The life is full of surprises, especially if you are Broc Brown. Broc is a boy from Michigan who stunned the entire world with his unusual appearance. And this story is not about his unbelievable outlook but about the stunning reason behind his unique appearance. No doubt the reason will shock you, but what would shock you more from within is the slew of revelations that follows the disclosure of the root cause. His life story is a perfect mix of every sentiment that includes love, pain, happiness and most importantly, lots of pupil-dilating surprises. Read this story out and get to know how different is it to be different.

A Usual Beginning
Broc Brown

This astounding story comes from Michigan. It started when Darci Moss Elliot gave birth to Broc Brown, who was about to stun everyone in future. He was born at a healthy size as the infant weighed about eight pounds and was about 22-inches-long. He was a normal infant like other ones but surely did not have a  normal future like them. Darci Elliot did not have expected at that time what she was going to witness. Physical growth is the most common phenomena in a developing child but it certainly was not common with this child. Despite having a normal delivery, the boy began to grow abnormally that obviously shocked his family. But they did not know it was just the beginning, as it was the reason behind his unusual growth that was going to make their jaw drop.

Unbelievable Pace! Broc Brown

Broc was a happy-go-lucky kind of kid in his childhood. He had normal growing years except the fact that he never had to listen to the common lines that his peers had to listen to about their physical structure. Apparently, he was way taller than his friends and surprisingly, continued to grow incessantly. No doubt, his childhood shocked everyone but there was more to come. He completely knocked people socks off when he got admitted to kindergarten. What they saw was totally an unexpected sight that will make you raise your brow too!

Noticed In Kindergarten

Broc Brown

The boy continued to surprise others with his abnormal growth. Another instance happened when he took admission in the kindergarten. Whereas normally, the average height of an American five-year-old kindergarten going kid is under four feet. For some strange reason when the Broc entered his kindergarten he was about 5-foot-2 inches tall. Shocking, right? Now, along with his mother, everyone who came across this extraordinary kid was baffled by his appearance. Little did they know that the root cause of his uncommon growth was going to confound them even more. Read further to know about the shocking revelation that completely changed the entire life of Broc and his family.

No Difference!

Broc Brown

At the age of mere 6, he reached the height of his mother. No doubt, it was uncomfortable for his mother but there was nothing they could do about except getting astonished again and again. Being his mother, Darci got really concerned about her kid’s unbelievable condition. His aunt Stacey Snyder shedding light on his extraordinary growth said “When he was small, he couldn’t ride a bike, But when you’re trying to teach a 6-year-old who’s the same size as you, it’s hard. You can’t stabilize him.” Evidently, his continuous growth was impeding his mental growth and physical abilities. But these problems were nothing placed before the horrendous trouble that was going to strike him in near future.

Hardships A Mother Faced

Broc Brown

Raising a rapidly growing child is not something everyone can do. No need to say, Darci too was not ready for this unexpected happening but the one thing that distinguishes her from others is her gentle way of handling the situation. Due to Broc’s rapid growth, his mother faced myriad problems including the health-related ones while taking care of his not so little kid. According to her “When you have a five-year-old who has hurt themselves and they come running at you, you pick them up,” she added, “I would carry him around when he was half the size of me so I have a lot of back problems.” His mother was yet to get another shock from her life that was just on the horizon.

Entering The Teen Years

Broc Brown

The eye-widening vertical growth of Broc continued even in his teenage. Usually, school kids began to grow in their teenage, but Broc had a different story. He was the tallest kid in his class. The boy, kept on shooting up throughout his middle school making him a subject of discussion among his schoolfellows. Despite his stunning upward growth, the extraordinary Michigan boy Broc Brown was still a kid with ordinary hobbies. He likes fishing and hanging out with his friends. Imaginably, he must be the one attracting more attention than any of his friends, for obvious reasons.You can gauge his unbelievable pace of sprouting up by the fact that he stood at 6 feet high at the age of 11 and by the time he reached 14, he had outgrown the doors of his classrooms. To some extent, Broc too enjoyed the attention of people but all his ecstasy got mired in gloom when he learned the reason behind his unusual growth.

The Tall Guy Problems!

