Dogs are the best companion that remains loyal to you all their life. They are just not your best buddy but also work as a stressbuster. And their countless qualities like these makes them a very good gift. If you are planning on gifting your parents or grandparents something really special then I would suggest you go for these dog breeds. They just would not give them company but would also keep them healthy. How, healthy? Well, the answer to all your questions lies in this article. Read it to find out how dogs can do wonder to your family, including you.


Image result for pugsPug is famous for owning a perfect couch potato image. They are called so because they are not much active like their many contemporaries and loves to rest a much as they can. The breed is also considered a gentle companion that makes it a perfect pet for senior citizens. The old owners are usually not capable of taking their dogs out for exercises, let alone train them. Along with the old ones those who are lazy enough to take care of their dog’s exercise can opt for this breed. Pug has the ability to mold itself into every type of situation. Another perk is that they are quite easy to groom and are amazing lap dogs. One more good news for the senior citizens is that the breed is given on discount to them by the rescues.


Image result for beagleYou may think that Beagle is not good for old peoples owing to their loud nature but the reality is that this tiny playful breed is a great choice for the senior citizens. The owners will not have to pay much attention to their grooming as they require very little. Unlike Pug, they are very active and helpful that will force you into a lot of exercises. This owner affectionate breed is very friendly with kids and adults alike. But this dog sometimes gets stubborn, a habit that it adopts from its ancestor, however, their stubbornness can be tamed by regular training and delicious food. Weighing between 18 to 30 pounds, Beagle has a very high intelligence level.

Italian Greyhound

Image result for italian greyhoundGreyhounds are the big size animal that was primarily used for hunting in primitive times. But in today’s time, this breed is used as a pet. The Italian Greyhound is comparatively small in size and hence manageable. They are very much affectionate with their owner and have a very high sensitivity level. Commonly known as ‘Iggies”, they are even friendly towards strangers. They have no problems living in apartments or small homes. If we stress upon its health issues then this breed is not predisposed to fatal diseases hence, would not force you to rush to the veterinarian every alternate day. Besides these merits, the dog is quite easy to groom and needs only one hour exercise a day.

Labrador Retriever

Image result for labrador retrieverThis handsome breed is very sharp minded and friendly. They occupy the first position in American Kennel Club. They have a muscular and athletic physique. Along with having an impressive appearance, they also have sharp learning skills. They are the people pleaser, so in order to impress others, they try to grasp every trick taught to them. They remain high on energy that makes it pertinent for them to have regular vigorous exercises it is not just like that they are called “workaholics.” This sweet-natured breed makes a perfect watchdog that remains very loyal to their family. Their highly obedient nature makes them a good pet for the seniors.

Shih Tzu

Despite their small size, Shih Tzu is also called “Lion Dog”. Don’t go on its name it is not dangerous even an iota. In fact, this cute looking breed is a great companion for everyone especially to the old people because of its friendly nature, loyal disposition and easy to go behavior. They are lap dogs who loves to stalk you from rooms to rooms and snuggle with you. Along with these soft qualities the canine is also known for making an excellent watchdog. They are highly intelligent and are a very good option for novice owners. This breed is a great option for the senior citizens as despite being very playful they don’t need to be exercised vigorously.


Don’t let its small size appearance deceive you, they make great watchdogs. They are always alert and doubtful of strangers. They have century old reputation of being loyal to its human companion. They thrive on companionship and remains dead honest to their honors. It has been seen that Chihuahua shares a special bond with one person only but that does not mean that they are standoffish to strangers. If introduced properly, it will make a good friend with them.They have no problem in living in apartments. The grooming requirements are not much and they enjoy a very healthy life if cared properly. For them, exercise means a quick walk that goes well with the routine of senior citizens.


Image result for bolognese dogThis tiny furry creature looks more like a toy. They can be a very cute present for your grandparents as they are very intelligent and has a friendly nature. Its other desirable qualities include quiet and calm nature, fondness for family and high sensitivity level. Needless to say that its these qualities enhance its adaptability to apartment living and other tiny spaces. The breed requires little grooming and can adapt well to noisy places. Besides being easy to train due to its high intelligence the canine is also famous for having a sound history in terms of health. Bolognese who weighs about 10-pound does not shed much, however, it needs to be exercised daily.


