How far would you go for your family? Would you give up your life for them?Heather and Sean wanted to have a baby and for that, they were ready to overstep any limit. It was from there the much in love couple faced some unsurmountable difficulties that tainted even their relationship. This story is about this couple who at a time could not stay away from each other even for a second but it was to see if they would continue to stick together in the face of life-threatening problems that was going to destroy their life completely. This story is very interesting as it takes you on the journey of unconditional love that is going to be tested by unannounced tragic events that get shockingly worst with time, eventually making their love halt for eternity and it is worth reading how Sean reacts to it. Read this emotional and desire driven story till the end and do not forget to watch the video that sums up their peculiar life beautifully!

Love At First Meeting!

Sean and Heather Brown StoryAs they say, a single meeting is enough for people to know if they are meant for each other or not. This line goes very well for Sean and Heather! They started off with a casual dinner that unexpectedly, turned their relationship into something very precious. They did not know that a dinner date would change their life and priorities completely. It may interest you to know that before meeting each other for dinner, they had no plans to take their relationship seriously but by the time dinner got over they were completely into each other. They had never felt so content and lighthearted before as they were feeling that night, basking in the company of each other. Till that time they did not know that the fate had purposely brought them together as it had something very shocking in store for them!


After that mesmerizing dinner date, the two left no opportunity to meet. And whenever they used to get chance to spend their time together, time used to fly at its fastest speed. Nothing mattered to them at all, not even day and night when they had each other as their company. You can gauge the depth of their relationship with the fact that once they began talking from the night their conversation would end the next morning only. Love is all about losing, they too had lost the sense of time, all worldly interest, and the world outside their cute company. It was like a dream for them that they never wanted to get ended. So, in order to get it going, they took a step. Their relationship was only a month old when they moved in together. 

The Vow

Sean and Heather Brown StoryThey were more than sure about each other. That is why they tied the knot just after a year of moving in together. The two made a very adorable pair. Whereas Sean, a devoted and strict police officer had a great sense of responsibility, Heather, a business office manager working in an ambulance company was known for having a warm heart, sweet nature and lively spirit. Both of them owned different qualities that completed each other. After having a blissful relationship, they were leading a successful married life. They had everything except one thing. Now, just like every other couple all, they longed for was to have a baby. Little did they know that their innocent desire was going to turn their life upside down.

Expanding The Family

Sean and Heather Brown StoryEverybody knew about Heather’s love for children. Sean was more than confident that Heather would make world’s best mum. Not just Sean but everyone who had observed Heather interacting with small-sized miracles claimed that she would pull all the duty of a mother perfectly. Heather had a boundless affection for children. She always wanted to have a baby and especially after marriage her desire to mother her baby increased to a higher level. So, Heather and Sean began to wait impatiently for the day when they would get blessed with that “good news.” After a long wait, they eventually got a news but that was not good in any sense! The news shocked them completely.

The Problem!

Sean and Heather Brown StoryTheir blissful life got shattered when they learned that Heather was having a problem in conceiving. In order to get the problem redressed, they consulted many doctors and underwent many tests. Unfortunately, all the doctors and tests only asserted the problem. Driven by hope and desire they kept on consulting doctors despite negative results. It went like this for six months until their doctor told them probably the worst news of their life. The doctor confirmed that Heather can never conceive as she is not fertile enough. It was the most unwanted moment of their life that stripped them of all their happiness. But they had no idea it was just the tip of the iceberg, there was something bigger coming their way.

Time Changed, They Didn’t

Sean and Heather Brown StoryEven after the shocking news, the pair continued to try not knowing if their efforts would bear any result or not. Seven years had passed by and they were still trying. There is a saying “time heals everything” but for them, their desire to have their own baby had only intensified. Sean said, “We wanted this so badly.” Though their marriage had remained unaffected by this shocking news as their love for each other did not lessen an inch, only the news had their souls crumbled. They got another shocking news of their life when they were called upon by their doctor once again! What do you think it could be?


Sean and Heather Brown StoryLuckily this news was a good one or should I say the best one for the couple! After years of trying and praying, Heather was finally pregnant. When the doctor confirmed her pregnancy to the pair, they just could not believe. Both of them were completely taken by the information. The news had completely taken over them. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was nothing short of a miracle for the couple. Their prayers finally had been answered. Eventually, they had all their happiness and life back. What else could they ask for? With this news, another chapter of their life had started that was replete with several shocking twists and turns.   

