, the idea of chaining it to the mailbox is certainly very creative but I fear that it will succumb to the brute force of the dragon of he decided to release himself and go on for a stroll to find his wings. Obviously, one cannot shy away from the fact that it is an extremely wonderful creation by someone who just made some minor mistakes which were capable enough to annoy the dragon.

Talk About Snow Tires

“Tough times don’t last tough people do,” this quote fully suits the genius and creative man who came with the idea of purchasing the all-terrain snow tires that you can see in the image. Talk about a hassle-free and smooth ride in the thickest of snow beds and this man will be at your disposal with his wonderful creation. Though envisioning the sight of the man driving this truck in the middle of a snow desert is quite hilarious, it would come in handy for him in completing the daily tasks without any worries. It is not a creative piece of art than the ones being displayed by the creators in the previous slides but is capable of planting the seed of never losing hope and thinking out of the box in the minds of the people witnessing it.

Angry Snowman

Again an extremely dramatic and innovative display of snow art from someone who loves to play in the snow. Judging from the image, the standing snowman seems to be someone who is extremely short-tempered or the other snowman would have done something very irritating which forced him to resort to such a solution. The anger on the face of the snowman on the left of the image and the contrasting expression of fear on the face of the one on the right is clearly visible. One thing that seems odd in the whole image is the bottle of beer placed above the shovel. Is it the case of domestic violence being committed by the snowman on his wife after getting extremely drunk from a local bar, I wonder. If it is, then it surely demands police inquiry!

Snow Dragon Eats Car

Wait, the sight of this snow dragon is completely opposite to the one we saw earlier. The common thing among the two is that both are in a very bad mood. But, this one has crossed all the limits by trying to devour an entire car through his extremely big mouth. The probability of the owner of the car escaping the loss is extremely rare which is evident by the vigor with which the dragon is attempting to consume it. The sharp teeth of the dragon would have surely deflated the tires. The scary part is, what if his hunger is not satisfied even after engulfing this car. Will, it start attacking anything that comes in his way moving on from non-living objects to innocent citizens or the authorities will find a way to keep the dragon under control is the prime question.

Snow Witch

A more creepy and scary snow figure. This image is certainly not for the weak-hearted. Witches do not exist in real life, right? As, this image conveys a totally different story, with a horrifying snow witch brewing skulls of people who were a victim of her killing spree last night. She managed to kill six sinless people who would not have dreamt in their wildest dreams of meeting up with such a fate a night before. My advice to anyone residing close to this area is to be extremely cautious of this evil witch and avoid going outdoors at night. As this witch is an epitome of mercilessness and pure killer instinct. No wonder, she seems in a joyous mood after being able to treat herself with six human skulls! Scary enough, ain’t it..

Talk About A Heavy Snow

It is very hard to judge from this picture whether the house is covered with snow or is it the other way round. There is even no need to describe the amount of snowfall that this area received. As this image is fully capable of making it clear that the snowfall was so hefty that it kind of consumed the whole mountain cabin. One can do nothing but feel sorry for the owners of this cabin who would have spent hours to clear this mess. Well, it would come as a surprise to you, but, if I would have been the owner of this cabin I would have left it the way it is in the image, as according to me it looks pretty and unique in a way. But, the harsh reality is that this snow ruined a couple of days of the original owner.

Nice Parking Job

One of the worst side effects of snowfall is the devastating blizzards that it brings with itself sometimes. This image shows the aftermath of one such blizzard. Blizzards are extremely ruthless and are capable of killing anyone who comes in its way and simultaneously causing a lot of damage to public property. In this event, these unlucky cars were the one who bore the brunt of a brutal blizzard. One can get an idea of its magnitude by seeing the awkward position in which the frontmost car is stuck in the snow. What was a simple parking lot some time ago turned into a sight of utter devastation and panic in a matter of few minutes, the whole credit for this goes to the snowfall which carried with itself the terrifying blizzard.

Hilarious Snow Art

Is it only me who sees a Shrek on the car? It is said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, but in this case, the devil came up with something tremendously creative. Don’t strain yourself too much as I am talking about the man, the owner of the car who came up with this idea. It was obvious that the snow had ruined his day and his car equally. Seeing no possibility of going to work, the man decided to spend his leisure time doing something creative and unique like the one you see in the image. Surely, the man would have been a skilled one to come up with something like this and showed extreme desire to use his time in a productive way. The way he has designed the eyes, nose, and chin of the man’s face is quite remarkable.

