Life is full of twists and turns and unexpected news. Sometimes that news can be the best thing that happens to us and sometimes it can change our lives for all the wrong reasons. The news that this couple received after their marriage could be interpreted a happy news by some and as shocking by others. It really depends on how you choose to see it. But it is definitely something that you would have never heard of and that will astonish you. We are all unique in our own ways but not all of us become one is millions because of something special. But if it is special or not is a matter of perspective also.

The biggest happiness for a couple after getting married is the birth of their first child. In the case of this couple, however, the news was different than it usually is. Let’s find out what was so unique about them and what changed their entire world.

A Normal Marriage

Whoa BuddyWe all love, love stories. Especially the ones which have some twist in them. A lot of love relations face problems right in the beginning and some of them face an obstacle right in the middle. This couple faced a hiccup when they least expected it and a hiccup of such magnitude that would last for their entire lives.

After a short love affair, Bethani and Tim of Canada decided to get married. They were so sure about each other that they knew it was no use delaying their forever union and in the fall of 2015 these two people who hailed from Alberta took their marriage vows and promised to be together ‘for better or for worse’. Life was good after marriage and both of them were leading a normal married life when not even a year into their marriage they got this news…

A Good NewsCountdown

Most couples want to take it easy after marriage. They want to spend some time in each other’s company to understand the quirks and habits of one another before they actually start planning a family. Even when they are planning a family they do it so that it does not strain their financial condition too much at a time.

Both Bethani and Tim Webb wanted to start a family a little later than it happened. However, in the September of the year of their marriage, they both found out that they were pregnant! At the time Beth was 22 and Tim was 23. Both felt they were quite young for the role of parents but both of them started preparing themselves for the responsibility that was going to be bestowed on them within a few months. Little did they know what they would have to prepare for…

Heartwarming Experience

Alberta Couple Expecting Identical QuadrupletsSome women look forward to the experience of being a mother. Bethani was one such woman.  Motherhood could be one of the most overwhelming and affecting phases and experience of a woman’s life. It can be distressing too as the work of a mother can be really exhausting especially if she is the only one in the family who is present to take care of the newborn. But Bethani was sure that she will have her husband’s and family’s support. When she came to know that she was pregnant she was ecstatic and could not wait to hold her baby in her arms. She started discussing with Tim what would they name their child if it was a boy and what if it was a girl. She did not expect to have this surprise knock her doors. Actually, no one expected this, even the doctors were surprised.

Daddy Did Not Expect This!

RAreTim and Bethani went on to give interviews when the world got to know what had happened after their pregnancy. In one such interview with CBS News Bethani told the reporter,“My husband was definitely wanting to wait a year to have children.”On the other hand, this was Bethani’s thoughts on the matter-  “I was completely fine with whenever it ended up happening, but when we found out, we were very excited.” Well, the pregnancy was not planned but the couple did not freak out at the news as would have been the expected reaction.  As first time parents, both were excited about this new thing to happen to them but nothing could have prepared them for the news that came their way.

Unplanned Plans

Lets SaveHaving a single baby was not on the calendar for the Webbs. Tim wanted to wait a while and get to know his life partner better before sharing her with a toddler. But fate seemed to have other plans for the couple. Not only did they come to know that they were pregnant and will have an addition to their family, they got the shock of their lives along with that news. So much so for not planning a family. This experience probably taught them a lesson. However, it can be debated whether the news they were about to receive was good or not. It really depends on your perspective. But it was the magnitude at which that this news made a difference was what was shocking. There was going to be something absolutely different about these about to be parents and even they did not know that.

Jingle Bells

The Christmas for Webb family that year was extra special. They came to know about their pregnancy in September and they waited till the Christmas month to reveal this great news to their families. They also scheduled their first ultrasound just a few days prior to the 2015 Christmas Eve. The would-be mom and dad were not expecting anything out of ordinary as it was a routine visit. But with the doctor’s questioning, Bethani sensed something was unusual… It was just the form of questions that the doctor was asking that hit Bethani as curious. On her previous visit, the doctor had asked basic questions about her diet and health but it was different this time. She could just sense it but could not understand what was it all about…

Doctor’s Unusual Questions

ReadyIn an interview, Bethani later recounted how she felt that something was out of ordinary. She said that she should have guessed that something was up when the technician enquired the husband and the wife if anyone in either of their families has had any history of multiple births.  Both of them were puzzled as to why the technician was asking such questions when they told him that none of their families had such a history, he told them the astonishing reason why he was asking such question. Even the technician had to frame the answer properly so that it does not disturb or freak the couple out who did not even plan the crazy ride they were going to be on. He thought of ways he could dilute the news so that it did not appear as shocking to the couple as it did to him.

