DIY Tricks On How To Convert Used Items/Garage Sale Items Into Something Entirely New & Practical

Ever been to a yard sale or a thrift store and thought how it absolutely was a shame that piece of furniture was about to rot? Perhaps it clearly looked amazing when it had been newer, or maybe there are still solid usable components, however the item as a whole was no worth for what it had been originally designed for. Finds like this (or similar articles in your own home) are literally gold.

They can be remodeled into wonderful up-cycled furnishings and accents for little or no cash that look spanking new and/or astoundingly distinctive. You’ll have a good time with a craft project, be saving money, and have an excellent, practical addition to your home.

Bookshelf from closet door

Use closet doors to make your own charming bookshelves.

Bookshelf Lockers

Use bookshelves to create locker cubbies for your kids

Jewelry Planter

An unused or old jewellery box can be used as planter.

Piano Shelf

Don’t waste that amazing grand piano, you can create an awesome book shelf out of it

Chair Closet

Use folding chairs to form an amazing hanging closet.

Stool Organizer

Get creative, use an old stool to organize craft items

Cabinet Storage

Use a yard storage cabinet to store equipment

Drawer Caddy

Easily make a bath caddy from a dresser drawer

Planter Table

Plant small plants in old, lack-luster side tables

Headboard Rack

Coat racks made from old headboards look awesome!

Bookshelf Bench

Old bookshelves can double up as comfortable and stylish benches

Tire Ottoman

This trick depends upon your creativity and if you are crafty, none of your friends will realize they are sitting on an old tire

Lego Table

Old tables, such as these, can make for great Lego stations


Garage sale often have such great dressers being sold for dirt cheap prices. You can create awesome an awesome island along with storage space for your kitchen.

Pet Bed Dresser

Give your loving pet the comfort they deserve with this awesome combination of bedding and storage

Potting Bar

For this next one, you need to be a pottery expert. Just kidding, pick up a potting bench at a garage sale and turn it into an awesome bar

Charming Bench

With a pair of chairs you can make an amazing French Bench

Vase Lamp

Old vases are perfect for night lamps

Crib Plate Holder

This may seem odd but yes, you can turn an old crib into a perfect plate holder

Storage Table

Entry way tables such as these can be made easily with the right dresser

Table Ottoman

Make it okay to put your feet on the coffee table but making it into an ottoman!

Put your feet on the coffee table by turning it into an ottoman

Dresser Bench

Old and unused dresser are perfect for small storage benches

Dresser Sink

This will require expert help but the end product would be amazing

Door Photo Frame

Glass door = amazing photo frame

Night Stand

Attach a broken night stand to a wall and you have yourself a perfectly working piece of furniture

Towel Rack

Stack as many towels you want on old ladders

Crib Spring Memo Board

Suspend old crib sings on walls and  attach your notes and other important memos

Dresser Bench

Bench plus dresser combination works with old dressers pretty well

Night Desk Stands

Neglected and old desks sitting in storage can make great night stands

Cabinet Display

Old cabinet doors can be used to make stylish display boards where you can display your child’s awesome art work

Drawer Ottoman

Drawers can be used to make amazing and comfortable ottoman stools

Vanity Dresser

Fitting a sink into an old vanity dresser will give your bathroom a whole new look

Chair Bench

Old chairs can be stuck together to make benches that come with perfect storage spaces

TV Shelf

Old-style TV shelves into charming bookshelves

Ladder Table

Yes, you can use a ladder as a side table with amazing storage capacity


Headboards made out of old doors look amazing

Bed Bench

Don’t throw away old bed frames, instead use a little creativity to create comfortable benches

TV Console

You can easily bulky old entertainment centers a makeover. All you need is a bit of creativity. You won’t lose any storage space and at the same add new life to the old piece of furniture

Cot Table

Your kid can’t use the cot anymore, doesn’t mean it should rot in storage

Pallet Cooler

Give the good old cooler a new but rustic look

Bookcase Play Station

Play stations for young ones can be made easily out of old bookcases

Metal and Log Tables

A superb combination of man made creation and wonder of nature will give you these awesome tables

Toddler Bed

Before putting your kid’s cot into storage, reconsider giving it a new spin


Or if you are into pottery, you can convert that crib into a potting table

Shelf Drawers

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