Wrong Shoe Choice

This picture is silly and equally hilarious. I guess this young woman is so addicted to staying in vogue that she was adamant to wear heels even after knowing that the place was dealing with a heavy snowstorm. Well, the image is also evidence of the fact that she learned her lesson in a hard way. As she faced the spine-chilling cold on getting out of the car without wearing anything to protect her from it. On top of that, she was wearing long-heels which were completely opposite of the footwear being advised to walk on snow. I can just hope that she did not hurt herself by falling in her attempt to walk on snow wearing heels and most importantly learned from her mistakes to adapt according to the condition and not acting in a rigid manner every time.

Baby Igloo

Aww! this image is certainly the cutest among the list of pictures present in the list.This little kid seems to have spotted the exact moment for which he had been waiting for. He is certainly into something naughty for which he had been devising plans in his snow lab which you can see at the back of him. Seeing the snowball in his cute little hands, one can judge that he has decided to hammer someone’s face with a snowball setting the exact angle to execute his plan with the mightiest of forces. Surely, this kid is in for many more mischief in the future which is evident from witnessing the eagerness and desire to do something like snowballing someone at such a small age.

Snow Bride

This man has come up with a hilarious and heartfelt way to fulfill his desire of converting his status from single to being in a relationship. The whole setup looks mesmerizing and reminds of the iconic romantic movie scenes. But, there is a twist, the lady love of this man though extremely beautiful is sadly made of snow. Nonetheless, this image teaches us that it is the man who has to find happiness rather than hoping for the reverse to happen. a more dramatic scenario would be the lady cursed to be of snow and coming to life only after being kissed by a man. Well, I guess if this is true then this man is surely one very lucky soul. Surely, this event would have witnessed a very exciting ending.

Homemade Snowplow

This kid is obviously very intelligent and smart. The ample amount of innovation and skill he has displayed by coming up with this home-made snowplow is commendable. Not many people showcase a talent like this at such a young age. He has smartly improvised his plan by using his bike to generate power for his snowplow. His parents surely would have been proud to see their son doing something like this in order to generate some extra money for the winter. This proves that if anyone has the true desire to come up or achieve something then nothing can stop him not even his age. This boy is an inspiration for other kids who waste their precious time doing nothing and loitering around. 

Clean Off Your Entire Car

Taking the first look it seems that the man is either shifting his cuboidal snow box to his new home or delivering it to snow lover. But, what seems to be a hilarious picture in the starting, actually, can prove to be a cause of a fatal accident in reality which could even lead to somebody losing his life most probably someone else other than the driver. This is because of an extremely silly decision on the part of the driver of not getting rid of the snow from the car completely. In an act of laziness, he only cleaned the amount of snow which was required to get his car moving, not paying any heed to the massive load of snow on top of the car. Actually, the snow can harm anyone as it will not stop moving once the car stops and will surely give a deadly blow to anybody who comes under it.

Snow Shark Attacks

Sharks are an extremely dangerous creature. This image just goes on to show that they are equally deadly on snow as they are in seas and oceans. You might recall the devastation that the snow dragon caused, this shark goes one step ahead than it as the image is evident of the fact of the shark leading to some serious casualties. By the looks of it, the chances of the girl under the terrifying grip of the jaws of the shark to survive the attack seem scarce considering the amount of blood she has lost. Only the Almighty knows how many innocent lives this shark will take on its way ahead. The snow shark is proving to be more dangerous than the ones in water because of its rock solid body structure coupled with large and extremely strong jaws.

Headless Snowman

Can you believe your eyes witnessing the sight of this headless snowman? I can’t, seeing the effortlessness with which he is doing it with no sign of pain on his face. On the contrary, the expression on its face suggests that he is trying to scare people by displaying his weird talent. According to me, this snowman is someone to beware of. I wonder what are another sinister acts that this snowman is capable of doing. Surely, he is a threat to mankind. Traveling alone past the area where he lives will surely be an act of foolishness, as this snowman is capable of luring people into the trap he has devised using his evil magic tricks to satisfy his insatiable hunger. Kids, I can only advise you not to be anywhere around this dangerous creature.

