Nothing can compare to the kind of love a dog has towards his master. It is truly an unconditional type of love that we as humans often look for in other people. This dog here proved to be an important factor in this remarkable story involving love and loyalty.

The Unconditional Love of a Dog

The best perk of owning a dog is getting to feel their undying love. Dogs make the best pets because of their loyalty, love, and devotion towards their owners. Even though at times dogs tend to get a little mischievous, they always make it up to their masters by being there for them.

The Perfect Companion

One such dog that made its owner very happy was this dog right here. The owners of Saki said that she was literally the perfect companion. But like many dogs, there was a problem with Saki. She had a habit of escaping from the backyard and running out without supervision. 

A Hard Knock Life

Saki was originally from Sacramento, California. She was a rescued stray dog that found her way into the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. The shelter found that Saki would make for an efficient service dog because of her exceptional temperament and cleverness.

Resisting Training

A service dog trainer named Danny took Saki in and did not waste any time to train her. Saki initially showed signs of potential but then it was soon revealed that she was not interested in the whole service dog life. There was something holding the dog back.

The Blonde Boy

The trainer Danny did not get the reason why Saki was not cooperating. Saki had all the traits that were fit for a service dog to possess. There was one big problem. This problem came in the shape of a young boy with blond ringlets that had distracted Saki.

Delayed Development

A six-year-old boy named Danny Mangold who stayed in the same street was this distraction. Danny had become a very introverted young boy who had faced many obstacles coming his way. His doctors could not pinpoint what was wrong with him. He, however, found friendship in Saki.

A Heartbreaking Beginning

Danny grew up with a lot of difficulties on how he was brought up. Danny was born in Florida to a 17-year-old illiterate dad. His father agreed to let Dixie and Dan Morgan adopt him as he knew for sure he would not be able to care for his son.

Falling Behind

Danny grew up not able to consume solid food and had trouble lifting his head up.He had a terrible speed in learning new things. He has difficulty in his speech and it took him very long till he could be able to crawl and walk in comparison to other kids his age.

Wishing and Hoping

“It’s frustrating because every parent hopes her child will excel,” Dixie had revealed in an interview she gave back in the year 1999. “So we coached him, we urged him, we encouraged him. But we knew from the first time we met him that he had problems.”

The Struggle Continues

Danny began school in a special education program but was still having trouble coping with his studies and friends. Even at an age of 5, he was still behind most of his classmates. Danny could not use the restroom on his own and he could not form proper sentences.

A Strained Marriage

His mother and her husband soon had multiple fights and arguments due to his condition. In the end, his parents decided to separate. She then moved with the kids to Ojai, California. She got back together with her ex and married him after a while.

An Unexpected Friend

Danny’s family soon found themselves living nearby to dog trainer Dennie’s place. Nobody expected Saki to play such an important role in their lives.  This stray dog with a lot of love to give was soon going to change their lives for the better.

Sneaky Saki

Danny soon discovered that Saki had a habit of sneaking out of their backyard to play in their neighbor’s house. He did not know the main reason why this dog was behaving like this. But soon, he found out that the dog went there to meet Danny.

Friends Forever

Danny’s mom could see that the dog was having a positive impact on her son. She was quoted saying, “I was touched by the way Saki and Danny connected. Socially, he doesn’t always interact effectively with his peers. But he did with the dog. Saki understood him. They understood each other.”

Danny’s Speech Improves

The family soon saw a noticeable change in Danny’s lifestyle after he and the dear dog strengthened their bond. Danny was not just improving his skills in communicating but was also able to use the toilet on his own. The growth was incredible.

An Amazing Transformation

Danny would soon frame proper sentences. He would mouth sentences like, “This is my puppy” and “I am Saki’s dad.” Dixie soon found out what the dog was doing to her dear son. She was indeed very pleased to see that Danny had found a companion in Saki.

His Mother’s Words

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“It’s an amazing thing, but I believe Saki really has made a difference in Danny,” told Dixie, 43, who is Danny’s mother and a high school English teacher to the interviewers. “Danny has made great strides, and we hadn’t seen that kind of physical and social development before.”

The Caretaker Also Agrees

Image result for saki and danny dogSaki and Danny immediately bonded and connected. They both loved playing catch and running about in the playgrounds. They would be taking naps and watched television, up until Saki’s caretaker brought her back home. Even her caretaker felt bad keeping them apart.

A Few Milestones

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Morgan felt that it was just sheer coincidence initially. She was skeptical to believe that an animal could have such an impact on her son. But very soon Danny learned how to throw a ball straight and also began using the toilet by himself.

A No-Nonsense Mother Believes

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“I didn’t want to mystify it, I didn’t want to anthropomorphize the dog,” said Dixie, who does not tolerate nonsense. “I didn’t want to credit a dog with toilet training. But Saki really seems to have had an impact on Danny.”

Sticking Together

Dixie then spoke to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation to see if they could keep Saki. The answer was not what she had expected because the shelter could not let them keep Saki. So were Danny and Saki going to be separated?

A Special Relationship

Saki was also very happy with where she was now. Dixie then invited the shelter’s president Wilma Melville to come to her home and hopefully get why she wanted to keep the dog so bad. She needed Wilma to see that special relationship for herself.

Two Peas in a Pod

So as everyone hoped, Wilma did see why Saki and Danny were better off being together. “To let the dog go, it was not easy,” she revealed. “But we decided that the dog had a real use here. She and Danny made a very heartwarming attachment.”

Advancing Quickly

After the shelter agreed to let Danny and his family keep Saki, the progress grew more and more.Danny took the full duty to brush her coat, feed her and even slept with the sweet pooch. He was the best master Saki could have ever wished for.

A Dog’s Impact

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This strong bond did not shock  Beverly Sigafoos, executive director of Canine Support Teams Inc., that is responsible for assigning trained dogs for disabled people. These dogs can not only open and close doors, turn on and turn off lights and retrieve items, but also support their disabled owners emotionally.

Forever Thankful

Danny’s eldest sister even claimed that Saki was the best thing that had ever happened to her lovely brother. She even said,“You know how a butterfly can’t live without his wings? That’s how it is for them.” The dog was truly responsible for bettering Danny.

A Lesson On Friendship

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This story teaches us a very important lesson. Sometimes, all you need is a pet that loves you so much that your self-esteem and self-worth grows. The story of Saki and Danny is an inspirational one that we can all learn from regarding friendship and being there for each other.