Nature is the mother of every species. We can call it a universal shelter. But sometimes, this very motherly nature can turn into the horrible evil that has the capability to destroy someone’s life completely. In this article, we are going to describe that very inclemency that devastated the lives of a whole family. This family of bears faced nature’s cruelty that put their life at risk. You would not believe how far did they go to fight the nature and keep themselves alive. This story is about love, selfishness, betrayal, persistence and lots of awe-inspiring moments. Go through the slides and explore different shades of animal emotions. You can call it an animal version of I shouldn’t be alive. We also have added a video to the last slide that will make your heart overwhelmed with emotions.

Mother Bear

A mother is the best protector one can have. She can go to any length to protect her children. The same can be said about the mother bear. With a giant rough and tough body, she has a soft heart that gets really hurt if something bad happens to her cubs and thereafter what she does is something you can’t even imagine in your worst nightmare. So, you better stay away from them or if you are compelled to approach them then make sure the mother bear is not around or just have a friendly approach if you do not want your bones to be shattered in pieces by the mother bear. They say the love of a mother is boundless. But, is it really boundless or do have some limitations? Well, this story deals with this very notion and its heart-wrenching results!

Lake Vygozero

This tragic incident took place at Lake Vygozero of the Republic of Karelia. Lake Vygozero is a very cold area and sometimes has its temperature sloping down to -20 degree. This bone-cracking cold lake was going to witness a very calamitous and jaw-dropping incident both at the same time. It happened when a mother bear decided to swim the entire lake to get to its another side with her two little cubs. The reason is not clear, it might be because of food scarcity or the family was migrating to different land due to excessive cold. The mother bear was so eager to cross the river that she forgot a very vital point. And that very point was going to pose a big challenge for her.

The Beginning

However, the family went up to the cold river and got ready to swim the icy lake. The mother bear and her two cubs stepped into the water and began to swim. It went smoothly till the water was not deep enough but as the water began to deepen the cubs found it difficult to swim further. Apparently, if they continued to swim any inch ahead the cubs were going to drown. It was clear that the mother-cub could not take into account the incapabilities of her small cubs while making this decision. Now, the situation had really worsened and she could not understand what to do. The heavy current of the lake was making the situation more difficult for them. The forceful currents were pulling the family apart. The bears were struggling hard to stay together.

The Current Of Fear

All their efforts got belittled dramatically in front of the heavy and intense current flow of water. The three fumbled hard to stay above water but were being put down by the current each time. Their mother had held her cubs tightly. Whereas the mother bear was standing tall with her giant body the other two tiny cubs clung to her. It was not the mother bear whose life was at stake but of the two cubs. It was the first time the three was facing the cruelty of nature and this disastrous flow was leading them to a devastating future. Eventually, they all bowed down to the unsurmountable flow of current and got separated.

Selfish Mother?

The mother got separated from her cubs! Now, these two young cubs were left all alone by themselves amid the seamless lake. Not to forget that the two were incapable of swimming. How were they going to survive? But the question prior to that is who led to them to this situation in the first place? It is their mother. Had she fought more bravely who knows she might have overcome the flow? She could have carried her cubs on her back. But she chose to let her young helpless cubs go and swam ahead to save her own life. It’s appalling! Now the question is what is going to happen with them now? Will they lose their life to nature or there would be someone who would drag them out of this life-threatening condition.

Abandoned And Scared

Image result for bears separatedAs the famous Charles Darwin’s theory advocates the survival of fittest it was to see whether the two were fit enough to survive the callousness of nature. As far as their mother is concerned then it had become crystal clear that she did not stand up to the expectations every individual has from a mother. She deftly made her way to the nearest island leaving her trembling and scared kids behind. It sounds really very horrific but if we think another way a question comes to us that was the bear mother really guilty? Is it bad to save own life first? I leave the answer to this question to you. Whatever your answer might be, the one thing is for sure that the abandoned cubs were going to see the hardest time of their life.

Stepping Back

The mother abandoned the two cubs, who are old enough to fend for themselves in Siberia We all know a life in wild is full of uncertainty. Especially when you are too young to take on problems. The problem doubles when you have the nature itself as your opponent. It becomes even more grave when your last hope abandons you in middle. And that is what was happening to these cubs. The cubs were too small to fight for themselves. They frantically fumbled their paw in the lake. With no idea how long were they going to try, it was unlikely that they would be able to survive this. But as we all know nature has always been very unpredictable. So does it mean that they are going to die? You can also see the heart-melting video of both the cubs ahead.        

Losing Hope

The cubs had no way out now. They just had been abandoned by their mother. That must have been an emotional setback to them. There was no one around who could land them a hand of help. They were all alone by themselves battling the death. Have you ever gone through a situation like this when you are completely helpless? Perhaps not. No doubt, these cubs were going through the worst situation of their lives. The cubs finally began to lose hope and were about to give up when they saw something coming their way. A ray of hope!