Goldendoodle is the crossbreed of Golden Retriever and Poodle. Both the parent breeds enjoy high popularity among the masses so does this hybrid. Along with inheriting popularity, the offspring has also received some very good traits from both the parent. This friendly crossbreed always remains high on energy and needs exercise daily. So, if you think that your grandparents are not doing adequate exercises to keep them sound and healthy, you can gift this canine to them as it would take complete care of your oldies exercise. This furry companion is easy to groom and has a deep fondness for the owner. Due to their playful nature, they are very entertaining. They are a good pick for novice owners as they are quite easy to train.


Image result for pomeranianOur list is full of adorable dogs and Pomeranians happens to be one of them. This breed is nicknamed “the little dog who thinks he can” is the owner of a big heart. They are highly spirited animals who adapt well to the apartments and other small spaces. The foxy-faced breed does not need much grooming other than regular brushing despite their massive fur. The dog is a perfect choice for the old citizens as they remain dead loyal and affectionate to their owners and if trained wisely, can take up the command of its owner very quickly. They are very playful and has an intelligent mind.

Mixed Breed

We all know that mixed breed is considered better than the purebred as the former is loaded with the best qualities of both the purebred. The crossbreeds are also less prone to the diseases compared to the parent breeds. Not just that, they are also available at a very pocket-friendly price related to the unmixed. They can easily be found in the local shelters where they are screened and is taken full care of. The other reason for going to the animal shelter for the adoption is that they give away the dog at a very low price that merely includes the neuter and vaccination fees. The best part is that you will not have to splurge much of your time in training the pooch as it comes with the training already given to them by the shelter workers.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers also are known as “Yorkie” is the most popular dog in the U.S. This breed is very inquisitive and energetic. Though how small the dog it is famous for pacing speedily. They are highly devoted to their master and finds the best comfort in the lap of theirs. They can become a great companion for old peoples as they do not need much exercise and grooming. They are nice with apartments and other small areas. Their popularity has grown in bounds and leaps due to its low maintenance. With the lifespan of 13 to 20 years, this sweet canine is not much predisposed to illness. As far as its looks are concerned then there hardly be a person passing you by who would not complement your pet for its cuteness.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog was bred for serving as a companion only and till date, they have been pulling their task off very beautifully. Unlike its name, the bat-eared creature was originally bred in England to be a miniature dog. They have the quality of entertaining their owners with their lively nature. Despite their muscular bodies, they are not very much into activities and loves a lazy life. It is very easy to groom them but a bit difficult to train them.You may require some patience to get it follow your commands but once you succeed it becomes your best follower. You can get them trained by making the whole training process look like a game.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is popular for having an easy-going, happy and loving nature. They are very intelligent that makes it easier for the owner to train them. They adapt well to the apartments and can serve as a watchdog. Weighing not more than 30 pounds, this lively canine looks very cute with its squat body and big ears. They have been a great companion with the royalty in history and continues to have a good comrade in today’s time. One point the owner needs to commit in the memory is that they are highly active and so needs to be exercised daily. They are also good watchdogs who leave no stone unturned to make the owner aware about the entry of a stranger into the house.


As the name suggests, the Otterhound was originally bred for hunting Otters. Now, this hunting dog is used as a family pet. They have the life expectancy of about 12 years. It is very affectionate towards its owner and its family and loves to play around, however, sometimes it can knock down the kids down due to its massive size. They make a very good companion for the senior citizens, thanks to their intelligence, smart and adorable nature. They are independent by nature and this can pose a challenge to the owner. They may find it difficult to train them but that can be overcome with required skills and patience.Otterhounds needs to exercise daily.