Broc BrownAs expected, the ceaseless growth of Broc turned up as a big hurdle in his mental and physical development. The impact was so huge that he had to face a big amount of pain in doing the most common day to day business. Be it standing for hours, passing through doors and riding in his cars these all imperceptible activities by general people posed regular problems to him. Not just that, unlike common people Broc faced difficulties going to restaurant booths, stepping in movie theatres and going any small space place, all credit goes to his majestic height. Despite these difficulties, lively Broc continued to live his life blissfully until he found out why was he growing so rapidly.

Outgrowing Everything!

Broc BrownWith several other things, Broc has outgrown his bed also. He is growing rapidly with six inches a year that comes as a hurdle in his comfort. However, his parents have taken some steps to make his life more comfortable. His room is laced with some special types of furniture. He sleeps on a custom-made eight-foot bed and sits on a distinctive chair that is worth $1,000. His unique bedroom that is occupied by many expensive types of furniture is very convenient for the ever-growing boy. Broc has the habit of sleeping up to 16 hours a day that has now become more comfortable with his lengthy bed. 

Other Issues!

Broc brown - tallest teen

Clothing problem is very normal in families with growing kids that gets sorted when the kids cease to grow after a certain age. But this family’s clothing problem continued to grow with the growing of Broc Brown. And perceiving the condition of him it seems that there is no solution to it in offing. Due to his rapidly growing height, he fell short of suitable clothes. The condition was so extreme that the parents of Brown had to buy him new specially designed clothes almost every month. He required rudimentary clothing staple too, leading to the building of big financial pressure on his family. But as they say, no financial pressure can compete with the emotional one that this family was about to undergo.

A Grateful Guy

Broc Brown - Sotos syndrome

The family has always stood tall with him. They have always tried to cater to every tiny need of him. On the other hand, he does not have many demands. He can go on with one pair of shoe for months. Even after being a teen he never complains about anything nor does he ever desire for something really very expensive to showoff. The size of his socks is 28 feet that are worth $20 per pair. He does not have a big collection of boots and sandals like his other teenage friends but the point is that he does not need it either.

A Tall Guy With A Big Heart!

broc brown tallest teen in america

Just like the body, Broc has a big heart too. Though he can’t help but let go awkward ogling of people on him, he decided to deal with all these uncomfortable situations with a big smile on his face. Everybody knows about his sporting nature including his family member. Aunt Stacy says “he takes on his condition day by day with a smile on his face.” His mother further adds “Overall he is a big softie, his heart is as big as his body.” He loves to meet people and make friends. This extraordinarily tall man has a very sweet nature and is capable of impresses other. This amazing personality has only one request that springs out of his situation.

‘Tallest Teens’

Broc Brown

In 2016, Broc participated in the TLC documentary named “Tallest Teens.” The documentary is about some of the teens who have unusual heights. It boosted the confidence of Broc in a big amount, who had never seen people like him before participating in the show. The event came as a big relief for Broc as he got a chance to gel up with people having unique body size like him. Meeting with people like him was indeed a surreal experience for him. According to his mother, Broc felt very positive after going there and helped him to form an optimistic view of his state.

Doctor Time

Broc Brown

Broc’s height problem was getting grave day by day. Now, he was not the tallest person in his surrounding but also in his town. No doubt, his mother started getting really worried about his son’s health. Consequently, she took him to the doctor for the check-up. The medical professional did some test on him in order to find out what exactly was wrong with him. It was not an easy moment for the family who was up on their toes to know the reason. On the other hand, Broc himself was very curious to know why was he growing constantly. Finally, the result came! The result shocked everyone from his family member to Broc himself.

A Rare Disease

Broc Brown At the age of 5, Broc got diagnosed with a rare disease. The illness is unusual in the sense that only one person in every 15,000 people has this disease. It came as a big shock for the family. The doctor disclosed that Broc was suffering from a hereditary condition called Sotos Syndrome that is also known as “cerebral gigantism”. In this condition, the victim never ceases to grow. When Darci heard about her son’s illness she got even more worried. “There’s nothing that can stop him from growing – I don’t know if he will ever stop,” Darci said.  These slew of revelations had put a big question mark on Broc’s future. As it was not enough, another shock bigger than this one was awaiting them!

