10 Essential Life Hacks To Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

Every entertainment site has listed life hacks that are more often than similar to the next article that you will find on the internet. That is why we wanted to come up with a list that is unique and different.

1. Tie the glasses in the dishwasher using a rubber band

1. Tie your glasses with a rubber band.

After tying glasses using a rubber band to the dishwasher they won’t move at all and the possibility of them breaking while being cleaned comes down drastically.

2. Condoms can act as a waterproof agent and keep your band aid covered injury free from water while taking a shower

2. Condoms can actually aid in the shower if you are carrying a band-aid.

3. You can use cat litter to soak humidity in your car. Simply put it in an old sock and put it on the dashboard

3. Cat litter filled up in an old sock can soak up any humidity on your car windows.

4. Simply place an egg crate under a laptop to get the coolest laptop in the world

5. Cheapest and easiest way to cool down your laptop battery is here.

5. Need an emergency cup holder in you car? Simply untie your shoe and place the cup.

6. Shoe as a cup holder! Now, no need of installing one in the car.

6. Stay-tab to easily hang clothes and pictures

7. Stay-tab for hanging stuff like clothes or pictures.

7. Conveniently heat 2 bowls at once inside a microwave using a glass to maintain different heights.

8. Convenient way to heat 2 bowls at once in microwave. Use a glass to maintain heights.
8. Cook dozens of eggs together with this amazing technique.

9. This is how you can cook dozens of eggs altogether.

Simply place them in the oven and let them cook for 15 minutes at 180 degrees

9. Be smart and place two pizzas in the oven

10. Quite smart! Two pizzas can fit in the oven this way.

10. Protecting your life is important, so don’t feel shy to cover your face in case of a fire or smoke

11. Don’t feel shy to use a bra in case you are enclosed with huge fire or smoke.

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