Last Minute DIY Gifts For Your Near And Dear Ones That Will Save The Day

Christmas came extremely quick this year. That being said, finding apt gifts was a struggle for lots of individuals.  There are many individuals who might have missed the opportunity to grab gifts for their loved ones due to their busy schedules or other reasons ( read laziness), so we have come up with a list of last minute DIY gifts that are easy to make but at same time look thoughtful and amazing.

#1. Zen Garden

A mini Zen Garden is very simple to make  and can be put together with very minimal effort in a matter of hours.

#2. Spa Trio

Pamper your loved ones with a day at the spa. Don’t worry, you can make an at-home spa kit without much effort in a single day

#3. Map Artwork

This works best if you have shared a memorable road trip with a friend or a special someone. Hand-stitch a piece of yarn in the shape of the path of your road trip and surprise them with a thoughtful gift.

#4. Homemade Fort Kit

Create a do-it-yourself fort kit for a kid! You’ll need a clothes line, clamps, flat sheets, a package of clothes pins, a matching flashlight and small suction cups.

#5. Kindle or Passport Cover

All you need is a folding case, some adhesive paper and scissors to create a kindle or passport cover

#6. Gemstone Soap

You can never go wrong with home made gemstone soaps. Every shape is unique, they smell wonderful and can be made into multiple colors/patterns.

#7. DIY Stash Book

An old book that is no longer readable can make an awesome secret stash book which can house another tiny gift or money

#8. Gingerbread Cookie Cityscapes

Transform a Mason jar into a seasonal gift by adding a gingerbread cookie cityscape. It’s going to look like a snow globe sans the snow.

#9. Scrabble Coasters

Take a couple of Scrabble tiles and place them together using glue and spray and turn them into coasters. You can even spell out your favorite inside jokes!

#10. Gingerbread House Kit

For individuals who’ve forever wished to make gingerbread house however couldn’t understand how to begin. Make their lives a little easier by providing them a kit that will come to their aid.

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