Image result for poodleThis canine is adorable, intelligent, mischievous and loyal. Poodles are playful and energetic. Along with having a regal appearance the tiny dog also possess high intelligence that makes it very trainable. They are calm by nature and serves as an extremely devoted pet. They have the quality to mold themselves in every kind of situations ranging from a big mansion to a small apartment. They also have very sharp learning skills that sometimes surprise humans. Though Poodles are friendly towards stranger they are very possessive about their owner. On the health front, most of the poodles never get inflicted by any health hazardous disease. Undoubtedly, these all qualities make it a perfect pick for senior citizens.

Lhasa Apso

This breed falls into the category of the lap dogs too. They are very playful and brave hearted. The dog adapts well to the apartment living and small spaces. Formerly used by royals, the breed still continues to fulfill its duty as a watchdog. They have the lifespan of 14  years and weighs between 13 to 15 pounds. What makes them ideal for the senior citizens? It is their independent nature. In fact, Lhasa does not develop separation anxiety if left alone but the separation should not be for a prolonged time. Other than that, they do not need much exercise and are content living indoors. Lhasa does not need much grooming. The dog should be taken for a walk a day.

Japanese Chin

Image result for japanese chinThis dainty and elegant breed has lived a royal life in China and Japan. Now, the breed is kept as a pet in houses. This breed is highly energetic that needs to be channelized by making them do regular exercises. The dog sometimes gets stubborn so it is important for the owner should keep the training process funfilled. Grooming is not an issue for them. You may think that this breed’s long, silky coat must be requiring a lot of care but in reality, they just need to be brushed once in a week. In fact, they can go an entire month without taking bath. So, the grooming is quite easy with this breed. They adapt very well to the apartment life. This toy dog generally leads a healthy lifestyle.

West Highland Terrier

This self-esteem filled dog is intelligent, playful, and bold. Though the dog is mischevious, this breed is a great choice for the senior citizens. They are good with apartment living and are the perfect choice for the novice owners. They too are very affectionate towards their owner and are also very intelligent. Their high level of intelligence eases out the training process for the owner. This breed special in the sense that this one very adventurous and always look forward to the new adventure it is very friendly. They don’t like getting into brawls but once they got inside they are the one who puts an end to the fight. They don’t need vigorous exercises and the grooming includes just a regular brushing of their white furs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the largest of toy dogs. They are athletic in nature and love to run around on the playground. This highly affectionate breed is suitable for the apartment living and other small spaces. They have been admired for their loyalty by royal for centuries. The dog that weighs about 18 pounds is extremely friendly with everyone including the strangers. They enjoy a good health throughout their 9-15 years long lifespan. But in order to prevent it from developing any disease, the owner should take it to the veterinarian for an occasional checkup. Another advantage is that you don’t need to bathe them every day but once in a week.

Cocker Spaniel

Weighing about 24 to 28 pounds, Cocker Spaniel is a very good choice for the old peeps. They are playful, active, and watchful. This type of Spaniel is known for its sensitivity as they can’t put up with harsh treatments. Their highest level of violent behavior limits to growling or snapping. In the name of the exercise, a 30-minute walk is enough for this breed. They are good with apartment living surrounded by a big family. They generally stay healthy, however, you will need to take a little extra care of its grooming. Overall they have a very cool and calm temperament. Another reason to look for this dog is that they are very adorable.

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier adapts well to the apartment and is immensely in love his owner. They usually have reserved, opinionated, smart and independent nature. It takes a lot of inspiration from its owner, for instance, the dog remains quiet if its owner is quiet. It just needs 30 minutes walk a day to keep itself healthy. Just like any other Terrier, they become aggressive while being in a middle of any fight. It’s important to train them from a very early age, as there is the high chance of them getting disobedient if remains unchecked. They can be groomed with little efforts. The breed has the lifespan of 11 to 13 years and weighs about 18 to 22 pounds. They are a perfect companion for the old people owing to their cool temperament.


Bulldog has a frightening appearance but in reality is very sweet and sociable. They easily get along with anyone due to its friendly nature. This is true that this breed takes sometimes to learn things and once it learns, that stays with it forever. They usually don’t bark in fact to be fair, this breed should be described as the lover. They have a very cool temperament. This canine is known for its playful and inquisitive nature. Unfortunately, the adorable Bulldog has a lifespan of 8 to 12 years, lesser than many of the dogs placed in our list. They adore their owner a lot and is highly obedient. This stout and the sturdy dog needs little exercise e.g. 30 minutes long romping on the playground. Due to the lack of activities the dog is prone to obesity so the owner needs to be very cautious about its eating habit.


