10 Eco-Friendly Tips On How To Wrap Gifts To Minus The Waste

With climate change issues on many people’s minds these days, many families are trying to find new ways to make their homes more eco-friendly.

And with the holidays fast approaching, wrapping paper and gift bags will fly off of store shelves, only to be later discarded. For families everywhere, finding nice ways to present gifts while being good to the environment can be difficult.

These Eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas will help keep your gifts looking fabulous while cutting back on the amount of waste they produce.

1. Wrap your loved ones’ gifts in newspaper.

2. Why not repurpose wallpaper scraps into wrapping paper?

3. Upcycle lids from canned goods into glittery gift tags.

4. Now that every smartphone has GPS, take your gift-wrapping creativity on a journey across the world by reusing old maps.

5. Transform leftover wrapping paper scraps into gift bags.

6. Go green by wrapping tiny gift boxes with plants.

7. Accessorize your presents with bows made from magazine pages.

8. Put your children’s artwork on display by using their masterpieces as unique wrapping paper.

9. Save paper towel and toilet paper rolls to make these decorative gift boxes.

10. Why spend money on a gift box when you can craft your own using an empty cereal box?

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