It is a daily routine for the farmers to check the progress of the crops that they hope to reap as soon as possible apart from the other tasks of tending to their land. Similar was the case with a farmer who is being talked about in this article. Well, primarily it is not him but the extraordinary sight that he witnessed while passing through a stream in his farm. The thing that he saw became a reason for unsettling everyone who stayed in the small town where the farm was located. Not to mention that the discovery also garnered the attention of the experts and the media from across the globe completely changing the life of a normal farmer. Read on to find out what had happened…

A Christmas Surprise

Argentina farm discovery Jose Antonio Nievas, a farmer by profession decided to go for a stroll on his field to feel the joy in the air of a Christmas day in the year 2015. But, what was meant to be a casual walk soon turned into something extremely dramatic. The event which took place not long after the farmer had started walking his farm was so strange that it caught the attention of all the people residing in that small town. Well, we all know that the common sightings in a farm cannot go far beyond plants and animals, but, in the case of Nievas, this was not true. What he came across with was a surprise for him too as he had never encountered such a thing in his entire life. But, what was it?

Finding A Foreign Object

mysterious discovery 2 ton mysteryThe farm that became a common feature of the front page of most of the newspapers and magazines was located in Carlos Spegazzini. It is a city located 25 miles (40 km) south of Buenos Aires. As already told before, Jose was taking a normal walk when his eyes caught something extremely striking as he passed a stream that inside the boundaries of his property. He was instantly taken aback by the sight of an extremely creepy round shaped object which looked like a large stone to him on the very first sight. But, he was forced to rethink his judgment on what the object was, once he started to get a closer look at it while walking towards it.

Not What it Seemed

Argentina farmer's mysterious discovery On reaching really close to it, Nievas got convinced that it was something other than a round stone. In fact, it was something completely opposite to what he had been thinking. Since the object was covered with mud completely, Nievas was not able to reach a conclusion whether to go close to the object or not. Being a brave man, he decided to move towards it and find out about it. It was not long after that the farmer started to clear the mud from the round surface of the object and while doing it a range of ideas on what he could witness popped up in his mind. He discarded the previously held thought of it being around stone after witnessing the object to be covered with eerie textured scales along with strange green hues scattered in some areas of it. To be honest, there was no chance that the farmer from Argentina would have guessed the real identity of the round object. Yes, the object was something far beyond his imagination!!

Calling For Assistance

Argentina farmer's discoveryNieves’ attempt at trying to dig out the mysterious object out of the mud in order to inspect it ended up in vain. The reason is that the object was extremely heavy and would not get dislodged from the river bank very easily. So, a curious Nieves called his wife and told her to come to the place where he had made the unbelievable sighting. His wife, Reina Coronel initially thought that her husband was making a fool of her by falsely claiming to see something extraordinary, but, after taking a look on the object herself after reaching the stream she got convinced that Nieves was telling the truth. So, what happened next?

A Giant Dinosaur Egg?

farmer's mysterious discovery “My husband went out to the car and when he came back he said, ‘Hey, I just found an egg that looks like it came from a dinosaur,” she stated. “We all laughed because we thought it was a joke.” Who knew that the words that Nieves uttered were strangely going to be true and were certainly not a joke. The image you see is the exact view that Reina had once she accompanied her husband but like her don’t confuse it for a giant egg which looks similar to something used as a prop in the movie Jurassic Park. The couple was totally confused as they were not able to find out the real truth behind it. But, it was not long that they all their doubts were going to vanish completely.

Bigger Than The Two Of Them

Argentina Jose Antonio Nievas farmers discovery Nieves started to work on the task for which he had originally called his family which was of dislodging the object from the mud and out of the cavity that you can clearly see in the image without harming it even the slightest bit. Unfortunately, Nieves failed in his attempt this time along with his family because the actual size of the object was much bigger than they had expected not to forget its enormous weight. So, the next step the couple took was to call the police for help with the hope that they could remove it from the muddy water and reveal its true identity. But, what happened after the arrival of the police was something that the family had not expected in their wildest dreams!

Big Discovery In A Small Town

Argentina farmer discoveryThe news of the sighting of an out worldly object had spread like wildfire across the town which led to a large number of people crowding around the stream in order to get a look on the “round- object” and take its picture. This all happened even before the police reached there. A series of suggestions and claims regarding the identity of the object came through the mouths of the people standing there and the policemen after they reached there. Unluckily, nothing was proving to be satisfactory and reaching a definite conclusion. The police were also left puzzled and a little baffled on the inability of Jose and his family to give any response to the questions being asked by them centered around the finding. Interestingly, Jose’s dog started behaving abnormally once it made it way close to the round object. Was it really something magical or from some other planet?