Snowman Headstand

This snowman is a former Olympic gold medalist. Obviously, he won it in the gymnastics category. The image is capable enough to show that doing a headstand is a child’s play for him, a fact which gets cemented by the smile this snowman has on his face while doing this amazing act. He is planning on to keep practicing and is extremely focused to win many more laurels for the nation. The one thing on which he needs to work according to me is his hands. Don’t you think they are very feeble when compared to his other body parts? But, don’t worry a proper diet for a couple of months and strong grit of this amazing snowman will certainly sort this problem out. No doubt, this image apart from being inspirational is equally cute too!

He Handles The Snow Well

The man you see in the image is from Finland and apparently is on a mission to prove that people from Finland tackle extreme cold in a completely different way than people from other nations. I just can’t believe my eyes seeing the sight of this crazy man sitting in a tank top covered with huge walls of snow from all the sides. This man is surely not real, look at the calmness and composure at his face while posing for the photograph sitting with a cup of what I guess would be a cold beverage, judging from the level of craziness this man has displayed till now. I just hope that this man is safe and sound after this unbelievable photoshoot and was not frostbitten. Surely, there is a touch of insanity in the air that people from Finland breathe.

Oh No, Huge Mistake

I guess it would not have taken you long to decipher that something is really wrong with this picture. Yes, the sunroof of the car on the left of the image is open and no wonder I can just control my laughter imagining the expression on the face of its owner when he gets a view of the inside of the car. One should never leave the sunroof open, especially in a snowstorm of this magnitude. The owner of this car would have been welcomed to a disastrous sight and it would not be a wrong thing to imagine a hill of snow peaking outside his car’s sunscreen with its base on the driver’s seat.

Snow Car

Finally, somebody comes up with a creation not as dangerous and terrifying as snow dragons and sharks! This car seems to be a sports version and ready to conquer the roads. Surely, driving or even sitting in this car would have been a terrific experience. The dashboard, lights and the exhaust have been perfectly carved out by the maker. One major problem with this car among all the pros is its inability to withstand summer, for obvious reasons. No problem, as the owner would have surely sold it to someone before the end of winter season quite profitably.

Fur Vest Not Enough

It seems that this woman and the woman we saw previously sporting long heels on snow belong to the same family. As this lady is not far behind displaying her foolishness by just wearing this fur in a weather which is evidently extremely cold. I wonder, what this woman was thinking while she was deciding what to wear for going out. Don’t judge the condition of the girl by the calm and cool expression on her face. I bet, she is hiding all the shivers and the strong desire to go to her home by giving such expressions.

Oh No, You Are Stuck

Again, these girls will never understand that sometimes a person needs to drop down the glamour quotient a little bit and respect her surroundings. Apparently, this girl has no idea of what I am talking about as she blatantly decided to go on a long and glamorous drive wearing clothes which are capable of getting her in serious danger of hypothermia. To add to her problems her car is also stuck in the deep snow and seeing the looks of it, the problem seems to be extremely hefty for this girl. Surely, she’ll learn her lesson after this incident.

Chewbacca Hates The Snow

We all would have seen this character named Chewbacca in the famous Star Wars series where he was portrayed as a legendary Wookiee warrior apart from being Han Solo’s co-pilot aboard the Millenium Falcon. Well, we understand that this creature has some great achievements under his name, but the idea of shoveling snow makes it look completely stupid as there is no point in doing it. Yeah, the long natural fur comes in handy for it protecting it against the extremely cold winds.

A Real Life Snowman

If you are wondering who that is, then stop pondering as I have the answer for you. He is the real-life Frosty the Snowman. Yes, he is scarier than he was depicted in the cartoon. He surely doesn’t look in quite a good mood sitting aimlessly on the snow. Seeing his posture it seems to me that somebody pushed him from behind and made him fall, which has made him extremely angry. Yeah, the real-life version of Frosty is not that cheerful as he was in the cartoon series. I wonder what is a watch doing in Frosty’s hand, does he know how to tell the time?

