Wonderful Reason Behind China Declares Ban On Ivory Trade By The End Of 2017

Driven by escalating demands for wildlife and forest product, the planet is handling an unequalled spike in prohibited ivory trade, threatening to repeal decades of considerable conservation gains. And this ivory trade has been the primary reason that the elephant population worldwide is declining at an horrendous rate. So, a near-complete ban on business trade in ivory tusks of elephants is the best way to make sure that the domestic markets don’t contribute to the decline of wild species. Taking one step more, China announces to clean up ivory trade in what’s being hailed as ‘game changer’ for the long run of Africa’s species i.e. elephants. Let’s check out China’s plans behind this prohibition call.

70% of the globe’s ivory is brought by the Asian nation.

elephant ivory trade

Many wild species are been killed for their ivory so as to trade in the ornaments, articles and earn profits. And, the biggest  contributors in this ivory process are Asian countries.

Every year, tens of thousands of elephants are slaughtered for their ivory tusks.

elephant ivory trade
Hence, it’s considerably needed to bring ivory trade to a stop to conserve the species in the wild, particularly elephants.

In an immense move, WWF and TRAFFIC welcomed today’s historic announcement.

In a huge move, WWF and TRAFFIC welcomed today’s historic announcement.
And the announcement says that China can clean up its domestic ivory market by the end of 2017.

The General office of the State Council of China conjointly declared that…

The General office of the State Council of China also declared that...

China will outlaw an area of elephant ivory processing and sales by thirty first March 2017 and can stop the entire ivory trade by thirty first December 2017.

The ban’s deadlines and details were declared back in October.

elephant ivory trade

The resolution on prohibition was proclaimed at the Convention on International trade in endangered species (CITES) in October and then to follow that resolution, the official announcement has been created recently.

The move against Chinese market conjointly puts pressure on alternative domestic markets.

elephant ivory trade
The decision conjointly tends to influence the neighboring areas like hong kong and britain to get rid of the loopholes.

Wildlife Conservation Society Asia director Aili King expressed,

elephant ivory trade
“This is great news that will shut down the world’s largest market for elephant ivory. this is a game-changer for Africa’s elephants. we appeal all other countries with legal domestic ivory markets to follow China’s lead and close their markets as well.”

WWF- China chief executive Lo Sze Ping added:

WWF- China chief executive Lo Sze Ping added:
“Closing the world’s largest legal ivory market will deter people in China and beyond from buying ivory and make it harder for ivory traffickers to sell their illegal stocks.”

This call clearly signalizes a significant boost to tackle the elephant cooking crisis in continent.

elephant ivory trade

Along with putting a finish to the world’s primary illegal ivory market, China’s announcement points a boost to international efforts to safeguard the elephants. Well, we’ve to attend to check how strictly the policy is enforced .

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