Something Unbelievable Followed

Broc BrownDarci was yet to emerge out of the grief of his son’s ruining health when another devastating news struck her. The doctor further maintained that there are high chances that Broc would not be able to survive this disease beyond his teenage. After learning the truth the whole family got shattered. What worsened the matter was the fact that there was no standard treatment for this disease. The genetic disorders like this are medicated on the ground of symptomatic. It indeed took a long time for Darci to pull herself together. As far as Broc is concerned, despite his life-threatening condition, he went on to live his life in fullest. It was all because of his lively nature, that he got to witness some really unbelievable moments in his life!

Everything About Sotos Syndrom!

Broc Brown No, you don’t have to check the Wikipedia to know about the symptoms of Sotos Syndrome. We will acquaint you with this rarely found life-risking disease here only. People who fall victim to this rare disease suddenly began to grow in a rapid manner. The stunning growth is usually noticed in the early age that extends to their teenage. Those diagnosed with this syndrome grows faster than their siblings and friends. Broc had all these symptoms in him that made the case crystal clear for medical professionals. The news got followed by many other shocking revelations. No doubt, it was difficult for his family to bear this pain but there was another big shocking news that was going to dawn on them very soon. This incoming news undoubtedly turned their life upside down.

Another Problem

Broc BrownAs mentioned before, the people with this syndrome are taller than the ordinary people. And Broc Brown topped even those with this syndrome. His abnormal health became a point of worry for his family. He kept on growing at an unsteady pace even after the checkup. The doctor already had pronounced that he was not going to live past his teens that were enough to distress the family. It was when Brown was 14 that another pronouncement came from the doctor about him that was actually very troublesome. The doctors said that he wouldn’t be able to survive after 15!

And What It Brought

Broc Brown His disease is clubbed with a number of health issues. People with Soto syndrome usually have heart problems. Brown has a strain on his heart, a curvature of the spine, intermittent explosive disorder, some learning defects, and ADHD. It is not the end of his ordeal, he was born with one kidney only that makes him unable to have painkillers even if have suffers any chronic pain.  “It kind of feels like a big tennis racket has gone through my back,” says Broc, “I do stuff to stop it hurting and it makes me feel like there’s a needle gone through it – it’s hard to deal with.”  He has suffered problems like this many times and continues to do so.

Broken Records

Broc Brown Surprisingly, his disease has no given him pain only, he went on to break many records in his short lifespan. Despite doctor’s declaration about his lifespan, he succeeded in going past 15. What made his life more interesting was the fact that he has surmounted several records in his celebrated life. He already was a popular figure in his hometown that is occupied by about 30,000 residents in Michigan. His popularity transcended the limits when in 2015, he won the Guinness World Record title of the world’s tallest teenager until crossed his nineteen that made him too old to hold this title. In order to get the title, Brown had taken a lead on Kevin Bradford, a fellow tall teen. The winning of this record was just the harbinger of many more achievements he was going to bag in future and yeah not to forget another astonishing pronouncement about him by the doctor that made a huge impact on his already successful life!

What Future Holds

broc brown - tallest teenThe months got changed into years but his growth rate remains the same. At 19, the Michigan boy stands at 7-foot 8-inch way taller than any member of his family. His mother claims that he continues to grow at the rate of six inches a year. If that is true, and he keeps on growing at this pace, not far is the day when he will get taller than the current record holder of world’s tallest man. His unbelievable life story has dumbstruck people. It is amazing that instead of bowing down to his untreatable condition he preferred utilizing it in a positive way. This was just the beginning of his marvelous life that got a new meaning when hit by another jaw-dropping announcement.

Gaining International Fame

Broc Brown Broc Brown reappeared on television in 2016, with The Maurya Show. He had come on show’s special anti-bullying episode. It is imaginable that because of his unique body size he himself was bullied a lot in his schools and surroundings. In the show, Darci narrated the troubles they confronted, that, of course, included Broc being bullied constantly by the mischievous people, after that she rooted for the halting of such improper practices. The Maurya team presented Broc with some heartfelt gifts that constituted a new wheelchair and 10 year supply of fish sticks made by Gordon, his favorite chef. Along with that, his life had many more surprises in store for him.