This Dog Loves The Snow

The timing of clicking this amazing picture is perfect. That doesn’t stop us from wondering what this dog was up to while in the air all topsy-turvy. Some obvious guess would be that he is extremely happy after listening to something great which made him so restless that he decided to take this leap of faith. The other case would be that this dog is preparing vigorously for the next year’s “dogalympics”. Whatever it was, I just hope that he landed perfectly after this jump otherwise the scene seems to be a little scary, to be honest.

Snow Bed

Ahh! surely after seeing this picture, a desire of sleeping in this bed would have sprouted up in your heart. The desire intensifies all the more after seeing the boy in the image, who seems to be enjoying the bed completely and with no intention to get off it before evening.Yes, there is a small cute shelf too by the side of the bed on top which the boy has carefully placed a photo and his alarm watch. There is only one problem with this bed that in case of emergency it cannot be shifted to another place. Nevertheless, credit to the maker of this innovative bed.

Push, Push, Push

Yes, you got it right. This image is of the same lady who was stuck with her Volkswagon in the snow. The picture displays that she was accompanied by a foolish friend of hers who is also thought that it would be great coming out in such a cold weather wearing a small skirt. This is what they resorted to after seeing no possibility of someone coming and helping them get out of the snow desert. Luckily, the image suggests that they were able to get their car out of the snow but, I doubt that how far will it go before getting stuck again.

Cold Lips

An extremely cute picture. The look on the face of the snowman stands out after the beautiful girl planted a kiss on his cheek. Surely, the girl made this snowman’s day. No wonder that the two are liking each other’s company. Though, it seems to be an odd pair but believe me they will look great together if the snowman accepts the girl’s proposal. It is hilarious and equally sad to just think of the fact that the girl would be left alone during summers as her partner is clearly incapable to withstand it.

Record Snowfall

This image is of historical significance. If you are wondering when and where it was clicked, then let me tell you that this picture is from Fargo, ND and was clicked in the year 1966. It was the year when the region received an astonishing amount of snowfall continuously for three days. This picture is evident enough to prove that the area was covered with 20 feet of snow after the snowfall, as it has almost reached the top of what is a very tall electrical tower. It would have been an extremely hard time for the people living there at that time.

Snow Bikini

Yes, this is how snowmen and women get a tan. The level of creativity to whosoever designed this is commendable. He has managed to depict the scene of this couple chilling out in a very good manner. No doubt, the image is extremely hilarious and the peaceful look on the face of the snowman is worth watching. The women have come up all prepared by carrying a basket with her full of all the utilities needed such as a snow lotion and many more. The man is focusing on consuming a nice chilled drink while enjoying the weather.

Snow Wall

At the very first look, this looks like a huge snow tent. But, in reality, this is the result of a hefty amount of snow which got collected over days. The picture shows that it would have created a lot of problem for the people living in the house behind blocking their view. Luckily, they have managed to come up with a clear pathway for their car standing in the garage. I am sure this huge snow block would have proved to be a fun place for all the kids in the locality. One should experience this once in a lifetime for sure.

Snow Army

The greatest snow battle ever is on, this image suggests so. Honestly, I have no idea why these sheets of paper are hanging around the snowmen who are eager to defeat the enemy soldiers. The absence of any weapons from the hands of these snowmen suggest that this battle is not a conventional one. As, the objective is to come up with the most humiliating thing against the enemy, which these men have tried to do by writing it on these sheets and coming up for battle. The winner would be the side with the majority of the most humiliating comments on the other. I hope the best won…

Masterful Snow Carving

It would have taken a lot of effort on the part of the creator to come with something so creative. He has managed to come up with all the precise elements of what seems to be around the mouth, which includes a long tongue and a complete set of precisely carved snow teeth. This just goes on to show the level of accuracy and precision with which a man can do things if he is really willing to go for it. I still don’t have any idea whether this figure is meant to depict something. Nevertheless, it is a great sight to watch.

Some Snow In Your Car

It is very difficult to tell what was in there before the snow or the car. Parting away from this dilemma, let’s move on to the real deal, the car. Yes, it is completely destroyed and is a nightmare for any owner. I just wish that the owner of this car wasn’t admitted to a hospital after getting in a state of shock on watching this pathetic state of his beloved car. This is one of the many examples which show that snowfall can sometimes cause a lot of problem for the people living in the area affected by it.

