Terfel is a Labrador who has seen only tragedies in his life. He got impacted so much by the hardships of life that he decided to boycott the entire world. He did boycott the entire world as planned by him but then something completely unplanned took place in his life that turned his life upside down. The blind dog who once hesitated from stepping outside began to run aimlessly in the playground. What do you think it takes for an individual to change completely? Don’t know? Wanna know? Then just keep clicking through the slides and find out that important factor in this heartwarming story.

Old And Gloomy!

Imagine, a day full of dark, so dark that you can’t see anything and anyone. You are no more able to feast your eye on the beauty of nature nor you can see your dear ones while listening to them, as you have gone blind. We really hope no tragedy like this would ever touch you. But not just the thought of it makes you shudder. It is important for you to imagine these heartbreaking situation in order to understand the emotions embedded in this story that is about a blind dog called Terfel. Terfel is an eight-year-old farm dog coming from Labrador retriever breed. Terfel was not always blind, there was a time when he could see and at those time what he saw was nothing but tragedies. It was after going blind he saw something beautiful in his life. Something that is most unexpected by anyone.

Labrador Retrievers!

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Labrador retrievers are very fun loving, easy going and handsome dogs. Their adorable nature makes them one of the most popular dogs ever. From being hunting dog, show dog, canine dog to domesticated dog, Labrador is a versatile canine. This kind of versatility is not found in other breeds. They are highly active dogs who prefer to stay outdoors in the playground. Because of their high energy, it is pertinent to make the dog do lots of exercises. This breed is the very friendly companion. Terfel being a Labrador retriever had all these qualities but unfortunately had forgotten all of them due to his miserable condition. Let see, what it takes for this miserable dog to get his cheerful life back in next slides.

The Lonesome Blind!

The symptoms of Terfel’s blindness surfaced when he frequently started bumping into things. His constant collision broke his confidence and resultantly, he gave up walking. His blindness clouded him gradually that remained obscure for a long time until he started behaving extraordinarily. Along with being blind, this 14-year-old dog is partially deaf too. That makes it even more difficult for him. Dogs love to run and walk but this poor Poonch abandoned all these hobbies in fear of running into things and injuring himself. So, he limited himself to a tiny box. This all kept on happening till the time, a magic happened in his life that had no way out.

Humans Are Not Dogs Best Friend!

Unlike dogs, humans are so lucky. They have every service at their disposal. Whereas dogs crave for people’s attention towards their wounds, let alone services. You must have come across such heartbreaking sights where a dog is laid sheeted with wounds and nobody cares to give a damn. There are overflooding cases of dogs giving up their lives because of their untreated injuries. Terfel too had no one who could care for him except for his owner who was too old to take care of all basic needs of this blind dog. Terfel stopped interacting with anyone. It was a problem for the owner too. Little did she know that very soon all her problems were going to disappear in smoke.

 The Owner!

Terfel is owned by Judy Godfrey-Brown who is an old lady now. She takes the best care of his pet in her power. She had adopted Terfel from his ex-owner. She resides in the Holyhead, North Wales. No doubt, Judy gave the dog a better life as Terfel had been extensively brutalized by his previous owner. In one instance, the cruel former owner hurled the dog against a wall coldly. At that time Terfel was very young. It was not the only case of brutality practiced by the owner. Hundreds of times, Terfel had become the victim of his owner’s mood. Judy the current owner is a retired civil servant of Holyhead. She is an animal lover who has adopted many animals other than Terfel.

It Happened!

Because of the constant barbaric treatment meted out to him, the dog eventually became partially deaf. Along with that, his seeing abilities also began to suffer. His eyesight began to dwindle. His old master had no feelings of sympathy for his pet so the dog had to suffer all the trauma quietly. Naturally, no one bothered to notice the changes in the dog until it took an extreme form. Lastly, he was taken to a vet when he got 8 years old. It was then, the vets noticed cataracts on his eyes. The dog’s eye had turned into milky white. The cataract gradually led to the complete blindness in the dog. 

What Is Cataract?

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Cataract is caused by the breaking of lens fiber with the eyes. When the excess water in the back of the actual lense overflows to the actual lens leads to cataracts. Cataract is commonly found in humans and dogs. As far as dogs are concerned then this species is predisposed to many types of cataracts. They can develop single eye cataract or some cataracts clouds both the eyes. The one with cataracts has whiteness in the affected lens. Cataract is a dangerous disease that can lead to blindness in severe cases. Terfel had received cataract in both the eyes that turned his life upside down until he witnessed a big miracle.

The Negative Effect

Apparently, Terfel lagging in health began to have a negative impact on his mind. In no time, he got into reclusion. He stopped interacting with his master and confined himself to his basket. The impact was so huge that this mute creature got reserved day by day. It seemed that he has severed all kind of connection with the outside world. Once very active, this dog turned into a hesitant individual. His blindness just not deprived him of beautiful sights but also of all the happiness out there.