A Clue From A Canine?

Farmer's discovery ArgentinaWhile the police were asking questions about Jose’s family the dog went through unnoticed towards the big object lying on the riverbed. Once the dog started sniffing the stone after reaching close he barked incessantly. This event raised doubts in the minds of each and everyone standing there and made them believe that it was something other than a normal stone. People had their ingenious versions of describing the mystery of the scales present on it. Sadly, all the explanations were illogical and didn’t help the authorities in any way. Till that time the police had made up their mind that some serious steps were the need of the hour if the mystery was to be solved.

Turning To The Experts

Argentina giant shellSubsequently, they decided to seek the help of experts who dealt with strange sightings such as this one. So, they called 2 local archaeologists and hoped that they would come up with something that would put an end to this mystery. Just after the very first sight of the object, the archaeologists felt like being on top of the world getting a chance to study it, which was evident by the expressions on their face. Though their joy and excitement did not enable them to come with the required answer that the police were waiting for, they told that it was a relic belonging to the ancient times. They stated that more tests needed to be conducted in order to get a complete idea of it. After they removed it and took it to the lab, the results which came out even left them totally shocked.

A Huge Challenge

Archaeologists Argentina giant shellWell, the period between first laying eyes on it and taking the object to the lab was a very difficult one for the experts. The primary reason of this was the gigantic size of the object which the experts came to witness after digging it out of the riverbed. Apart from being huge in size, it was equally heavy too with a weight of around two tons. The material of the object was very hard. It required some ardent and careful effort from them in order to dig around the precious artifact. Finally, after hours of toiling in the sun and mud, the experts were able to take it out where they further transported it to the lab for additional research which revealed an unimaginable truth!

Lab Results

Farmer's shocking discoveryWhile the artifact was in the lab, it went through series of examinations along with its sample being carefully looked at under a microscope. These test helped the scientists to witness the details that a naked eye was unable to and apparently it helped them the excitement of which they carried on their faces. The results clearly proved that the object that Jose had discovered in his farm was neither a giant egg nor a thing from outer space. It was something much more than that and was evidently capable of shocking the scientists as well as the rest of the world.

The Unexpected Answer

Argentina farmer fossil discovery What originally seemed to be an unsolvable mystery now had some answers. As the scientist stated that the strange 2-ton discovery was actually an ancient fossil of a prehistoric beast which luckily managed to be efficiently preserved naturally. They even claimed confidently that the giant fossil which can easily be dated back to 10,000 years acted belonged to a prehistoric creature which was extinct long ago named glyptodon. The fossil is believed to act as the armor like a turtle’s shell for the creature. But, still, there were some more doubts remaining that of the reason for it ending up in Jose Antonio Nievas’ farm in Argentina!

Doubts About Identity

Farmer's mysterious discoveryAs soon as this conclusion to which the scientists had reached surfaced in the media everyone was left shocked. According to the experts, the discovery was a very rare one. Though, there were some people who questioned the validity of the judgment and the results claiming that it was possible to preserve the shell in intentionally seeing its perfect condition and the characteristic upright position in which the glyptodon are believed to die after being turned over on their shell. This sparked a completely new controversy surrounding the discovery.

Could It Be A Hoax?

Argentina glyptodon shellPeople who were doubting the claims of the scientists were supported by other experts as well claiming that the discovery was a staged hoax. There were numerous versions of the whole discovery given by numerous scientists who studied the relic directly along with those who did it through photographs and footage of the shell. Prof. Adrian Lister of the Natural History Museum in London went on to say that it was not very rare to witness the kind of fossil being found from the Argentinian farm as erosion prone flowing bodies of water generally are capable of revealing age-old shells and bones. He added that the reason for it being in perfect condition was the mud around it which kept it safe. But, this was not all…

The Mystery Explained

Argentina giant shell “It would be an ingenious hoaxer who would construct such a thing,” said Prof. Lister. “The shell looks like a genuine glyptodon shell, and the hole is “wear and tear,” not where the head or tail went,” he added. Lister’s statements were supported by other experts too. “There is no doubt that it looks like a glyptodon,” remarked paleontologist Alejandro Kramarz of the Bernadino Rivadavia Natural Science Museum. Yeah, it’s obvious that you might be thinking about the unusual and ancient creature that we have been talking about. Don’t worry we’ll clear that doubt in your mind too. Read on…