The Unexpected Twist

Like I said before, that nature is the most unpredictable thing. Here also nature had different plans for these young bears. When the two cubs were struggling hard to get their lives saved, the two were approached by a boat. Call it a stroke of luck or anything the cubs were struggling for their life at the same place where a  boat was crossing them by. The cubs saw the boat coming towards them. I am sure they would have never felt so happy seeing a foreign object approaching them. On perceiving the boat, the two began to swim towards the boat as fast as they can. It’s amazing that the thing called “life” can make strangers friend. It was to see how the fishermen were going to react to the cub’s sudden appearances.

The Approaching Life

Image result for fast boats in waterIt seemed that the fishermen too had seen them coming towards them. So they paced their boat towards those cubs. Fortunately, it did not take them long to get to cubs. The cubs were worn out because of tiredness and had started drowning in the river. It was a crucial moment for the cubs and for the fishermen both who really wanted to rescue them. The bears had now become too tired to even cry out for help. Their body had frozen because of inclement cold. It was not clear whether the cubs were alive or dead as they stopped making the movement. Had they finally given up or were simply too tired to move? Find that out in the next slide!

 The Wait Before Help

Though fishermen reached them, they waited a bit before helping the cubs. They wanted to see if the mother bear is going to help her cubs but by the scenario, it seemed to the fishermen that the mother bear was not going to come back to see their cubs. Another reason why they waited for mother bear to cross the river before saving the cubs was that they did not want her to attack them. Whatsoever, the fishermen waited for the mother bear to reach the nearest island till then the cubs continued to struggle for their life. Once the mother bear reached the island the fishermen quickly jumped into action to rescue the cubs. They also recorded the entire operation.

Rescuing The Cubs

Image result for boat saves drowning bearsThe video has covered every minuscule detail of the rescue operation. From pulling the cubs out of the teeth clattering water to bringing them to the boat. If you want to see that emotional video than all you have to do is clicking through the slides. We have also placed the video in one of these slides for you to have a clearer understanding of this heart-wrenching incident. Though the cubs were taken on the boat successfully it was still not clear if the cubs were alive or had just lost their lives. The fishermen grew really tensed as they too were not sure if they had saved the cubs or not.

Getting A Hold Of Life

As the picture clearly shows the cubs were in a very miserable condition. When the boat approached them, one of the cubs held on the corner of the boat very firmly. Though he was extremely weak, he still had sufficient power to cling on to the boat. Both the cubs were shivering. From head to toe, they were drenched in icy water.Both the cubs were looking scared to death. Naturally, they could not help but hold on to the last hope they came across. Though the cub managed to have a grip on the boat he was too feeble to climb it up. Despite his weakness, he tried hard to get on the boat.

Teeth As A Tool

You can fathom the desperation of the cub by the fact that he tried everything possible to get on the boat. As his hand had stopped working due to the constant swimming and cold he began taking the help of his teeth to stay glue with the boat. He inflicted his teeth to the different parts of boats in order to hold on to it. He did so because he hoped that his teeth would help him lift his body up. But all his efforts were in vain as due to its extremely week and sleeky body he could not bear his own weight, let alone getting on the weight. It’s great to see that the desire to live can make do anyone anything, even if the victim is a dog.

Wild Enough To Pose A Threat?

Image result for boat saves drowning bearsThe fishermen were on their toe to help the drowning cubs. But before extending their hand of help they had to make sure that they would not get into problems in order to help these animals out. Because eventually, they were wild animals. and going near a wild animal is nothing less than inviting the threat. Ruslan Lukanin’s one of the person who also was present on the ship during the incident said ” It was dangerous, of course. But they are living creatures.We couldn’t just look the other way.”However, the situation here was completely different. The cubs were struggling for their lives and there was no chance they were going to retaliate.

The Speaking Eyes

The scenario was remarkable for the fishermen. Both the cubs were drenched in the cold water that also had made their body slippery. What was worst that they were almost on the verge of losing their lives. The trembling cubs knew that they need someone’s help in order to get their life back. Though these cubs were unable to speak their eyes conveyed it all. The fishermen still cannot forget the eyes of the cubs. It seemed like they were asking for help. Clearly, the cubs were desperate to get any help. And seeing a boat coming towards them was nothing less than the blessings for them. Both the cubs looked at the people on the boat as their only savior.

How To Help?

There is nothing bigger than a sense of humanity! The fishermen were too softhearted to ignore their plea. They tried to figure out the strategy to bring those cubs up on the boat. They had to take every step very carefully as any delay or mistake can imperil the lives of these dogs Along with that they did not have much time to ponder. So clearly, they had to find out a solution in no time. They have to be very careful as it was important to them that the cubs do not get hurt. The video has also featured the fishermen talking over the solution. Rescuing the dog was not an easy feat as they were too heavy to lift up by hand. They needed something else for that. It took them some time to find out what they could do but lastly, they found something out.

