Giant Endangered Turtle Found Sliced In Half At A Singapore Beach

A dead giant turtle was discovered on a beach in Singapore with its shell sliced open and it is being suspected that it might have been caught in a boat’s propeller. The endangered animal is being described as more than one metre long and was discovered by a man who was jogging along the beach.

An endangered giant sea turtle was found dead by a jogger on a Singapore beach

The man named Chandran V R said: “The smell was overpowering, and when I followed the smell I saw a bulky item… I walked towards it and saw the turtle and it was dead. Cautiously I walked around it and I can see that there was a slash or a cut (on the shell)… In my opinion it was probably done by a propeller.”

The sea creature had likely been harmed by a boat's propeller, marine experts said

He immediately called police to the spot because he was worried that someone would take the turtle’s body as people are known to eat turples in ‘this part of this region’. He said he did not want people to dismember his body.

The sea turtle's shell had been sliced almost completely in half by the propeller blade

Stephen Beng, chair of the Singapore Nature Society’s Marine Conservation Group, said that the animal looked like a female green sea turtle which has been declared as endangered by environmental group World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

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She added that the injury scars are most definitely from a boat strike and the turtle was most likely trying to dash for cover when he was struck by the large boat propeller.

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