Uncovering Mysteries Of The Glyptodon

Glyptodont extinct animalGlyptodons are not among the prominent creatures like the giant sloth and saber-toothed cats from the Ice age that have mentioned frequently by the experts. Glyptodons existed on the planet during the last Ice Age. Well, one gets an idea of its structure from the fact that they weighed and sized similarly to a Volkswagen Beetle. Their most unique feature was their armor which was round plated and was around two inches thick. Apart from it they also had a bony cap on the top of their skull majorly for protection with a spiked tail to fight against predators. They are known to be calm herbivores who lived near lakes and rivers.

Ancient Origins

Glyptodont fossilThe fact that glyptodons are believed to originate and evolve in South America strengthens the validity of the fossil found on the farm of Antonio Nievas. The creature existed on the planet for millions of years. Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay are the countries where there remains have been found by the archaeologists. It is also said that the species migrated towards present-day U.S.A after the continent of South and North America fused during the Great American Interchange.

Extinct But Not Irrelevant

Glyptodont fossil“The animal became extinct thousands of years ago and it is very common to find their fossils in this region,” said paleontologist Alejandro Kramarz in an interview with AFP. Surprisingly, experts have established their connection with another species that were the reason for their extinction. Humans, yes, are believed to have been the reason for their extinction 10,000 years ago as they killed the creature and used their shell for protection. The period when humans arrived in the Americas the species went extinct is a popular theory. Well, you would have surely seen their modern day ancestors…

Not-So-Rare Relatives

Armadillo glyptodont It is the huge size of the glyptodons that has become the reason for prolonged doubt in the minds of scientists studying their lineage. But, lately, have come to a conclusion that they are an ancient relative of a much smaller mammal who also has a protective shell. It is the present day armadillo that we are talking about. There was something else that surprised the scientists after finding the fossil in Antonio’s farm in Argentina.

It Wasn’t Even That Big

Prehistoric extinct glyptodont Though, for the people present in the farm the fossil seemed to be quite big, yes, which it was for sure, but, not when compared to the shell of the much older members of the species as studied by the scientists. According to paleontologists, the shell of the full mature members of the species measured around 11 feet in length. The thought of these big creatures roaming on the surface of the earth can leave anyone amazed and ponder for hours. Surely, Jose Antonio Nieves helped the scientists a lot through his amazing discovery, but, he is not the only one to do such a thing. Read on for an even more extraordinary discovery.

Another Farmer’s Mysterious Discovery

Argentina farmer's glyptodont shell If you are thinking that the discovery narrated above which took place in Argentina is one of a kind then you are wrong. As an equally astonishing discovery was made in a soybean field located in Michigan. The owner of the field James Bristle was working on the field as a part of his normal routine when he came across something that totally transformed his life and made him an international media phenomenon.

Digging Toward A Surprise

James Bristle Michigan farmerIt was not long before James Bristle decided to own the field near the Ann Arbor-area city of Chelsea. He came to the realization of making some drastic infrastructural changes in October 2015 and consequently, moved forward in laying a life station for a natural gas line. The line in order to be installed required some serious efforts by Bristle and one of his colleagues to plow the field deep. They were taken aback when their plow hit something while they were digging. What was it?

Unearthing The Unexpected

Michigan farmer discoveryBristle didn’t make much of the event and thought that it was just a stone or a root that he and his partner had hit. In order to find out what the obstacle was, he got down on his hands and knees starting the inspection. He was getting an idea that the object was hard and smooth as he continued to clear the soil in the way of him and the object. Though, they both had no idea initially, moments later they were sure that they had found something very strange.

A Bent Fence Post?

Farmer's mysterious discovery - MichiganAfter taking a look at it the farmer from Michigan thought that he had found a bent fence post as the object looked similar to it. James decided not to stop and continue the digging work without throwing away the object. “We knew it was something that was out of the norm,” Bristle told. “My grandson came over to look at it, he’s 5-years-old, he was speechless.” Well, his decision of not stopping there led him to discover something more shocking and speechless.