Talking Things Out

The cubs were very terrified and that is clear in the video. They were trembling with fear. In order to get them calmed and composed the fishermen try to talk with them. They did everything they could to comfort the cubs. But it was not an easy thing to do. At that moment the cubs needed nothing but a dry place to sprawl on. In the video you can hear a rescuer comforting the cubs by saying “Take a rest, little one, take a rest. Hold on, hold on.” “‘Don’t be afraid, just don’t be afraid. We’ll rescue you, don’t be afraid.”

Small But Heavy Ones

They decided to lift the baby cubs with the help of the net. In urge, to help those cubs out they had forgotten that the cubs were also bears. They were very heavy that made it difficult for the rescuers to bring them up. The video that has recorded the incident has a fishermen saying “It’s heavy! The net is rotating.” Another fisherman who was helping him get the cubs on the boat replied: “It’s damned heavy, yes!” That was unlikely that the cubs were going to come up with the help of the net. What other options did they have?

Caught In The Net

They hear shuddering sight was enough for the fishermen to melt for the cubs. They struggled hard to get a suitable solution to this problem when one of them come up with a brilliant idea of saving them. He discussed the idea with his co-workers and executed it. They threw their fishing net into the water. They did it to watch the bear in it and once they had the dog inside it they began to drag it up. Due to the excessive weight of the cub, it was a bit difficult for the men to lift the net up. But as they say, if you are determined then you easily can move a mountain. Another problem was that the cub was yet to adapt to the company of the human.

Half Done

They successfully rescued the first cub but the real problem came when they had to resue the second one. No doubt that pulling the cub with the help of net was a brilliant idea. The cub that was rescued was taken on the boat and was being assisted by the other fishermen whereas the other one was still struggling in the water. Now, the fishermen had to rescue the next cub in distress. It too was shivering with cold and was waiting desperately for the fishermen to bring them on their boat. The cub was moving around the boat and was floating on its back. The condition of the bear was really very appalling.

Mission Accomplished!

The fishermen used their idea of fishing net to rescue the other cubs. Though it was a bit risky as they did not know would the be able to pull this cub out due to its heavy weight. But they had no other option. They gave it another shot and once again put the net into the water. Like earlier, they got the cub into the net and started lifting it up. The cub looked almost lifeless. Its appearance was describing everything about its ordeal. It was to see how much energy was left in him to survive such tense situation.

Recording The Sentiments!

The video aptly describes the connection that a human can have with the strange and presumably wild cubs. It is clear in the tape that the bears were very much scared and were desperate for help. And when they got one they could not help but cling to it. The humans were their only hope for survival. If this story has appealed you then do not forget to watch its video. That would surely tug at your heartstring.

What Next?

The fishermen rescued them and catered to their basic needs. After the bears recuperated and gathered enough strength to stand on their feet the fishermen thought about their shelter. They pondered where should they take them. Should hey take them to their native place or leave them to their habitat? Finally, they decided to let them go. It was not a good idea to keep them with them for a longer time.

Looking Out For Her

Related imageThe fishermen knew where their mother had headed to. The river had 500 plus island but that was not a concern for them as they had seen their mother approaching one of them. All they needed to do was to take these kids to their selfish mother. They hoped that after this incident the mother might take proper care of both.

Surfing Back To The Island

The boat made its way to the upwards the island where the mother bear had swum to. As far as the cubs are concerned they were taking their breath of relaxation on the comfortable boat. Though it was difficult for them to get out of the trauma so easily, they were now in a better state having a blissful life.

Getting Back To Her

After reaching the island, the fishermen to the cubs to the forest where the presence of cubs’ mother was highly anticipated. They left them near a tree. The reason behind their this deed was that they were too weak to take a single step further. The fishermen said, “They were too weak to walk by themselves.” They hoped that their mother would find them easily.

The Saviours

No need to say that the incident must have got inked in the mind of the rescuers. This very incident is phenomenal in the sense that it just not depicted the shocking betrayal by a mother but also reinstates the faith in humanity. The fishermen were extremely happy and content after saving the precious life of those cubs. The fishermen also posted a video online that has recorded this remarkable incident. Those who watched the video were all surprised at the terrified behavior of the cubs. The video also got the fishermen lots of respect and admirations. The cubs would have died if not for these fishermen.

The Lingering Concerns

The concerns of people were still not over. As they did not know how the mother bear was going to treat them after that. But they really hoped that the mother bear would have learned her lessons. From now on, she might not leave her children in distress. It is amazing that the cubs who got abandoned by their mother were rescued by a bunch of unknown species. Check the video in next slide!   

The Video

Finally, here comes the video you must be waiting for. If you have found this unbelievable story really unbelievable than this video will help you to believe this incredible incident. This is true that the fishermen went to any extent to help these dispaired cubs out of their qualms. This is also true that it was all because of cubs brevity and perseverance that the two could make it to the boat and survived lastly. As they say, the fittest survive, here in this case both proved that they are the fittest.