Taking It Easy

Sean and Heather Brown StoryHeather was dancing with joy. Why would she not be, she finally had what she wanted! After getting the news, they informed everyone about her pregnancy and the ecstasy in their voice was enough to tell everyone about their happiness. Needless to say, Heather was very excited and as we know excess of anything is dangerous to health. Her over-excitement landed her in trouble. She got her blood pressure increased to a dangerous level. Her high blood pressure could pose threat to her and her child. The doctor advised her to take it easy. At that very time, the family got hit with another unwelcoming news.

Leaving Her

Sean and Heather Brown StoryNot just Heather, Sean too was very excited. It was a double joy for him. With the baby, he had gotten his inspirited better half back. He wanted to stay with her during her pregnancy so that he could cater to her every basic need. But his plans got mired when he got deployed to Afghanistan. Being a US Army specialist he could not say no to the orders. He had to go to Afghanistan leaving his pregnant wife behind. It was a confusing moment for him. He so wanted to see his baby coming to this world. But as we have mentioned he was a devoted policeman, so he flew to Afghanistan with tearful eyes leaving his pregnant wife behind. Little did he know, he was going to pay a very big price for moving away from her in such a delicate condition. 

Home Alone!

Sean and Heather Brown StorySean had finally gone to Afghanistan and Heather was home all alone. During the time of pregnancy, Heather faced many complications because of her high blood pressure. She started experiencing persistent dizziness. She was 34 weeks pregnant when she started facing these troubles what was more horrifying was the thing that her husband was not around to take care of her. These occasional headaches began to persist longer. To a certain extent she ignored these symptoms but soon her lightheadedness turned into something horrible! 

The Unexpected Twist

Heather got struck with brain aneurysm. She was immediately taken to the hospital. A brain aneurysm is a disease affecting the brain of a human body. It is caused when the weak point of the blood vessel in the wall of the brain that bulges due to the constant flow of blood. In some cases, the knot can grow up to the size of a  berry. It sometimes proves fatal as it makes the patient slip into an indefinite coma. Heather went into the coma due to this illness. The doctor had to perform emergency C-section surgery. Surgery was risky as it increased the chances of her losing her unborn baby!  

Common Ailment

Sean and Heather Brown StoryAfter all the tests, it turned out that Heather was suffering from preeclampsia. It is a disease that inflicts pregnant women and develops fastly in their body. It gets further rooted if the victim has high blood pressure. The disease is very dangerous in the sense that it also affects the other vital organs of the body. What makes it more alarming is the thing that it risks the lives of both the mother and infants. About 76,000 mothers and 500,000 infants had been killed already by this disease that year. It was to see what was going to be the fate of Heather and her infant? 


It was a moment of uncertainty for Heather. She had high chances of losing her life and her child’s both. She laid unconscious in the hospital bed with no idea of what was going on. The doctors too were not sure whether Heather would be able to survive this terrifying situation. Despite the uncertainty, the doctors went for the surgery. No doubt, it was a very risky decision. And what was more unfortunate that her husband Sean was not there to take care of her. But fortunately, the decision of doctors proved right and she and her child survived the operation. Sean was away from Heather unaware of the tragic situation of his wife and was battling for his own life. On the other hand, though the operation was successful, there was something that was still grossly wrong.

Make it Home

Sean who was deployed in Afghanistan had no idea of what was going on back in the home. Sean got shocked when he received a letter from Heather’s aunt that very night. In the letter, she had asked Sean to call her as soon as he reads the letter as the situation at home was far from okay. After reading the letter Sean immediately made its way to home. It took him three days to reached his hometown’s airport. He was ushered to the hospital from the airport by police. He had not expected what he saw there. He had his newly born son lying with his unconscious wife. What will you call it a good sight or the bad one?

While She Was Sleeping!

Sean and Heather Brown StoryNow, Sean had to take care of everything from his house to his job. Due to Heather’s indefinite coma, Sean’s responsibility had doubled. The whole of the responsibility had fallen onto the shoulder of Sean he used to feed his son, make him bathe, and many more. On the other side, Heather was in her deep sleep remaining oblivious to Sean’s hectic schedule. The day she had waited for so long had finally come but unfortunately, she was not able to enjoy it. She finally had a family! It was not a tragic situation for Heather only but for her son John too. As he could not get his mother’s much-needed love when he needed the most. Sean was living with the hope that one day his wife would come out of her sleep.

What Other’s Were Thinking?

Sean and Heather Brown StoryThe family was also suffering a financial setback due to continuous medicine expenses of Heather. It was getting difficult for Sean to control the expenses. Those who saw him suffering developed a deep sense of respect for the man. Soon the heart-melting story of this army officer and his ill wife spread like fire. Every individual who heard the news felt bad about them. Not just that some local people came forward to help the family financially by organized charities. Along with that, some showed their support for the family by tying yellow ribbons outside their homes till the time Heather does not wake up. The question was would she wake up ever?     