They May Have Never Found It

Farmer's mysterious discovery - MichiganIt was not before cleaning the object thoroughly that Bristle came to the conclusion of holding a kind of bone.But, the fact that tempted him to ponder was that the bone was so big in size that one could easily say that it did not belong to any animal from around their area. They could only say that the shape of the pieces of skeleton indicated that it was a rib bone. Bristle had purchased the land from one of his family member who had owned it since the 1950s. He had no idea that this purchase would turn his life upside down.

 Digging For Answers

Farmer's mysterious discovery - MichiganAfter making the first discovery Bristle’s curiosity heightened and he kept on digging even deeper to find more clues. It seemed that his hard work would not go in vain when he found another bone after some time. But, the second find only led to raising doubts and suspicion in his mind as it was much bigger than the previous one. Bristle decided to call for help by telling the people about his findings and in no time there was a 10-feet-deep tunnel dug out in the field. The event caught the attention of locals who were seen rushing towards the site.

An Unidentifiable Creature

The news outlets also popped up realizing the potential of the findings turning into a sensational story. People came up with different versions of their stories on how the bones landed on the man’s farm and what they exactly were. Some started firmly believing that the bones belonged to an elephant after a skull attached with two long tusks were also dug out. But, they were not aware of the fact that they were going to be left shocked on finding the real answer.

Time To Make A Call

James Bristle farmer discovery MichiganIt was after finding a skull and two expansive tusks that James decided that the matter should now be handed over to an expert. It was because of this that he sought the help of Prof. Daniel Fisher from the University of Michigan’s Museum of Paleontology. Daniel arrived on the site with a team consisting of his students and immediately the whole process speeded up drastically. Obviously, it didn’t take them long to witness something totally unexpected.

A Historic Find

Farmer's mysterious discovery - MichiganThey were helped by a local excavator who lent them his large machinery and expert opinion thus, making the process more efficient. The words that he said,“He said he’s been digging for 45 years and he’s seen nothing like this,” made a place in Bristle’s heart forever. Well, the fact that the bones were of a woolly mammoth who had gone extinct hundreds of years ago gave goosebumps to everyone who witnessed it. But, this was not the end of the series of interesting discoveries made there.

A Mammoth Discovery

Farmer's mysterious discovery - Bristle mammothThe excavators went on to discover much more than just the skull and tusks of the animal.”When my five-year-old grandson came over and saw the pelvis, he just stood there with his jaw wide open and stared. He was in awe,” Bristle said. After collecting all the pieces the experts took it to a museum where its validity was confirmed. The museum authorities told them that the bones really belonged to the ancient creature apart from revealing some other astonishing details.

The Human Touch

woolly mammoth discovery james bristle 2 ton mysteryThe findings in Argentina described previously and this one in Michigan ended up people questioning the reason for them ending up there. Talking about farmers witnessing strange things, the incident of a South American farmer coming across an Ice Age relic later named, “Michigan Mammoth” is worth mentioning. Michigan Prof. Dan Fisher went on to state that the mammoth aged around 40-years when it met its death based on his hypothesis. He added, “We think that humans were here and may have butchered and stashed the meat so that they could come back later for it.”

The Bristle Mammoth

Farmer's mysterious discovery - Bristle MammothThe significance of the discovery increases from the fact that Mammoths along with their distant relative, the mastodon, are known to be the most prominent species from the Ice Age to ever grace the earth. Prof. Fisher claimed that the bones dated back to 15,000 years before and were of a creature that got extinct some 10,000 years ago are the ancestors of modern elephants.

Revolutionary Evidence?

Farmer's mysterious discovery - Michigan mammothResearch on the structure unearthed continued in order to find some more clues to get an idea of any human presence at that time such as a cut mark. This discovery can prove to revolutionary giving an exact description of the arrival of mankind on the planet and would prove whether the theory of the woolly mammoth and humans interacting in the eastern Great Lakes basin is true or not.

Mammoth Findings Are Common?

Michigan farmer mammoth mysterious discoveryThe sheer rarity of the discovery has made it more astonishing. “We get calls once or twice a year about new specimens like this,” Fisher told, adding, “however, that they usually turn out to be mastodons.” Michigan has previously been the site from where 30 mammoth and 300 mastodon findings have been made.

Cross-Continental Coincidences

Farmer's mysterious discovery - woolly mammothIt is because of alert and inquisitive farmers like James Bristle and Jose Antonio Nievas, that the scientists are able to receive a specimen on which they can conduct research and come with far-reaching results on the history of planet Earth. These extremely precious specimens are now in the safe custody of the scientists rather than being buried in a farm.