Countdown Begins

Bethani recalls that such questions from the technician were starting to make her feel nervous and she wanted to understand the reason for doctor’s concern. This was her first ultrasound, therefore, she could not understand why the doctors were pointing at two different areas on the screen. She just thought that she might be having twins that are why doctors were pointing at different areas on the screen. Well, imagine not even planning a single baby and then expecting the news of having two. Though twins are cute but two kids at the same time can be a handful. However, Bethani’s understanding of the situation was wrong. She was not even close to the actual reason as to why the doctors were pointing at two different areas.

One, Two, Three…Recommendation

When Bethani started talking about this experience of hers to the Canadian channel Global News she informed this…“She [the technician] turned the screen and started counting the babies to me. She counted baby one, baby two, baby three…”“I was thinking, ‘Okay, you can stop at baby three. Baby three is more than enough for me’, but then she counted out the fourth baby.” This is what was Tim’s reaction to it- “That’s when I just about fell over.” What else would you expect from a would-be parent who just found out that the counting of babies did not stop at two or even three. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. What the would-be parents were about to discover soon is mind-blowing.


State Of ShockBethani and Tim went for their first ultrasound test then and what they found out there shocked the living daylights out of them. The doctors after seeing their ultrasound informed that the Webb family was not going to have one baby or even two. Bethani and Tim were going to become parents of 4 babies! They were going to have quadruplets. Naturally. But that was not even the beginning of the surprise ride they were going to have. If you think that the family was taken aback by this you will be bowled over when you find out just how much happened to the Webb family.

Just How Rare Was It?

According to statistics collected till 2007, there were only 3500 sets of quadruplets on our planet. Given that the entire population of human beings on this earth is over 7 billion this number is next to negligible. The Webb family was now a part of this small but crucial number. On one occasion Bethani related, “I am definitely glad that I was laying down when they gave me the news because I literally could not believe that there were four in there.”

During an interview with a leading news channel, Bethani kept on laughing and said, “I just thought there had to be some kind of mistake…” At the prenatal clinic, she was told by one of the doctors that the chances of having quadruplets are almost one in 800,000. “I am still waiting for it to sink in,” was Bethani’s reply to it. When it was confirmed that they weren’t being played around by the hospital staff, the couple went home wondering how they would reveal this to their families!

State of Shock 

In an interview with CBS News Bethani said, “I could not believe it. I was in such shock.” She actually thought that the doctors and the technicians were pulling a joke on the couple and they would simply tell them that it is twins. But they soon realized that the doctors were serious and the Webbs were on their way to having a crazy parenthood. However, having quadruplets was not the only unusual thing about their pregnancy. It was just the beginning.

Having triplets naturally, that is without artificial or externally conceiving them is unusual and having quadruplets naturally is still rarer. This was not a normal pregnancy, Bethani was told by doctors that she would have to be extra careful of her health and her diet. Doctors told the couple that what they had here was rare but even they could not have guessed what was going to happen next. Something so rare that made the Webbs famous overnight.

Hits Kept On Comin’

Average JoeIn an interview with a news channel, Tim Webb informed, “That day with the ultrasound, when they counted out four babies, I actually felt quite faint. I had to ask for a seat because it was too much all at once for me.” Just the thought of having four babies at a time was too much for this young newlyweds. They were not ready for this and absolutely nothing could have prepared them for what followed.

Can you imagine what are the chances of having quadruplets without using any artificial or external means of conception? A doctor from the University of Mississippi, Dr. James Bofill gave an idea of the statistics and informed that it is 1 in 729,000! Tim jokingly told, “My friends were like, ‘We don’t know whether we should say congratulations to you or we’re sorry for your situation’.” Tim was not offended by these reactions because he knew himself that he was in a pickle.

But we talked about their case being one in 15 million. This is just 1 in 8 million yet. What happened to make their situation so rare?