Coming Home

Sean and Heather Brown StoryThe summer of 2013 had some good news for the family. Heather finally opened her eyes! Though she could not speak, she could perceive her son crying, moving and smiling. And his affable smile brought tears to her eyes. There was no limit to Seam’s ecstasy when he saw his beloved wife rising out of his sleep. On perceiving the sight he gathered all his lost strength and got determined to get his strong wife back. Surely, it was not easy for him and her wife to recover from her illness but with a husband like Sean, she could do even the impossible. The question was to what extent his husband was ready to go in order to get his wife back to life.

Looking Forward

Sean and Heather Brown StoryHeather is very happy after having his wife coming back from the coma. But there is a long way to go. The prolonged incident has taught him a lot in life. He says “I take it day by day. I can’t dwell on the future – what it needs to be or what it can be. I try to take it for what it is” He adds further “Going through something like this makes you realize what you appreciate in life…” Sean is impatiently looking forward to the day when his wife would rise from the bed and would fill the house with her careless laughter and chatters just like she used to do before her illness. He really hopes!   

Not Giving Up

Sean and Heather Brown StoryThe stretched illness of Heather was affecting John too. But despite getting pulled down by the unfavorable condition at home he decided to rise above these hardships and fight the odds. Though he could never get canoodled by his mother, he loved his mother unconditionally. The lack of mother’s love in his life made him very mature. Just like his father, John also looks after his mother. This is ironic that a child is taking care of his mother. He also understands what his mother try to say. It is important to point out here that the devastating situation had brought the family closer. 

Taking Care Of Heather

Sean and Heather Brown StoryLooking after Heather was not easy. Sean had to feed her all the medicines, had to take care of her sanitation requirements, he also had to remain upon his toe to grasp what she needs when. The bad news was that the recovery was very slow and the good news was that she was recovering at least. Sean had to take her to the hospital every now and then. Visiting hospital had become a part of his routine. His constant efforts and prayers bore fruit when Heather began to show some very visible improvements. It went on this way for a year when a miracle knocked the door of family. 

She Speaks

Sean and Heather Brown StoryIt happened when Heather as always was lying on the bed and John was standing next to her. He was waving goodbye when something magical happened. Heather surprised everyone when she finally uttered something for the first time in years. You won’t believe what she said? She took the name of her son “John.” Whereas John was learning to utter “momma”, his momma took his name first after years of silence. At that time John was only a year old. Sean, on the other hand, could not believe that she actually spoke up.


Sean and Heather Brown StoryAfter hearing her speaking John’s name, Sean jumped to the side of Heather and asked her to speak the name again. Once again Heather tried to speak up but could not raise her voice above the almost inaudible squeak. She struggled hard and took the name twice but because of weakness, she could not make it louder and she also began moving her hands a bit. Though the progress was slow it gave a lot of happiness to Sean who had been yearning to hear her wife’s voice. Also, his faith in their love grew stronger that had successfully passed all the test in past. And finally, it also had overcome their first obstacle of this giant problem.

Best Gift Ever

Coincidently, John’s birthday was around the corner when for the first time Heather spoke his name. No doubt, John had received his best gift from his mother. He for the first time had heard his momma’s voice. Even though she was lying on the bed, she made her son’s first birthday special by calling him by his name. It was not the best gift for John alone but for his father too.

Calling Different Names

Sean and Heather Brown StoryFrom there on Heather began to recuperate comparatively fastly. Now, Heather is able to move her fingers and can also convey her yes or no by blinking her eyes. Also, she can speak different words along with her son’s name. She can take her husband’s name as well. Though she can’t move she vividly remembers her days with her joyful days with her husband. Now, John has turned three and also takes care of his mother.  

Gaining Ground

Sean and Heather Brown StoryAs I said before, there is a long way to go for Heather to get perfectly fine. But she is battling hard against her disease that is why she managed to get out of her coma and now is able to move some parts of her body. Those who fight never get defeated we hope that Heather would soon defeat her disease completely and rise as a winner. 

“Bringing Home The Browns”

Sean has made an active Facebook page titled “Bringing Home the Browns” so that he could tell the world about his strong wife and her indestructible willingness to get over with it. 

Video Of Hope

Posted by Bringing Home the Browns on Sunday, 14 May 2017

This video depicts the constant efforts of Sean coupled with hopes. In the video, Heather can be seen moving her fingers which is a big thing for Sean and his family. That is why he did not miss out recording the remarkable moment forever.

We really hope, Heather get well soon so that the family gets back their joy again.