Appearance On The Show

Broc Brown His appearance on The Maurya Show proved to be a big milestone for him. It elongated his fan following list. Many people came to his side after listening to his thought-provoking story in the episode. Post the show many instances occurred when he was contacted by his supporters with positive messages. Broc and his family also heard from people having Sotos syndrome. The family felt a great comfort after listening to other people. But there was one more lurking medical hurdle in their way that was going to pop out soon

A Considerate Community

Broc BrownAs we all know, the family of Broc had to face big financial issues due to his rarely found clothes and comforting items of furniture. The family had come up with a facebook page called The Supporting Page for Broc D Brown. After the featuring of Broc in the TLC’s documentary, the likes of the page lept up to 15,000. Many Michigan people expressed their desire to help them out. Darci admired all of them with an overwhelmed heart. The support from every corner garnered him about $10,400!

The Heart-Melting Response

Broc Brown - MichiganPeople helped the family in many different ways ranging from financial help to provide the ticket to a Detroit Pistons basketball where Broc got an opportunity to meet some renowned players. The family themselves had never thought the ripple their constant appearances created leading to the flood of supports. However, yet they were about to overcome their financial problems. According to his mom “didn’t last long, we had a lot of outfits but within a year he was out of them and it was time to do it all again.”

Technology That Helped

Broc Brown - tallest manThanks to the love and funds from the people, Broc got his hand on a comforting footwear at an affordable price. The pair of the shoe was designed by Feetz a California-based company. It came up with a 3-D printing that slashed the price by half in relations to the regular custom shoe. There was no limit to his ecstasy when he got his first pair of shoe. He exclaimed “Heck, I don’t like them. I love them. Thank you.” The family was all high on joy oblivious to the coming news that had the capability to stun them all.

Flying Towards The Solution

Broc Brown - MichiganDue to his gigantic size, Broc has always had problems in fitting in smaller space that deprived him of many joy. For instance, he could never get into the movie theatre comfortably and driving a car was like a big challenge for him. And not to forget his chronic spine pain. In order to get these problems addressed, Broc and Darci undertook a 1,000-mile flight to Arkansas to consult an expert. Their visit was full of surprising news. He met Soto specialist Dr. Bradley Schaefer over there. The chief geneticist stated that Broc can get rid of his chronic spine pain.

Coming Out Of Blue

Broc Brown - ChristmasIt was during this trip that Darci and her son got enlightened with one more exotic fact that they previously had no idea about. Dr. Schaefer revealed that Broc was out of life-threatening danger. “Broc is easily the tallest man I have ever seen,” said Dr. Schaefer “Unfortunately, he will always have to deal with some form of pain, but I believe that he will now have a regular lifespan,” said Dr. Schaefer. The cheering news was followed by the much heart-warming response.

The Surprising News!

Broc BrownAfter hearing the news, Broc could not help but grin ear to ear. He said “It’s the best thing I could have heard,” He further added, “I’m so happy that I will live for a long time.” Usually, the people with Soto syndrome reach their peak height in adulthood. It is yet to see if that is going to be the case with Broc. It’s unlikely that he would be able to live his life all alone. That is why his family has some very heart melting expectation from his future. All they want is to have their beloved son stay happy.

Next Tallest Man?!

Sultan Kosen - tallest manIt is speculated that Broc would be the one surpassing the current tallest man if he continues to grow at this rate. Currently, the title is held by Turkey’s Sultan Kosen with a towering 8-feet 2-inches. Not just Broc’s size but also his cheerful nature has surprised everyone. Not many people have the tendency to take on the odds with a big smile. Instead of getting terrified, Broc envisions a very bright future for himself. He might dethrone Kosen at the age of 21, given that he continues to grow at the same pace.

Becoming An Idol

Broc Brown

Broc stated, “I hopefully want to work for a sporting goods store so something like that, a cashier or something, I just want to have my own job.”Darci and her son long for a bright future for Broc together. Darci loves her son enough to not to force him into anything. According to her, “I just hope he has a good life and is happy with everything he ever does.”