 The Sad Dog!

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In order to avoid injuries, the dog began to spend his day and night on the bed only. That was a brilliant idea for him as if he would not get down and roam around the house, he would never get hurt. Though he had decided to limit himself to a corner of the bed, he could not continue this way being a farm dog. Just like other dogs, Terfel too had to do some exercises to keep his body healthy. So willingly, or unwillingly he had to get down his bed. The dog was leading a miserable life. He had gone blind, was partially deaf and was limited to a corner of the house with shattered confidence.

Meeting A Stranger!

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Terfel life changed when he met Pudditat. In a matter of days, the duo became best friends. They used to eat together, sleep together and walk out together. Their friendship grew so stronger that the people started referring to them as the finest example of iconic friendship. Their friendship soon became the talking point of the town. Their friendship was special not because of the overwhelming affection they had for each other but because of them. Do you want to meet the strange friend of Terfel? Just click on the next slide and find out who is that.

Unexpected And Unbelievable!

Once a stray cat got inside the house of Judy. He had come to find something to eat in her house. But he found something else instead of food. He saw Terfel lying on his bed. He with the help of his sixth sense found out that Terfel is blind and surprisingly, began to lead him to the playground. That is how it went for few days until Judy saw all these happening. At first, she could not believe her eye as it was the very unexpected sight. Observing Terfel’s happiness with the cat she decided to do something. The name of the cat is Pudditat! Judy’s next step was going to make a huge difference in the life of newfound friends. 


Judy observing the underconfident dog tried to cheer him up by bringing that cat home. She named the new member, Pudditat! What do you expect when a cat and dog are sharing the same space? Lots of fights and chasing, right? But that was not the case here. In fact, as we know the two struck a unique bond from the moment they met. The permanent arrival of the cat into the house lightened up the face of Terfel. If you want to know how this tiny cat helped this big dog through the ways then just wade through few slides. The entrance of cat in the life of the dog changed his entire life.

Not Friendly At All

You may take Puddidat as a very gentle and caring kind of cat. If yes, then let me tell you, that was not the case here. Pudditat is a very notorious cat and does not have a good bond with other cats. The owner Judy has more cats but Puddidat does not get along with any of them. It was surprising that Pudditat who was not good with any of his fellow cats was sharing an amazing friendship with a dog. This is true that Judy wanted to cheer up Terfel by bringing the Tabby, she had an idea that the entrance of this cat in their house would change the entire life of Judy and her pets. 

An Unlikely Bond!

Nobody knows the exact reason behind their amazing bond. Perhaps, he had sensed the sadness of the dog and wanted to help him out. According to Judy “I think Pudditat must have realized that Terfel was a bit vulnerable.” His vulnerability helped in building up such a strong and the most unlikely relationship. On the other hand, Terfel also started to trust Pudditat. This unique friendship brought confidence in the Terfel who began going out and playing with his tiny cat. This is not it, the cat does some unexpected thing to the dog.


Pudditat and Terfel are joined at the hips. As I told you before, they do almost everything together. From eating to playing you will see them sticking to each other. This inseparable pair shares a great bond. They even share the same bed and while going to sleep, they snuggle a lot. The next day when they awake they have their breakfast together. After having breakfast, they go out to play in the ground where Pudditat leads Terfel. We know it seems unbelievable, that is why we have kept a video depicting their stunning bond below.Check that extremely cute video out and decide for yourself if you have seen an astounding friendship like this.

Friendship At First Sight!

Pudditat shared this beautiful relationship with Terfel only. Despite the fact that Judy had six more cats, Pudditat struck the bond with a dog. And even Terfel who had six more cat companions prior to the arrival of Pudditat could never gel up with them. But got along with the Tabby in a matter of a day. There impromptu friendship that eventually turned into a stronger one makes their friendship worth talking about. It is amazing to see that a dog got back his confidence in him because of a cat. Have you seen a friendship so unique?

Guiding The Dog!

This cat is very intelligent and helps the dog in many ways. You must be wondering how this tiny cat is helping this dog out? Simple! she uses her paw for that. Judy said ‘He uses his paws to guide him”. She leads the dog to the playground, his bed, and many more places. This is not it, Pudditat also opens the door for him. He has become his guide cum best friend. I am sure you must have astounded by the depth of their friendship. There is more to it, that will take you completely aback. Read more to find out how these two mute creatures are speaking volume of their relationship.

Terfel Getting Playful

Pudditat helps Terfel in moving around the house by avoiding couches, corners or chairs. He takes full charge of everything. He makes sure Terfel walks freely without running into anything. No just inside the house, he guides him outside also. He remains cautious that the dog plays without getting hurt in the playground. He plays with him and also takes care of him. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the cat was the best guide the dog could ever have.