Is It Boys Or Girls Or Both?quad-5

Naturally, when the family came to know that they were going to have four babies in one go they were a little taken aback at first. For a middle-class family, budgeting the arrival of four babies in just one go can be a real challenge. But that was not the primary concern of the Webb family. They were just excited about the sex of the babies. They wanted to know how many boys and girls they were going to have so that they could shop accordingly. The answer they received made them really happy!

Bethani and Tim, at one of their regular check-ups, found out that all four of their babies were going to be girls! Well, daddy Tim was certainly going to be outnumbered by this female brigade. This is what Tim said when he got to know that they were going to be blessed with all girl babies, “That is a lot of female hormones that I will have to deal with some day. Of course, I will also have to fight off the boys that chase after my daughters. It’s going to be a full-time job.”

The Fateful Mother’s Day

Monetary MeansJust a day before the Mother’s day in 2016, on May 6th Bethani gave birth to her four baby daughters via C- section in the Royal Alexandra Hospital. There were no major health issues except Jaundice which was soon taken care of. Now comes the part weirder than having four babies naturally, when the girls came out they shocked everyone…

Before her babies were born, Bethani confided in a news reporter, “I am excited, but it is weird when they start to move around in my belly. Sometimes, I will feel more than one move at once, and it kind of takes me by surprise, even being 27 weeks pregnant. I do not think it has sunk in that there are four in there yet.” Doctors suggested  Bethani not to wait for the full term of her pregnancy as there were high chances of complications. She to have a C-section after her 33rd week. She was both nervous and excited but nothing could have prepared her for what was coming.

Umm, What Is Happening


The first girl came out, then the other. The second one resembled the first. They were twins, then the third girl came out who also resembled her 2 sisters, the fourth girl came out and the Webb family found out that all four of their girls looked alike! These were identical quadruplets! Even the doctors did not see the coming and the chances of this happening? 1 in 15 million!

As if having 4 children together was not enough, the Webbs would not be caught in the web to figure out which one was which. Now they had to make sure that they do not name any daughters with similar sounding names.


Baby Girls

Obviously, it was crazy for everyone. 4 identical daughters! The Webbs now had to assign colors to each of their daughters so that they could distinguish between them.  After much thinking, the couple settled on the following names for their angels: Abigail, Emily, McKayla, and Grace. The entire neighborhood was ecstatic when the four came along.

Remember how Fred and George from Harry Potter gave their mother a hard time because they were identical? Imagine would these girls could do to their parents because all four of them look similar! But as kids, their parents did the cutest thing. Look ahead.


Name GameOf course, 4 identical quadruplets deserved a photo shoot. This adorable picture is one of the many that the Webb family arranged for their adorable angels, but they did not stay this quiet after growing up a little more. Life of the Webbs was caught in a web of diapers and toys just a few months later. The girls are growing up now and every picture in the coming slides is more adorable than the other. But the ride got tough for the Webb and things got too real. They needed a large sum of money to take care of their daughter and they had the most brilliant idea as to how to do that!

Monetary Concerns

Hits Keep On CominObviously, money was a major concern for the mom and dad. Even when they would have planned a family they were first expected to have just one baby. Four babies can be a load and be taking care of their needs at once would be no easy task. Tim said, “We definitely had enough love to give to all four of them, but I was just very worried about how we were going to afford four babies with everything they need.”

Now that the family was about to grow by a number of four Bethani had other concerns also. One of these concerns was the mode of commutation. In an interview, Bethani told, “I realized that we did not have a vehicle that could support four babies,” She confided, “We were good until that four number kicked in and then we were not prepared at all”. She could not have known that something greater than number 4 was about to hit her during her delivery.

Diaper DutyDiaper Duty

Here are a couple of math problems. One can of baby formula costs around 20$. Usually, a baby needs close to 16 cans a month. Just imagine what it is going to cost to feed 4 babies for a single month? Then comes the diapers. A newborn needs a diaper change nearly 12 times a day. 4 kids would need 48 diapers in a day. Can you get the number of diapers that would be needed for this army of 4 for a month?

When the girls were 9 months old they went through more diapers than when they were infants. According to Bethani, the Webb family goes through 30-35 diapers a day. And she and her mother-in-law are the ones who take care of the diaper business and Tim is averted by the smell!

