There are very few people in the world who do not love dogs. After all, they are probably the most irresistibly cute creatures on this planet who are also loyal and trustworthy. They can be trusted with guarding our homes and sometimes, even kids! And everyone knows how easily kids get attached to these furry wonders of nature. Kids and dogs relations are goals. Having babies grow up with dogs makes them more compassionate, loving and understanding. They learn to build healthy bonds right from their infancy.

For all these reasons this mother got a dog to grow up with her newborn baby, but what the family did was the exact contrary to the nature of dogs. She was aghast when dog behaved like that with her baby.

The Svilicic Family

The Svilicic family recently welcomed a cute little baby girl in their family who was named Charlotte. She was a really friendly baby and her mother, Catherine decided that Charlotte deserved to have a friend to grow up with. She did not want to have another baby but she decided that she will get a dog. Dogs are friendly creatures and having one in the family will only increase the connection between the members. Little did she know that her plan would backfire…

Which Dog To Get

Image result for cute dogsDog breeds like pugs, poodles, Pomeranian, golden retriever are known for their instantly friendly and accommodating nature. But there are some hyper dog breeds which might not be an ideal choice to have infants play with. The Svilicic family was confused as to which dog to buy, but then Catherine had a noble idea, she decided to adopt a dog, to give one a shelter. It would turn into a mistake, she could not have known.

Don’t Buy, Adopt

Related imageThis is the motto the Svilicic family decided to go by. After Charlotte, the adopted dog was going to be the newest addition to their family; someone who would act as Charlotte’s partner in crime and become the source of all her happy memories. After going through various adoption options they finally settled down on one. They decided to get a dog that no one else would have even thought of sheltering.

Dobermann Is The Man

Doberman with his ball sitting on the grass

The family called up the nearest adoption center and started looking for pups. Catherine’s eye was caught by a Dobermann who was sitting quietly by himself. There was something about him that made Catherine want to pick him. It seemed like he had been through a lot and the whole point of adoption was that Svilicic family wanted both the dog and Charlotte to benefit from each other. 

Tragic History

Large doberman inside a cageThere was a reason why this Dobermann sat alone, all by himself. His previous home was not exactly a great place for dogs. He was abused and even beaten up by his previous owners. So this dog had lost all trust in humans by whom he had been mistreated. In fact, this dog was going to be euthanized a week later. It was just fate he got adopted by the Svilicic family right before this. But was it fortunate for Charlotte?

Potentially Dangerous

Image result for barking dobermanAny kind of dog can be dangerous, there is really no judging which dog has what kind of nature. Since Dobermann are categorized as big dogs they could be more dangerous especially for kids, because they are expected to be more hyper. The case of this Dobermann was different for the other reason too. He had been let down once by the human race. Being near others of the same race might not have been the best idea. And when tragedy stuck the Svilicic family, Catherine even had a second thought about this dog. 


What was about to happen, no one could have guessed and therefore the brought this sad little Dobermann home. Catherine named him Khan. Charlotte was 17 months old when Khan came into the Svilicic family and her life. She was old enough to understand attachment and she took an instant liking to Khan and it seemed like, initially, he did too. No one knew what was to happen just in a couple of days.

Out Of ControlDoberman looking over a fence and barking

The Svilicic’s had literally saved Khan’s life. But it did not appear that he realized that. His behavior was out of control for a long time for the family. He did not listen to any member of the family but all thought it was temporary. Everyone thought that Khan would eventually settle down in the family. So everyone was patient with him, understanding that he had already been through a lot. However, this is how their love would pay off, they did not know…

All Was Good, For a While…Cute photo of a doberman cuddling a baby

Khan did settle. Or so it seemed. He played with Charlotte and the garden in the front of the house became their ideal place to be around each other. It was good even for Catherine as it gave her a vantage point to watch the two of them together. She had her fears as to how the two of them would get along and Khan’s previous experience kept him in a perpetual state of vulnerability. Nonetheless, it did not feel like something could seriously go wrong. This is where Catherine miscalculated. 

A Day Like Any Other?

It was Khan’s fourth day in the Svilicic family. He and Charlotte were playing, as usual, not making much noise, both apparently enjoying each other’s company. Catherine kept looking from the kitchen window to check on the pair. Everything seemed fine. Catherine started reprimanding herself for overthinking. Right at that moment, she saw something happen in the garden that shocked her wits out. 