Havanese dog is also known as “Velcro dog” because of its immense attachment to its owner. Havanese is more than a cute dog with expressive eyes and silky fur. They are very energetic, affectionate, and gentle. Bred for the companionship, the breed stays very honest to their human partner. They are intelligent too that helps the owner to train it. This lap dog is entertaining enough for you to spend your hours without getting bored. They also do not need much exercise and a little grooming is enough for them to look adorable. The grooming includes just a regular brushing.


First of all, Maltese are very friendly by nature. They are very playful and loves human presence around. Though they look haughty by the appearance, in reality, they are very vigorous. They are content with minor exercises. They also fit in well with apartment living and other small spaces. They respond well to training owing to their people-oriented nature. This lively teeny weeny canine is very lively and surprisingly, very easy to groom. Their utilization is not confined to the household only, they are also used as a therapy dog due to their calmness. These all qualities make them a perfect choice for the senior citizens.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are counted as one of the laziest dog breed walking on the earth. Naturally, their exercise needs are not much. Also known as the “American Gentleman”, the breed adapts well to the apartment living and is highly affectionate. They make a great companion thanks to their smart, gentle, and lively nature. They are not big-sized that helps the seniors in maintaining it. However, the breed is a bit stubborn that can be done away with consistent regular training. Training is not an issue when it comes to Boston Terrier as they are very intelligent and responds well to the teachings. Other than that, they do not have much grooming requirements.

Basset Hound

Basset hound is known for giving hang dog expressions all the time. Besides its persistent queering expression, the dog is also famous for its easy-going nature. Its coolness makes it a perfect pet for oldsters. They are a bit slower than other dogs due to its short legs but their intelligence makes it for them. Basset hounds are stubborn that works according to their mood. Along with that they also have a good sense of humor. Needless to say that they are very affectionate with the habit of following their owner closely. However, the dog should be exercised on a daily basis as it has the tendency of putting on the weight. As far as its grooming is concerned you don’t need to worry as a regular brushing is enough for them.


Image result for dachshundDachshunds too are very easy going and lively. They are very fond of their people and make a good pet. Also called “wiener dogs,” the canine is widely known for its fearless and entertaining nature. They fit in well in the apartment living and is a great choice for novice owners. They are also very easy to train as they are very intelligent. They have the good energy level and requires daily exercise in form of minutes long walk. The grooming requirement is minimal. They usually stay healthy that makes it a good choice for old peoples.

Brussels Griffon

For this breed, the best place in the world could be your lap. They are very affectionate, spirited and intelligent. They are very energetic that increases its requirement for exercising. The dog is also called “full of self-importance.” They do not believe in pleasing others and can turn all barky if feels its personal space invaded. They also have the tendency of getting bossy but beneath its rough and tough outlook, they are very soft. They have an inclination towards old people as compared to the children and that makes it a good pick.

Miniature Schnauzer

It has a small body filled with countless qualities. They are intelligent, extrovert, humorous, and affectionate, to name a few. You will never find yourself bored in its company as this breed is very entertaining. They like curling up with their owner but it does not mean that they are lazy. They are high on energy and requires lots of exercises. They like being surrounded by human presence especially their owner. Their love for their owner is so much that they like running after them all the time. In order to keep its coat healthy, you will have to groom it.


Schipperke is very curious and smart. You can understand its personality by the nickname LBD given to it that stands for the little black devil. They make a great watchdog owing to their fearlessness and loyalty. With the lifespan of 15 years, they are highly spirited and active. Their appearance resembles a great deal with the fox so does their cleverness. They are energetic so, in order to channelize their energy, the owner needs to be exercised regularly. Their attractive coat requires low maintenance care. They are relatively reserved by nature and confides its affection to the family members only.