Massive Snowman

If you were bored to see small snowmen then watch this. The man you can see in the picture came up with the idea of making a gigantic snowman and look how perfectly he turned it into reality. The snowman is around 20 feet tall, which is evidently witnessing the fact that the man looks like a tiny creature in front of it. Surely, it would have churned out a lot of energy out of the man who seems ecstatic in this image. The way he is mocking the snowman by making the same pose is hilarious.

Wacky Skier

Whoever sees this image, would not take much time to declare that this man is absolutely crazy. Who in this world comes with something as absurd and hilarious like this. The insanity level of this image is too high. Apart from the skies, everything in this image is weird. Why is this man in shorts amidst all this snow? Somebody really needs to step up and tell this man that he is surely inviting trouble upon himself as the weather is capable enough to make sure that he spends rest of the week in hospital suffering from cold.

Lots Of Snow

An extremely scary vision. The sight of the face of the people to whom that house belonged is giving me goosebumps. One thing’s for sure that this house is extremely strong to not collapse under the hefty amount of snow on top of it. I just feel sorry for the people who used to live in that house as surely, they would have dealt with a lot of problems after this. On a hilarious note, it seems that somebody has placed a gigantic foot on top of the house, isn’t it? or the snow monster forgot to take his feet with him?

Too Cold Ladies

Now even you would have realized the fact that women are extremely fussy when it comes to aspects related to their looks and style. As, this image again proves that without paying any heed to the extreme cold outside, these two ladies put on whatever felt fashionable and stylish to them. Yeah, they realized their mistake the second they came out of their car, which is evident from the expression on their faces. I just hope any women reading this will learn to never do something as outrageous as this.

Duck Down

This duck was comfortable walking on the snow when her padded feet suddenly lost their grip leading to an event you see in the image. Though the duck would not have liked it for sure, it turned out to be something worth laughing over for us. The posture of the duck with her whole body in the air except her head is hilarious.

Cold Dog Feet

The picture is confusing as well as equally hilarious. A lot of interpretations can be made out of it. Well, as far as I can judge the dog on the top played it smart by deciding to get himself piggybacked on his companion. Guessing from the expression the other dog sure didn’t like that idea.

Snowsuit- Out Of This World

I can’t digest the fact that this snowboarder believes that he will jump so high that he’ll reach the outer space, as far as the astronaut suit suggests. Whatever may be the reason, the man looks extremely funny and the suit stands out among the trees and the hill of snow.

Pick A Warmer Seat

something extremely tragic would have struck these two girls which made them forget that they are sobbing while sitting on snow. Somebody needs to go there and help them as the matter are only going to get worse from this. The extreme cold can prove to be fatal for these two adding to their misery.

Nice Shot

This is one of the hilarious images in the whole list. The picture is evident enough to describe what happened. The man you see lying on the snow lost control of his bike and struck the wooden board in a way that is visible by the figure which he has been cast on it. Somebody, please help him…

Snow Tiger

No doubt, the little girl would have been quite scared seeing this one. As the snow tiger has been made so perfectly that one can almost mistake it for a real one. It seems that the tiger has really found the cute little girl to be interesting judging by the way he is looking at her.

Not My Friend!

Seriously! is this for real. The snowman has apparently engulfed this boy’s friend, who is trying desperately to stop him from doing so by pulling his friend out of it. This snowman is really a savage one and people surely need to stop him from making innocent kids his victim.

Snowmen For Sale

The signboard is extremely hilarious. It says, “Snowmen for sale – Cheap. Assembly Required.” Whoever did this is in some serious financial trouble, which made him resort to selling snow. Sadly, he will have to come up with something more lucrative in order to make some money.


The situation is the same, apart from the fact that a few slides back it was a duck and now it is a man. The photo is perfectly timed though. But, I can’t help myself from stating the displeasure that the man would have experienced a few seconds after this picture got clicked.

Iceberg On A Car

Again, a stupid and lazy act which can prove to be very fatal. Somebody needs to tell this man to get rid of the snow block on top of his car as it can seriously injure anyone on whom it falls. One thing that people generally ignore is the fact that the snow keeps on moving even after the car is stopped making it probable for anyone near it to get injured by this heavy block of snow.