What Just Happened…

This is what Catherine saw which shocked the living daylights out of her. Khan had just picked Charlotte with his mouth and tossed her right across the garden. It seemed like he had a fit or something. Catherine did not even have the time to react, it all happened too quickly. Charlotte flew through the air and was slammed into the ground a few yards away. Everyone was in shock and time seemed to stand still, but Khan was getting hyper by the moment. 

Khan In Wrath

In reality, Catherine was not surprised. All this while they had been expecting some flippant behavior from Khan and here it was. Out in the garden, Khan was acting like he out of his mind and Catherine just could not understand what provoked this reaction from him. She was sure that her baby Charlotte was innocent of any notorious behavior. Whatever the cause was, she needed to act soon because her baby girl was in danger. 

Mere Witness

Image result for woman staring out of window

It was mere luck that Catherine was watching over Khan and Charlotte from the kitchen window. She noticed that Khan was turning red in anger the moment he saw her daughter and she had little time before he made the next assault. This was the first of the many attacks that Khan was about to make, what had even gotten into him?!

The Horror, the Horror!

The next attack was more fierce. With a body full of rage, he grabbed Charlotte by her diaper and hurled her around the garden again. He kept repeating it but Charlotte got up every time, it seemed like he was trying to provoke her to fight with him. But Charlotte got up every time and walked on calmly. To the other person, it seemed like he was tossing her “like she was a rag doll.”

Expect The Unexpected

Charlotte did not cry out loud but she was visibly perturbed after a while. Catherine rushed to her aid and at that moment Khan started barking wildly and also what seemed like screaming frantically. He started running around wildly and suddenly without any warning fell to the ground as if dead. It was all confusing, something was happening that Catherine could not place her finger on but she had to act quickly.

Dead Or AliveImage result for doberman sleeping in grass

When Catherine reached the garden she found, to her surprise that Charlotte was unharmed. There was not a single scratch or wound on her body. It came as a relief to her, but only momentarily. While her daughter was safe and sound, Khan was lying lifeless on the ground. Was he dead? But how? What had happened? Things slowly started making some sense to Catherine…

MisunderstoodRelated image

Catherine understood that Khan was not trying to harm her daughter but protect her.  But from what? Right then she did not have the time to figure out. Whatever it was, had left Khan on the brink of death. She could not find any pulse but she was determined to save this pooch who protected her daughter from possibly fatal danger. Then she did something even she could not believe was in her power to do.

A Sacrifice Was Made

As seconds passed it was clear that Khan was fatally wounded. He needed medical attention quickly and the fact that he did all this to save Charlotte made Catherine want to tend to Khan with more urgency. He put his life on the edge in order save that of Charlotte; one causality was stopped from happening but Catherine wanted to avoid anything that could happen to Khan. Even after being betrayed by humans once he put his life in danger for one of its kind. It was payback time for Catherine.


It seemed like Khan had been paralyzed, whatever had bitten him, a poisonous plant or an animal had rendered his body motionless. He was even losing his ability to breathe. Catherine tried to pump his heart with her hands but it was to no avail, she had to bring him to medical attention as soon as possible but how? Even though Khan was young, he was heavy. Catherine had to think of some way to lift him up. In the rush of emotions, something incredible happened.

Keeping A Straight Mind

Catherine had to do something about Khan and at the same time pacify a worried Charlotte too, who could not understand what happened to her new buddy who was just playing with her in the yard and was now motionless. Catherine had no option but to keep her nerves calm. She ordered her family to take Charlotte inside and decided it was high time that something is done for the newest member of the family.

 Adrenaline RushRelated image

The rush of emotions and adrenaline led Catherine to pick Khan’s heavyweight in her arms and carry him to her car. She put him in the seat safely and started to drive like never before. She had no medical knowledge so she did not know how long it would take the poison to spread through Khan’s body. She just knew she had to bring him to the vet’s attention and she was running out of time.

