Citizens Line Up To Deliver A Powerful Message To Dallas Officers After Horrific Shootings.

#1 If you missed it, tragedy struck Thursday in Dallas, TX

Five police officers were gunned down by a sniper, while seven other officers and two civilians were injured.

#2 The community’s response was swift and supportive of Dallas PD

A planned moment of prayer for the fallen officers and their families was planned by the Dallas PD.

#3 The turnout was Massive

The group crowding bridges and all square feet of Dallas’ Thanksgiving Park gives hope in a time of despair.

#4 Dallas Loves it’s PD

Nobody deserves to be gunned down, especially not those who take a pledge to protect and serve us regular citizens. This is so heartwarming that I am fighting back tears.

#5 And, for once, there was positivity on social media.

The line was long, and the hugs were sincere. Thoughts are with Dallas.

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