20 Steps For A Perfect Haircut At Home

1. Brush out your hair

2. Use a combo to separate the bottom part and put the rest in a bun

3. Part it down the middle

4. Wet hair and comb the pieces straight. Choose your length and cut.

5. To get rid of the blunt edges, snip straight up into your ends to thin them out and make them more feathered. Repeat this step after every blunt cut!

6. Pull down another section of hair, wet & comb it straight.

7. Part, and pull your new pieces to the front, and match the lengths to your original cuts.


8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you are left with a thin section running from the front of your part, to the back.


9. Part out a section from the very back, wet & comb it straight.


10. Pull it down in the back so you can choose the length of your shortest layer.


11. Keep your finger on the length you chose, pull to the front & cut.


12. Take down the rest of the bun, wet & comb it straight, choose the length of your shortest front layer & cut a straight line, matching your back layer


13. Part your hair and brush everything straight down.


14. Use your comb to part out a thin front section.


15. Pull your front section straight to the side and identify your shortest layer.


16. Cut from the bottom at your longest layer, in a straight line ending at your shortest layer.


17. Part out your next chunk.


18. Pull it straight out to the side, repeating steps 15, 16 & 17 until you’ve cut all your layers.


19. Brush out your hair, and fix up any uneven parts by doing step 5.


20. Style

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