Tokyo Drift

She was driving fast and furious and pretty recklessly but she did not care. When asked about the incident she said, “I never knew I was able to drive this well. I guess adrenaline does its thing.” When Catherine saw Khan’s lifeless body next to her in the car, she could not help but cry. He had proven his loyalty by saving the life of her precious daughter, it was her turn now to prove that the family was worthy of having him.  She reached the vet but Khan had lost all breathing…

In Clinic Now

After her reckless driving, Catherine reached the hospital and parked her car in a pretty rough manner. Obviously, she neither had the mind nor the time to watch the way she parked. She carried Khan in her hands, got out of the car, tripping all over the place. She shouted for help and thankfully the doctors and nurses were very prompt in theirs. They immediately rushed to help the distressed Catherine carrying motionless Khan. She only hoped she had made it in time…

Payback In KindImage result for paralyzed doberman

Catherine felt deeply indebted to Khan, who had not been with her family for four complete days but put his life in danger to protect her daughter. This selfless act of his had made a permanent place in the heart of Catherine. Even when Khan was in the care of doctors now Catherine refused to leave the side of Khan; whatever his fate was Catherine wanted to be with him all the time. 

Unique Love

In an interview, Catherine recalls, “if you asked me to carry his weight right now, I don’t think I’d be able to do it.” It was her motherly instincts that made Catherine act the way she did. Khan had proved to be a hero, it was her turn to be his savior now. All this time, however, she was wondering what or who was it that injured Khan fatally. She put some of her family members to the task of looking out in the garden and finding the reason for all this mishap. 

Emergency Room

Khan was critical and the doctors and nurses were preparing to take him to the emergency room. They made no promises to Catherine. When he was been taken to emergency a shadow of hopelessness started lurking over Catherine. Was Khan’s fate really death? He was mistreated by his previous owners and Catherine wanted to make things right for him. Did she end up making it worse?

What The Doctors SaidImage result for doctor talking

Catherine told a newspaper that “When Kerry Kinder (Doberinling Boarding Kennels owner) rescued him, he was starving, had broken ribs and had been beaten – he was an abused dog.” If Catherine had not adopted him, he would have been euthanized. His previous history proved to be an impediment to his treatment as he was a weak dog who had been poisoned. But poisoned by what?

Poisoned By What?Image result for paralyzed doberman

Catherine had told her family to look in the garden and find out what had almost killed her baby. She was awestruck as well as grateful in the same moment when she found out what it was. Awestruck because she knew what it was had the capability of putting her baby to death and grateful to Khan for coming in the harm’s way and putting his life in danger instead. The worst would have happened if Khan wasn’t there to save Charlotte from this.

Among the deadliestRelated image

Catherine found out that the lives of her family members were threatened by one of the deadliest animals in the world which had taken refuge in the garden of the Svilicic family. She blamed herself for being careless to let a dangerous threat like this live and grow right under her nose. She thought if Khan’s life was in danger it was because of her. And not only these two, lives of all the family members were in danger as long as this animal was near their house.

Sneaky  Sneaky

Taking shelter in the Svilicic’s garden was one of the longest snakes in the world- the Mulga. It is a highly venomous snake type and the second longest snake found in Australia. This is what Khan was protecting Charlotte from and this is what bit Khan, transferred its poison to his body and left him in a near death situation. The snake was trying to aim for Charlotte but Khan kept saving her from the snake by tossing her around.

Australian Household Wreckers

Snakes are a common sight in Australia. They sneak into the house of people through water pipelines or from underground and are responsible for causing multiple deaths across the year. The particular snake found in the Svilicic garden, the Mulga is also known as the King Brown Snake because it is one of the longest and most venomous snakes. No one knows how long he had been planning his attack. Khan was on the brink of death…

Chances Of SurvivalDog in front of a snake

Khan had been paralyzed by the venom of this deadly snake. The only reason he was alive till now was that the snake could not manage to transfer a large amount of poison in the Doberman’s body. If it had transferred all its venom, Khan would have died on the spot. Still, the chances of his survival were not too great. He was already a weak dog and the snake bite was a dangerous event in itself. 

So How Was Khan?

Now that they knew the cause of Khan’s condition, Catherine thought that doctors could easily treat it. But it was easier said than done. Catherine and the Svilicic family just kept praying for Khan to be safe and sound again. Just within half an hour of being into the emergency, Khan’s doctor came out only to find Catherine pacing the room, her face contorted into worrisome expressions. 

State Of Desperation

She ran to the doctor as soon as she saw him coming out of the emergency and in a state of desperation asked him if Khan was going to be okay. The question occupied her entire being in those moments and she only wanted a positive answer to it. She wanted the doctor to reaffirm her hopes but the doctor did not give a very welcoming answer to Catherine.