Dog Chasing The Cat

You must have seen dog s chasing cats obviously for some violent reason. Here also the dog Terfel was chasing the cat Pudditat but for altogether a different reason. Judy describes ‘they’re nose to tail with Pudditat in the lead and Terfel following him.’ The pictures below will amaze you completely. 

Solution To Every Problem!

Initially, Judy found it difficult to take care of Terfel. Being an old lady, she used to not to take the dog for a regular walk. Naturally, the lack of exercise impacted the health of the dog negatively. He became slower than ever, and due to his habit of confining himself to his basket, he started getting ill. Thanks to Judy, she brought this cat into the house and everything changed. From there on, Pudditat started taking the dog out for the walk. Judy has got his responsibility towards the dog reduced by half and the credit goes to Pudditat.

The Perfect Duo

A friend in need is the friend indeed! Judy too is amazed at their amazing bond. She admits that never in her life she had seen such a strong friendship not even by humans. Their friendship is a classic example of commitment, loyalty, and understanding. Judy explains her astonishment ‘that have got on quite so well as these two, and they relied upon each other in that same way.’ In the light of their friendship, it is important to credit Judy for it. As if Judy had not brought Puddytat in the house, we would have never witnessed such an incredible friendship.

What If?

It is difficult to imagine, how the life of these two would have been, had Judy not let this stray cat inside. Most probably, grief-stricken Terfel would have pined away on his bed. He would have remained under confident and would have kept himself away from all the good things in the world. On the other hand, Pudditat would have been living like a stray cat and roam the streets aimlessly. And we would have been deprived of this heart-melting story.


I bet you would have never seen a friendship like this in your entire life. They represent the friendship in a very true sense. Their bond has everything from affection, confidence to the helping attitude towards each other. What more do you expect or should I say it is more than enough? The cat gets the dog follow him and the dog does so more than happy!

Losing The Sight!

It is unimaginable as to how this dog would have felt after losing his sight completely. It is scary even to think of becoming suddenly bind. Earlier he was blessed with functioning eye but gradually lost his sight due to the brutal treatment meted out to him by his previous owner. Unfortunately, Brutalisation to dogs is a very common phenomenon. But Luckily, Terfel got a true friend in the face of Pudditat.

Lively Terfel

Now, once again Terfel has become himself. He has got his self-confidence returned to him. Along with that, he does not fear to step outside and run or walk. He knows, he has his guide with him who is watching over his every step. It would not be wrong to say that Pudditat has been the star of Terfel’s path.

Visible Affection!

Anne Craig, a close friend of Judy has taken over the responsibility of Terfel and Pudditat since Judy has been hospitalized due to illness. It was not difficult for her to perceive the intangible friendship of the both in his first meeting with them. Now as she is taking care of the both, she cannot help but astound at their amazing bond.   

Bella And Bubbles!

Friendship comes in every size. That is what the bond of Bubbles the elephant and Bella the black lab says. Bubbles came to this safari reserve in the U.S. after getting rescued from ivory poachers in Africa. Whereas, Bella got into the safari after a contractor for the park, left him there. The two struck an immediate bound very shortly. Their friendship has gathered so much attention that they have become one of the reasons for the people to visit the safari. They do a lot of fun together with Bella using Bubbles as a diving board. 

 Tinni and Sniffer


The friendship of Tinni and Sniffer has secured a position in our list and all credit for this goes to their unusual friendship. Tinni is a dog owned by photographer Torgeir Berge. The dog used to roam around in the forest of Norway with his owner. It was then, it met a wild fox. It was a friendship at first sight! The two struck an immediate bond that astonished the photographer also. The photographer and the dog began to visit the fox frequently.

Torque And Shrek

The next friendship story is about a greyhound and an owl. Shrek the owl was brought to the animal center just after the three days of his birth. The keepers feared that the mother would eat up her own child if feels stressed. So Shrek was taken to the animal center where a greyhound dog named Torque was already staying. Despite their huge difference in size, the two got really pally with each other. Torque adopted Shrek and is taking care of this tiny bird. The two have struck a great bond as they spend their morning, evening and day together.     

Dennis And Fred

The friendship of Dennis, the baby duck, and Fred the Labrador started on a very uncomfortable point. Dennis lost its mother to a violent attack made by a vixen. The bird was not even a week old when was left to fend for itself. The bird too would have died if had not been found by Jeremy Goldsmith and his four-year-old pet Fred. The moment they discovered the duck, Fred began to clean the mud from its body. They have become the best buddy from there on. This is not the first time for Fred to take care of orphans. He once had adopted an orphan deer.