When you think about it, you would find more reasons to prove that it is indeed a strange place we live in. Some of the most unusual things happen every day that bring us shock and wonder. As days go by, we find more and more discoveries that prove to be out of the ordinary. This story is another very intriguing incident about a baby that is born with an unusual characteristic. Have you ever seen a grey haired baby? Apparently it is a very rare case that leaves many parents puzzled. Go on, have a read…

A Baby Born With White Hair

Majority of us only worry about problems like saggy skin, wrinkled faces or grey hair when we reach a very old age. Baby Bence has a very different case. This baby, from Székesfehérvár, Hungary, was born with a head covered with white/grey hair.

Is This Abnormal Or Not?

Bence was born rather normal at 21 inches and 12 pounds. When newborns come out with a full set of hair, it is very shocking but a baby with a full set of grey hair takes the crown as the most bizarre.

Is There Any Reasonable Explanation For This?

Doctors had confirmed that this baby was indeed healthy in all other aspects of any other baby should be. But was his hair caused by albinism? It was indeed confusing for the experts…

Is It The Levels Of Melanin?

One of the most convincing explanations would be the melanin level of the baby. It would appear that the color of his hair was due to low levels of melanin. The doctors wanted to make sure so they decided to run a blood test.

It Affects Only In His Hair

Dr. Zoltan Kummer made a confirmation that baby Bence was indeed low on melanin. But then, why did this affect just his hair and not his skin? This newborn’s immune system and other health concerns showed no signs of issues at all. It was his strange hair.

It Could Be Just Prenatal Stress

Was the color of his hair symptoms that he had prenatal stress or is he suffering from some type of illness? Many infants are prone to problems light birth weight or premature birth if they experience stress in the womb.

Giving Him The Nickname Prince Charming

Because there was so much of confusion and drama that surrounded this adorable baby when he was born, they decided to give him a nickname “Prince Charming.” Dr. Kummer claims that his hair would go darker as years went on.

Is This Really Albinism Or Not?

Bence has a very different look so obviously people were quick to point out his look and appearance. One person has a contrasting opinion and thinks his hair would not turn darker and is a sign of early albinism. Do these infants need extra care as well?

Getting The Right Diagnosis

“It can be underdiagnosed. One of my grandchildren has yellow albinism. It was brought to our attention by the eye doctor when he was 2. He is now 12 and is considered legally blind,” one person left a comment on social media.

There Are Some Similar Cases

“My daughter was born with hair like that. She has dirty blonde hair now and some pigment but she has albinism,” one woman said.

An Otherwise Healthy Baby

There are many opinions shared as to why his hair turned out like this where it could even be lack of vitamin B12. There is no sign of albinism in Bence’s genetic test results. One girl was also born with a streak of white hair amidst her black curly hair.

The Little Girl With The Streak

There was also one baby girl name MilliAnna who came into this world in 2016. This newborn baby girl was given all the care she needs. But even she was born with a full set of black hair and a white streak in the middle.

Is The Reason For This Just Pigmentation Loss

On a tiny part of MilliAnna’s hair, there was clearly some pigmentation lost. She is such a cute baby that comparing her to Cruella de Vil would be a crime. But the hair though…

A Very Common Family Hair

This baby’s case is a little different as it runs in the family. The females in her family have time and again been born with a white streak in their dark hair.

A Condition Known As Poliosis

This phenomenon is known as poliosis. This causes the forehead or the head to have a pigmentation-free spot where even the hair turns white.

It Also Happens To Fit The Family Style

MilliAnna’s mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother have all had a streak of white hair in their hair. All of them have carried the look off with confidence.

The Hair Condition Spanning Four Generations

There is a big chance that even her kid would be born with a white streak in her hair. Here are some babies with a full set of hair (with no streak or grays) looking too adorable.

Babies With A Full Head Of Hair

Many babies can experience a change in their genes that differentiates them from other babies. This baby had no problem in growing a full set of beautiful hair.

Some Very Thick Haired Babies

Having a baby with a full set of hair is not that rare but it does come quite surprising for expecting parents. Look at the thickness of this baby’s hair. Some babies are even born with full sets of teeth. Unbelievable? Check this out…

Some Babies Are Born With Teeth

Around 2,000 to 3,000 of the babies born have two teeth they are born with. Alyssa Bailey was a newborn who had two teeth that she developed at birth. Just look at how lovable she still is!

Some Final Thoughts

Some babies scare doctors because of their unnatural state at birth. These white haired babies are fortunately the cutest little things that you just want to hug and kiss.

Some Other Theories Were Also Voiced

Most babies with white hair are considered as platinum blond babies or towheads. A towhead is described as someone with very clear blond hair.

Some Of The Mothers’ Thoughts

Mothers have talked about their platinum babies on websites where one says, “Everyone seems to act as though my little blondie is one of the rarest things they’ve ever seen. We can’t take him anywhere without everyone fawning over him…to the point of where if we want to do an errand, the best thing to do is put a hat on him.”

Is This A Rare Condition?

What if Bence is just another platinum blond baby who does not have grey hair? A mother commented, “My brother was born so blond he looked bald! My friend’s twins are the same, their hair is white blond.”

Or Could They Just Be Of  The Targaryen Descent?

There have also been speculations that these babies are linked to a television show. This is the Game of Thrones theory. Could these babies be the descendants of Daenerys Targaryen? Just saying…