1 Tin of Formula Every 1.5 Days

Okay, even if not all of us have experienced what it is like having kids, we can guess that it is expensive. Things we consider small, like baby diapers and milk formula, are what cost the most. It might appear a petty concern to people who have not had any kids but parents would understand. Bethani voiced her concern,  “Buying diapers and formula is going to be the most expensive part of the situation for us right now.”

The four girls gulp down 900-grams of formula in almost a day and a half. Since now they are more than 6 months old they can consume solid food too like bananas, apples, sweet potato, carrots and the likes.

Putting Heads Together

A NeedBethani and Tim’s family knew what kind of pressure they were pressed under and their goodwill and care for the couple led them to put their heads together and formulate actions that would help the babies and the parents in any way.  The Webb family was relieved to know that their families were so supportive of them and when all started thinking they came up with a plan that would solve most of the financial problems!

Here Is The Plan

Takes A VillageIt was obvious that expenses for the Webb family now would be touching the sky so the family came up with the idea of creating a GoFundMe account where people could help them to raise a given amount of money. To ease their situation more, the hospital near their house held a diaper drive which was supposed to help the newlyweds Tim and Bethani stockpile diapers! How generous is that?!

Better Safe Than Sorry

Even after all these concerns, Webbs were relieved on the medical part. Their pregnancy was smooth and normal. Their doctors recommended them to move to a hospital larger than they were in and have the delivery of their babies there. Royal  Alexandra Hospital was suggested as the best option. The famous Royal Alexandra Hospital can be found in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. This was the hospital recommended to the Webbs and this is where they delivered the babies and the hospital is known for being equipped to take care of pregnancies with high risks. The advantage of this hospital is that it has a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) available. All this made Bethani agree to deliver here.

All Went Well

Hello WorldThe lives of the couple are in a topsy-turvy now but they are grateful that all happened without complication. This was Tim’s reply after his baby girls came into the world “I feel overwhelmingly awesome that the babies are here. I feel blessed and relieved, too, because you have to worry about multiple births. There are risks, but all of it was perfect.” But the life after a few months was not entirely idealistic. As the slides ahead show. 

Laundry Load

Obviously, when there are 4 news kids the laundry load will increase multiple times. The Webbs have to do laundry 10 times a week to keep up with the girls. That is a lot of cloth washing! This is an actual picture from their Facebook account of the load they have at the end of EVERYDAY! But they do not mind doing it for their adorable daughters.

$50,000 Raised At Community Fundraiser

In Hythe, Alta people have come together to help the Webb family in any way they can. Volunteers help the Webbs to take care of the babies and the fundraiser has raised enough amount to get Webbs a van which can accommodate this family of 6. Traveling is made easy now and the family can go for outings and vacations. 

Facebook Page

A lot of people who were making donations or are just well wishers of the Webb family urged them to update the adorable doings of the girls on a Facebook page and you can check out cute videos and more adorable photos of these angels on the page Webb Quadruplets Updates.

Mess They Create

And this is just one day. Bethani has to take care of this mess every day before going to bed. This is how she describes the work in a Facebook post- “When the girls go to bed, my clean up begins. Dishes, laundry, and toys, oh my!” Well, we can only imagine what it would be like to be cleaning up a mess like this!

First Christmas

FamilyThe girls are a year old now and have celebrated their first Christmas together. They were excited to receive gifts and mesmerized by the Christmas tree and the vibe in their house. 

Hugging Culture

The girls have developed this strange habit of hugging each other individually before going to bed. The Webbs have put videos of this cute behavior of theirs on their page. They are simply adorable to watch!

Sister Bond

The four of them get along well together as they have partners in crime in each other. They seldom fight. They only trouble their parents but even they love their quirky behaviors.

Developing Different Personalities

In this picture, Grace can be seen throwing tantrums, as the Webbs captioned this picture “Grace’s little attitude is coming out”- she is going to be a tough one to deal with!

Already Snap Chatting

Yep, the girls have already taken over their parents’ phones and are adept now at clicking pictures with Snapchat filters! This is definitely going to be a smart bunch of girls.

More such cute doings of these girls can be found on the Webbs page. To brighten up your day I strongly recommend a visit to their page!