The TreatmentDoberman with two veterinarians in a clinic

The only solution to the venom that the snake transferred to Khan’s body was to administer its anti-venom in his body. The doctors did that and all else they could do. Now, there was nothing in their hands and this is what they told Catherine. It did not really give her hope but this the best she was going to get.

Doctor’s Take

The fact was that, after doing what needed to be done, even the doctors did not have a solid idea as to whether Khan would make it through the ordeal or not. This is what one of the doctors told Catherine.“We don’t know yet, madam. We did what we could, but now his body has to fight the poison,” he said. “The anti-venom will certainly help, but we don’t know to what extent. It’s best that you come back tomorrow morning.”

Awake Like A Nocturnal AnimalImage result for woman awake in bed turned around

Doctors had told her to come in the morning to check on Khan and get some sleep. But sleep was not even a distant thought for Catherine. She just wanted to be with Khan and hold his paw through the night but the fact that she was not there for him, kept eating her up. She kept thinking how Khan had bravely protected her daughter and feeling gratitude and fear alongside she tried to go through the night.

Looking Back

A dog risking his own life to save an infant caught media’s attention and Catherine found herself giving interviews to National dailies. In an interview, she told, “Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressively towards Charlotte-and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn’t working. So he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a meter like she was a rag doll.”

Making Sense Of It AllImage result for Wound

The snake must have been in the vicinity then. Catherine said, “Charlotte looked pretty shocked and Khan screamed like he’d been stabbed. I realized he had been trying to get in between her and the snake before he threw her.” “He saved her life by risking his own,” informed Catherine.

Longest Night EverRelated image

Every second was hard to pass for Catherine. This proved to be the longest night of her life. Somehow it went by and the sun peeking through her window. No sooner did the sunlight hit her bed that she got out of it to make her way to the clinic to know the fate of her beloved Khan. She tended to her family in the morning and got into her car to reach the clinic wanting to be there as soon as it opens. 

Moment Of TruthDoberman dog sitting on a field of grass

That day Catherine was the first person in the clinic waiting room. All the way from home she had been preparing herself for the worst. She kept imagining the worst. Would saving Charlotte be the last act that Khan performed? The family did not even get to say a proper farewell to their four-day-old family member.

Khan The Wonder DogHappy Doberman dog running around the forest

Khan’s act of bravery had a reason behind it. Cathrine reasoned that “He was starving for attention and wanted to be loved because he came from an abused home, so I’m not surprised about what he has done at his new home.” She further added, “From now on, he’s Khan the Wonder Dog.”

Only For LoveImage result for doberman saves baby from snake

Khan put his life in danger for Charlotte only because he wanted to be accepted in his new family and receive the love he did not in the last home he was in. Even though he had been mistreated by the humans earlier, his want for attention and love made him put his life in danger.

Time To KnowRelated image

After waiting for almost half an hour for the vet Catherine was finally admitted into his presence. The doctor saw that Catherine was visibly shivering with anticipation and he asked her to calm down. He did not have bad news but it was not exactly a great news either.

Khan Was…Okay-ish

The vet informed Catherine that Khan had been struggling all night, that he had been very sick but he made through the night. Whether it would remain the same ahead it was hard to ascertain but right now he was out of danger.

Anti- Effects

The anti-venom did its work and Khan made it through the night! He was safe and out of danger, now all he needed was regular and intensive care. Catherine relieved a sigh of relief. Her hero was safe. 

Road To RecoveryImage result for paralyzed doberman

Khan fought the King Brown Snake’s venom and was under recovery now. With a family like Svilicic and partner like Charlotte, it did not seem like a long road.

Family HeroRelated image

Catherine said,”If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it. We owe him for the rest of his life.’’ Khan became a hero of the Svilicic family and the neighborhood. He finally got the attention he had been craving for. 

One Big Happy FamilyImage result for doberman and baby

Khan was brought back to the Svilicic home in no time and there he recovered and got a plethora of love. He is now a permanent member of the family.

Partners In Crime

Charlotte and Khan have united again and they are inseparable now. The snake incident ended up strengthening their bond and now they do not even eat their food without each other.

Now, this is what we call an emotional bond. Growing and improving together.